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If you have landed here, you were probably wondering who the people are in the Audi (in and around Manchester) with the registration AX07 KOJ. You were probably Googling the registration number and landed here.

Maybe you know who they are and you can tell us? Maybe it is your car — you can tell us what you were up to? Maybe they have been parked up near your house and you can add some information? If so, use the comment box below to let us know who they are and where they were when you saw them.

On the 9th September 2010, this car was parked on Jetson Street, close to the Harrop Street junction in Manchester. It had two occupants, a fat woman pretending to be reading a newspaper and a younger guy playing on a Blackberry or similar device. It was parked there around four hours.

They were not lovers; that much was plain. Body language suggested they were not mother and son. That makes them colleagues.

Nobody pays two people to sit in a car — doing nothing — for hours on end unless they have deep pockets and money is no object. This means they are government employees of some kind. That makes them VAT people, Revenue and Customs people, Benefit Agency people, Council snoops or some other type of taxpayer funded busybody.

We are very curious to know who they are and why they are parking up for hours on end. If you know which branch of Big Brother they represent, tell us — and anyone else who Googles them — using the comment box below.

One thought on “Audi AX07KOJ AX07 KOJ

  1. Newsagent

    How odd. In the same location today was parked a metallic blue Skoda Octavia estate, registration DE57 SBV. Same as above, guy reading a newspaper for hours on end. This one was wearing a clip on identity badge of some kind.

    Time to start snooping on the snoops!

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