Ashton Service Centre DHL (Yodel)

By | December 23, 2009

Ashton Service Centre DHL

If you have Googled “Ashton Service Centre” in relation to a hopeless, delayed or missing DHL delivery and landed here, you can be comforted that you are not alone.

I am a regular DHL user through the excellent services of (through whom you can send parcels with DHL at a fraction of DHL “official” prices). However, this parcel was incoming to me, and not arranged by me. It was a parcel from a store in Aberdeen in Scotland to be delivered to Manchester.

DHL were allegedly two days late in collecting it from Aberdeen, but lets put that down to the bad snow up there and the Christmas rush, added to possibly inaccurate shipping information from the store. After collection, you can see below all goes pretty smoothly for a while in the national DHL system:

Shipment Data Received 21/12/2009 00:00:00 ABERDEEN SERVICE CENTRE

Parcel Picked Up 21/12/2009 09:36:00 ABERDEEN SERVICE CENTRE

Departed Depot 21/12/2009 13:51:00 ABERDEEN SERVICE CENTRE

Arrived At Depot 22/12/2009 01:03:00 MANCHESTER TERMINAL

Pretty cool up to now. Collected at 9-30am in Aberdeen and in the Manchester terminal by 1am the next day. Less than sixteen hours between collection and the Manchester DHL hub. The final hop of a few miles to the delivery address is the easy bit right? Route through a more local hub maybe, in a van and out for delivery. Not rocket science eh?

Not rocket science that is unless the DHL Ashton Service Centre get their hands on it.

Look what happens next:

Arrived At Depot 22/12/2009 05:04:00 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE

Released to other delivery agent 22/12/2009 05:39:00 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE

Say what? What “other delivery agent” might that be? I paid for DHL service, not some other unspecified local mouth breather to cruise around with my £350 item in the back of his clapped out old Transit. If I wanted that, I could have used HDNL or the hopeless always-on-strike Post Office.

But lets give “other delivery agent” a chance shall we?

Out for delivery 22/12/2009 08:56:00 ASHTON HOME DELIVERY

OK, before 9am its out on the road. Fair enough. We are only four miles from Ashton so it will be sure to arrive pretty quickly.

Received from other delivery agent 22/12/2009 17:10:00 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE

“Other delivery agent” gave up did he? 5pm late enough to work? Is the Footie on maybe? What was the stated reason I wonder?

Undelivered – adverse weather 22/12/2009 19:29:02 NULL ASHTON HOME DELIVERY

Consignee Cannot Be Reached 22/12/2009 19:29:01 ASHTON HOME DELIVERY

Well, which is it? Cannot be reached or adverse weather? Perhaps I could not be reached because of adverse weather?

Let’s see: There was some snow, and we do live up an incline, but Ocado managed to deliver groceries, FEDEX managed to deliver a parcel as did the Post Office that day. So its not the snow then; rather laziness, lies and incompetence.

So, another day gone while my parcel languishes somewhere that may or may not be with DHL – the people who were paid to deliver it. Lets hope tomorrow looks up and remain optimistic.

The morning of the 23rd brings this nugget of information:

Released to other delivery agent 23/12/2009 02:34:00 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE

Yippee! Given back to the mouth breather that couldn’t manage to bring it four miles yesterday? Hope once more shines on the endeavour however:

Out for delivery 23/12/2009 07:24:00 ASHTON HOME DELIVERY

Well, the weather today is the same as yesterday, so can we expect non-delivery again? Let’s not wait all day again to find out. Time to call DHL and find out what exactly the problem is.

That is a feat in itself. I hate “08” telephone numbers because I don’t see why I should pay to call a non geographic number when I can call a proper number for free. The superb gives me DHL’s real number: 01332 816960.

After ages on hold as one would expect, I get a load of waffle from someone who clearly has no clue what is going on. I ask for the direct number to the Ashton Service Centre (Google didn’t help me here – they keep it very secret) and I had to really argue to get it; but I got it: 0844 2480528 (Damn 08 numbers again!)

After an age on hold (whilst paying) I eventually got through. Guess what? It was not “out for delivery” at all, it was still there! The tracking screen by now said:

Out for delivery 23/12/2009 07:24:00 ASHTON HOME DELIVERY

It turns out that “out for delivery” must actually mean “sat in a pile we intend to send out when we get around to it” – not quite the same is it?

Could they guarantee it today? No. Its four miles away for gods sake! How many days should it take? I asked them to hold it and I would come over and get it. That worked.

The tracking screen then changed to:

Received from other delivery agent 23/12/2009 09:25:00 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE

Held – To Be Called For 23/12/2009 09:25:00 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE

Wow! They received it from “the other agent” in moments! Perhaps they are neighbours or in the same building? I was now going to drive to the “Ashton Service Centre” and/or “other delivery agent” in Ashton.

Except that “Ashton Service Centre” is not in Ashton, it is on Globe Lane Industrial Estate in neighbouring Dukinfield. They told me it is on Outram Road, except it isn’t. It is off Outram Road. When you have driven up and down Outram Road three times and ask directions to DHL, someone will point you down a side street and you will eventually find it.

Ye gods, should a parcel delivery be this labour intensive?

Finally, the matter is concluded:

Delivered 23/12/2009 11:56:01 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE

Hey guys, slick! Pretend you actually delivered it rather than it had to be collected. That will look better for the stats for head office.

So what have we learned from this? DHL may or may not use outside contractors. I didn’t see any plain/other vans while I was there – only DHL vans. My parcel was actually sitting in a DHL warehouse whilst allegedly “out for delivery” with “other delivery agent” – so we can conclude that much of the online tracking system is designed to be misleading at best and complete fabrication at worst.

Returning to the previous days failed delivery. The entries on the system there were misleading at best and outright lies at worst. This is indicative of an operation at Ashton Service Centre that is somewhere between indifference and incompetence and outright dishonesty.

My advice to others: If you encounter anything you recognise here, or a whiff of unnecessary delay or something not normal with a DHL item that is routed through Ashton Service Centre, assume incompetence and call them immediately on 0844 2480528 and get them to hold it for collection. It may well save you two days waiting. Stories of the incompetence of DHL’s Ashton Service Centre are all over the internet, so this is not at all an isolated incident you have just read. Far from it.

You are welcome to add your experiences with Ashton Service Centre using the comments box below. If you make a complaint to DHL, link them to this article too.

123 thoughts on “Ashton Service Centre DHL (Yodel)

  1. Claire

    It turns out that I live EXACTLY 1 mile from “Ashton Service Centre” (which is actually in Dukinfield), and I have been waiting all day for Jessop’s next day delivery to be honored, a day late. They have just under 2 hours to fulfill this and I don’t have much hope. What’s the hold up?

  2. Aaron

    Missed the initial delivery two days ago, can’t get through to customer services or the depot direclty. I’ve been ringing practically every ten minutes since the slip came through the door.

    Since then they claim to have attempted to deliver my package six times to no avail, yet at all six times listed on the tracker I’ve at been home.

  3. Gary

    Description Date Time
    Delivered (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 15th Dec 2011 16:02
    Parcel with courier for delivery (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 15th Dec 2011 16:00
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 14th Dec 2011 20:06
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 14th Dec 2011 00:24
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 12th Dec 2011 22:41
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 11th Dec 2011 21:30
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 10th Dec 2011 19:19
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 9th Dec 2011 21:16
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 7th Dec 2011 17:27
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 6th Dec 2011 22:12
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 4th Dec 2011 18:35
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 4th Dec 2011 16:13
    Delay on courier route. (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 1st Dec 2011 21:25
    Out for delivery (ASHTON HOME DELIVERY) 30th Nov 2011 09:05
    Passed to delivery courier (ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE) 30th Nov 2011 05:16
    Arrived At Depot (ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE) 30th Nov 2011 04:28
    Departed Depot (WEDNESBURY HUB) 29th Nov 2011 22:03
    Arrived At Depot (WEDNESBURY HUB) 29th Nov 2011 22:03
    Parcel data received awaiting coll. (MANCHESTER SERVICE CENTRE) 29th Nov 2011 00:00

    States its FINALLY been delivered when it hasn’t, noone answer the phone absolute joke of a company. Was suppposedly on the back of a van four miles away over two weeks ago

  4. a.gilbertson

    just to redress balance….ordered some diy gear from toolstation late wednesday night, sorted and delivered to ashton service centre thursday, got phonecall friday to say cannot make delivery because of backlog. I phoned and requested/pleaded for friday delivery to enable diy to be done over weekend and toolstation said would email request. I found this website and got phone number for ashton, they did a quick search and said couldn’t find package would ring back in five mins.. they did ring back and said package not been checked out but is not in the centre so may be in back of van ready for delivery? I thought was being fobbed off, but no at 6-20pm knock on door man with package, he’d been delivering all over, couldn’t find our address on sat nav (it’s new build) checked with office to get further details. I thanked him for his dedication and going the extra mile to get job done. It’s only fair to add positive comments when you recieve an excellent service, as we are quick to complain when we don’t. Well done ashton service centre!!

  5. bob

    I feel sorry for all those people who have had a bad experience with the Ashton Service Centre but mine was nothing but positive. Ordered from Debenhams on-line on Tuesday 20th December at 9.00 am and parcel delivered next day (10.30am) as promised. Happy bunny, especially as I only read other peoples complaints after I learned that my package would be routed through Ashton Service Centre.

  6. Laura

    I am appalled at the service and customer care given by yodel and Ashton service centre. I ordered a parcel on 21st December, and paid £4 for next day delivery. The parcel had not arrived within 2 days so I called Yodel, they informed me that they could not deliver until the 29th or I could collect the parcel, I called ashton service centre the following morning to ensure the parcel was there (the tracking had displayed ‘in transit’ for 3 days) and was informed that the package was not at the centre, or out for delivery. It had been ‘lost’ and I would need to call the original company for a refund.- which seems unfair to the company as it had been lost by Yodel as there had been record of their depot receiving it. There was no apology

  7. EDRO

    Ashton Servive centre again, according to Yodels tracking website, my delivery from Currys has been in and out of Ashton Service centre for the last 7 days as well as “unable to locate” –“Consignee cannot be reached” umpteen “parcel to courier for delivery” and “parcel returned to depot”
    The post man finds me several times a week plus visitors to my near neighbours find there way.
    The drivers are idle sods who turn at the slightest problem, do they not have sat navs or unable to ask people directions or is the tracking system a pack of lies and the depot totaly incapable. If companies sacked them another company may be better

  8. Alex

    Worried now, not sure what time my package from Dabs reached Aston Service Centre. Let’s hope for a speedy delivery to London

  9. Lesley

    Parcel from Sports Direct sent via Yodel (from Sheffield to Manchester, via Birmingham, obviously(!))

    Delivery apparently attempted at 3pm, while I was at work, and a card left according to the website.

    No card at my house, though.

    Thankfully, due to this blog post and google maps/street view, I can drive over there and complain in person.

    Will also let Sports Direct know that yodel were crap.

  10. Lesley

    Interestingly, parcel appeared and was left with neighbour this afternoon…

  11. Joanna

    Argh, this is happening to me right now! Apparently it’s been signed for by Akram at the service centre?! Who the frick is Akram!?

  12. andy mackay

    I can understand where you are coming from, I tend not to have as much to do with couriers as I used to as I don’t buy that much stuff mail order any more. But when I did it was something that regularly stressed me. The trouble I found is that they can’t give you anything like a ball park time for delivery, so you wait in all day go out for matches for 5 minutes and miss them. Totally agree with you about the post office/parcel force, time and again 1st class parcels take 3 or 4 days to arrive, or are stolen (this has happened at least 10 time in the last 10 years), the fact that parcel force have a network of offices (post offices) available for parcels to be left for collection, should be a massive plus point for them, but they spunk it by charging a quid for the privilege. When I buy stuff on-line if two companies had the same item at the same price and 1 used parcel force and the other used anyone else other than parcel force i’d go for the second, even if it was couple of quid dearer i’d go for the none parcel force one. Having said all that I think maybe you are being just a bit hard on DHL, you can’t really judge their service by an experience 1 or 2 days before xmas, all couriers struggle to provide a decent service at this time of the year, and I bet when you ordered the item they mentioned the fact that you were cutting it fine for xmas delivery.

  13. re

    Oh dear… A delivery was supposed to be in yesterday, paid extra for a faster delivery, with rather clear indications of what to do in case noone’s at home, still I found a ‘Sorry’ card asking for me to come pick it up myself. I need the item today, have got no car to go fetch it, all my nice plans busted and within few hours it will be too late. I hate those particular irresponsible people there and I hope my hate materialises on them.

  14. Peter Robinson

    I am having problems with Yodel supposedly attempting to deliver a parcel during the past week. Yodel’s website says they have tried to deliver a parcel 9 times this week but no cards have been left and the site states that I even refused to sign for the parcel !!! BUT no one has attempted to deliver a parcel so the information on the website is pure fiction. I will now try the phone number on your blog and see what the excuses are.

  15. Mike

    Well it seems I am another in a long line of disappointment, I ordered a TV from BT (work for them) and as soon as I saw who was doing the delviery I shuddered as BT had previously used DHL tp deliver there routers for home customers and they were so bad they changed to Home Delivery and they were worse they finally got it right by going with Parcel Force. However there was slight hope when I saw this:

    Departed Depot (WEDNESBURY HUB) 28th Apr 2012 00:15
    Arrived At Depot (WEDNESBURY HUB) 28th Apr 2012 00:13
    Parcel data received awaiting coll. (ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE) 27th Apr 2012 00:00

    I thought great left the service centre 13minutes past midnight gives at least twelve hours to get here (Dundee).

    NOPE!!! I was wrong

    Never mind gonna look on the bright side think I might turn this into a game and see if they can deliver in under 14 days

  16. gaz

    what time do they actually deliver till ?? i was out the first time they tried to deliver my package …my fault

    There apparently going to try and deliver it again but im in work as most people probably are , im not even arsed if i have to pick it up from the depot just need that option.

  17. Mark

    This is why i use UPS. Far more reliable!

  18. Editor Post author

    This is why i use UPS. Far more reliable!

    I use UPS for European deliveries and I find them awesome! A bit expensive domestically though……

  19. Diana

    Well apparently my large parcel has been languishing somewhere in the Ashton Service centre for the last 3 days. No updates since 28/5/12 at 00:00.
    Since I live in Southampton I have no option but to hope that someone eventually stumbles across it and remembers to forward it for delivery.
    I will be asking the retailer I purchased the item from for a full refund of my 48hour delivery charge…….

  20. Arturs

    Hello! I have just read the article…I did it! Tomorrow I will be in Ashton Service Center…Hope I will get what I paid!!!…NEVER YODEL AGAIN! Call them 08442480528….no waiting:-)))..

  21. nick

    Timestamp Description Details
    27/06/2012 13:54:00 Parcel with courier for delivery Ashton Home Delivery
    27/06/2012 08:14:00 Out for delivery Ashton Home Delivery
    27/06/2012 08:11:00 Parcel to be delivered by courier Ashton Service Centre
    27/06/2012 07:41:00 Arrived At Depot Ashton Service Centre
    26/06/2012 21:55:27 Departed Depot Hatfield Terminal
    26/06/2012 21:51:57 Arrived At Depot Hatfield Terminal
    26/06/2012 16:06:00 Departed Depot Aylesham Service Centre (Yodel)
    26/06/2012 00:00:00 Parcel data received awaiting coll. Canterbury South Service Centre

    i live south m/c near airport ,so parcels are always coming and going from airport,so this must be the only company that not going near to the airport,or but it another way 5mins from m56/m60 ethier way still waiting ,been with driver for 24hrs now ,maybe they are eco friendly and use peddle power.

  22. sarah

    The story so far. Lets hope they can find our easy to find house today. We live on a main road!!

    Out for delivery (BRISTOL SERVICE CENTRE) 28th Jul 2012 08:11
    Parcel returned to delivery depot (BRISTOL SERVICE CENTRE) 26th Jul 2012 18:59
    Unable to locate (BRISTOL SERVICE CENTRE) 26th Jul 2012 15:20
    Unable to locate (BRISTOL SERVICE CENTRE) 26th Jul 2012 15:20
    Out for delivery (BRISTOL SERVICE CENTRE) 26th Jul 2012 07:02
    Arrived At Depot (BRISTOL SERVICE CENTRE) 26th Jul 2012 02:04
    Re-routed to another courier (BRISTOL SERVICE CENTRE) 26th Jul 2012 02:03
    Departed Depot (WEDNESBURY HUB) 25th Jul 2012 21:50
    Arrived At Depot (WEDNESBURY HUB) 25th Jul 2012 21:48
    Parcel Size/Volume Check (WEDNESBURY HUB) 25th Jul 2012 21:48
    Departed Depot (SANDWELL SERVICE CENTRE) 25th Jul 2012 19:41
    Parcel data received awaiting coll. (SANDWELL OLDBURY) 25th Jul 2012 00:00

  23. Mr K Harper

    I have had the same problem with (yodel) ashton service centre,(bristol) took a day of work monday 3-12-2012 as was informed my parcel would be deliverd between 7am and 9pm, but didnt recieve my parcel,telephoned numerous 08 numbers, but no luck, couldnt get through to the bristol service centre.telephoned another yodel service centre, where a very kind lady gave me a direct number for the bristol service centre – 01454 465500, I DID GET THROUGH STRAIGHT AWAY ! gave them my piece of my mind about there service, 4-12-2012, and my parcel was deliverd by 1.00pm, that day. but all in all a terrible company !! so dont bother with yodels telephone number, call direct its the only way to get a response 01454 465500.

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