Want the inside Scoop? It’s all here on the Real Deal Blog.

Do you ever read or experience something and you think to yourself, “I wish I could tell the world that ‘ABC Widget’ is really cool or ‘XYZ Restaurant’ sucks?” Perhaps you encountered a complete tool on the internet and felt that he and the world needed to know more? Let the creep Google himself and weep, knowing others can do so too.

But would anyone listen? Who are you? How are you qualified to write about things? What makes your opinion matter to others above other people? Who the hell writes these blogs anyway?

This blog is not about any one subject. It has no theme and it has arguably little purpose other than to direct you to other useful and informative sites. The musings herein follow no particular direction, they are reflections of what I have seen, experienced, watched or think. Don’t expect it to be politically correct, or even totally polite all the time. But, you can expect it to be factual, truthful and realistic.

The chances are that you landed here on a Google search from elsewhere seeking one particular topic. I hope you found what you read enlightening or enjoyable. We aim to please.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the few who are subject to ridicule here, then that is no doubt very disconcerting for you. As the Sergeant Major used to say to the vertically challenged Don Estelle in ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’, “Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.” If you are featured negatively on this site, then what should you do? Complain? Hire a lawyer? (Yawn) We suggest you clean up your act and cease the douchebag behaviour that landed you here in the first place.

So who are the authors of this site? Does anyone care? Would a natty picture of a guy with a square jaw and a six pack make you feel better? Would you prefer to imagine a fat sweaty guy in a basement or a hot chick as the author? Maybe you are featured here and want to sue us? (Good luck with that dude!)

Seriously, poke around and enjoy the site. That’s all it’s here for. Use the links to your right or the search box to navigate the site.