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Russia has France on the Ropes: French now Saying Crimea is Russia

So as we have all probably read in the news, France has sent some MP’s to Crimea.

Why is this significant? This is the first step to the EU recognising Crimea is Russia – that’s why.

The sub text is France is really hurting with the sanctions lark and want to rebuild relations with Russia. Not only the 5 million Euros a month upkeep for the ships Russia has now cancelled, but the agricultural, cheese and wine industries are hurting too.

Really, the EU is hurting not doing so much trade with Russia (and Uncle Sam ain’t buying the produce).… Click here to continue reading this article

Russia Considering Overdue Changes to the Current Visa System

Russia Considering Overdue Changes to the Current Visa System

Oleg Safonov, the head of Russia’s Federal Tourism Agency, has proposed simplifying the visa regime for foreign tourists coming to Russia.

The current onerous requirements and unnecessary bureaucracy in place to obtain a visa to Russia has been holding Russian tourism back for many years. Safonov’s proposal includes electronic visas, visas on arrival and simplification of the registration process.

Travellers to Russia will very much welcome the moves, if implemented. The current visa system is inconsistent, inconvenient and puts many people off travelling to Russia.… Click here to continue reading this article

Доллар Америку породил, доллар ее и прикончит

Россия и Китай запустили программу управляемой дедолларизации, которая ,в конечном счете, подорвет мировую гегемонию США. И человечество скажет им «спасибо».

Россия не делает секрета из того, что хотела бы, чтобы рубль более широко использовался при расчетах в мировой торговле, а использование доллара США, напротив, сокращалось бы.

Путин и Медведев много раз говорили о своем желании видеть рубль в качестве резервной валюты. Для того чтобы это стало более реальным, Москва должна продолжить свое развитие в качестве регионального финансового центра.

Управляемый упадок американской гегемонии посредством экономики необходимо продолжать осторожно, чтобы избежать войны. К счастью, обанкротившаяся Америка больше не способна выиграть большую войну.… Click here to continue reading this article

Warning About MyHermes – Delivering To a Nearby Random House is “Delivered”

If you are selling online and using MyHermes as your delivery service, here is a cautionary tale.

We send perhaps 50 parcels a day with Hermes, they seem to get most of them right. We get a few bouts of stupidity such as stuff delivered to completely different addresses, one customer found one on the road outside his house, the odd one gets damaged and the odd one has been stolen in transit (vanished).

But the numbers of those are quite low. MyHermes are as good as any other budget delivery outfit.… Click here to continue reading this article