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I backed the lockdown (and quite enjoyed it). But was I just a mug?

It is difficult to credit the sheer surreal nature of that first lockdown — which, nonetheless, I rather enjoyed. In theory, we were allowed out shopping once every two weeks, and could take a constitutional once a day for one hour, provided we didn’t sit on a bench or talk to anyone else. I had reckoned it all to be a little Ballardian — not least in the stockpiling of lavatory paper and spaghetti. And yet, shockingly, it wasn’t Ballardian, because there was no real breakdown in society: we all did as we were told in an extraordinarily compliant manner. Meanwhile, somewhere in government, they were getting pissed at a party and vomiting, and two civil servants or wonks were trying to kick each other’s heads in.

Sebo Vacuum Service and Repairs in Manchester

Sebo Servicing in Manchester

For Sebo repairs in Manchester: Manchester Vacs offer Sebo servicing and Sebo repairs to customers in the Greater Manchester and North West region.

With over thirty-five years of experience, customers can be assured they are receiving the best possible service.

Service labour charges start at just £20 for small jobs rising to £45-49 for a full service including VAT.

Manchester Vacs service is second to none, and you can expect:

Free quotation on repairs
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Where to Buy a 30mph Speed Camera Sign

Is It Allowed to Erect Your Own Road Signs?

Probably not. But who is going to notice? Councils don’t have a department that drives around looking for road signs that weren’t there yesterday. I think we can safely regard it as a victimless crime. Most councils can’t even sweep the streets properly, they’re certainly not going to notice that you erected a speed limit or camera sign.  

If you’re concerned about being asked about or noticed when fitting it, our advice is to do it early on a Sunday morning when the roads are quiet. If you can procure a high visibility jacket from somewhere, certainly nobody would give you a second glance if you did it during Friday night rush hour. 

Where to Buy a 30mph Speed Camera Sign?

You can buy one on eBay here: >>buy a 30mph speed camera sign on eBay<< You can buy from the same seller less the eBay fees on their own site here: >>buy a 30mph speed camera sign<<

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