Where to buy a Range Rover Sport Dash Mat in the USA, Canada or Australia.

So you want the little rubber mat for under the nav screen on your Range Rover Sport, and are in the US, Canada, Australia or somewhere else in the left-hand or right-hand drive market? (Fitment is the same for either.)

You are in the right place.

Range Rover Sport models between 2005-2009 sold in the US seldom had the mat fitted, and they are hard to source outside of England (even in England, the dealers never have any).

They were an optional extra on British models when new, so not all cars have them in England either.

Take a look at the dash on this US model Range Rover Sport.


Right below the satellite navigation screen is a little shelf. But its too slippery to put anything on there that doesn’t slide off every time you make a turn.

So you need the little mat that sits on that shelf, right? Check it out:


No more of your stuff sliding off all over the floor every time you go around a corner. With one of these, your shades will stay put.


So will your keys.


Even your Benjamins might stay put.


Forget calling the Land Rover or Range Rover dealer, you will get the run around and wait for months for backorders from England that come by boat. Or as many guys in the US said, never come at all.

Like many Americans, you are probably wary to buy off unknown foreign websites and prefer to pay in dollars from a site you know, one where you can see the sellers reputation, right?

Now you can find these on US eBay, priced in dollars, from a trusted and experienced international seller based out of England.

Tracked shipping to all states in the US, and the rest of the world is free, and there will be no import duty to pay at your end.

Be aware you will wait 7-14 days for delivery as the USPS and Homeland Security are a little slow to process incoming international mail.

Here is the link to buy: >>Range Rover Sport Dash Nav Mat USA, Canada and Australia<<.


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