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Dyson Forum — Dyson Forums — Dyson Advice — Dyson Talk

Looking for a Dyson forum? Dyson discussion forums? Impartial Dyson advice?

Maybe you are wondering which Dyson vacuum cleaner model to buy, which Dyson parts fit what machine, or you are repairing your Dyson and want a little advice? Maybe you are a Dyson expert and want to share your knowledge with others? Maybe you are just a Dyson enthusiast who wants to chat with like-minded people?

You need the all new Dyson forum! The Dyson forum is a bulletin board (discussion forum) that welcomes anyone who wants to talk Dyson.… Click here to continue reading this article

France and Paypal Scam

Anyone who does business online will have encountered Paypal and their unusual policies including random account freezing and illegally withholding money.

I use them as little as possible nowadays as they cannot be trusted, are VERY expensive and one must pull all kinds of stunts to stop them having access to your card details and bank account details.  I find it wise to sweep the account out daily and never leave too much money in there. When the account has money in is when they freeze it with some BS excuse.… Click here to continue reading this article

HDNL Home Delivery Network Slow Delivery Problems

They are cheaper than DHL, and are rumoured to be taking over DHL (god help us!). The hopelessly inefficient HDNL Home Delivery Network is getting worse and worse.

A perfectly standard package recently took two weeks from London to Manchester. Ye gods, we could have walked faster.

Unfortunately, this is typical. There appears to be a lack of general common sense going on at HDNL. We have a retail premises that is only open between 10am and 4pm. It’s a six hour window isn’t it? Not altogether unreasonable. We always ensure the packages are clearly labelled DRIVER: BETWEEN 10-4 ONLY!Click here to continue reading this article

Mercedes Rotating Star Screensaver

Mercedes Rotating Star Screensaver!

In the early 2000’s, Mercedes enthusiasts were passing around this screensaver on the owners club forums. Everyone loved it — it was a classic. However, it only worked on Windows 95 and Windows 98 machines.

By the time Windows XP came along, it wouldn’t work any more as the file format differed. Everyone thought it was lost forever and the various Mercedes forums are still littered with topics asking for it.

Recently, I was clearing out some old floppy discs, and I found the disc I had from back then with this screensaver on.… Click here to continue reading this article

Hyde Tameside Sorting Office Post Office

So what’s happening with the delivery of small packets and parcels at the Post Office in the Hyde, Greater Manchester (Tameside) area recently?

We know they like to go on strike quite often. And every strike is reason enough for delays and backlogs. Recently, they have had a new reason for backlog and delay: SNOW.

The Post Office is so useless the last few months that even eBay are recommending using alternative carriers. All manner of outfits will now deliver small parcels around and about the place for between £3 and £10 depending on size and weight.… Click here to continue reading this article

Ashton Service Centre DHL (Yodel)

Ashton Service Centre DHL

If you have Googled “Ashton Service Centre” in relation to a hopeless, delayed or missing DHL delivery and landed here, you can be comforted that you are not alone.

I am a regular DHL user through the excellent services of (through whom you can send parcels with DHL at a fraction of DHL “official” prices). However, this parcel was incoming to me, and not arranged by me. It was a parcel from a store in Aberdeen in Scotland to be delivered to Manchester.

DHL were allegedly two days late in collecting it from Aberdeen, but lets put that down to the bad snow up there and the Christmas rush, added to possibly inaccurate shipping information from the store.… Click here to continue reading this article

Dyson 4 four prong pole terminal on off power switch DC04

Looking for a four prong (pole/terminal) Dyson on/off switch?

Dyson do not sell them any more.

In fact almost nobody sells them any more. They were from early models of Dyson vacuum cleaners and were superseded by the two prong switch.

If you fit a two prong switch to a machine wired for four prong, you have to alter the wiring somewhat.

Why have that hassle? Why not just buy an original Dyson 4 pole switch from Manchester’s leading Dyson parts specialists?

Here is the link: Dyson DC04 4 prong switch

How easy was that?… Click here to continue reading this article

Manchester Vax – Looking for Manchester Vax the Dyson Specialists?

Have you just Googled Manchester Vax and landed here?

Its a popular mistake searchers are making.

The reason you cant find them is because of your spelling. You should have searched for Manchester Vacs instead.

If you are looking for their website you can find it here: Manchester Vacs – Dyson Specialists.

Manchester Vacs are prevented from using the Vax name because it is a trademark of a brand of vacuum cleaner. For the same reason they are not called Manchester Dyson.

Manchester Vacs – Dyson Specialists

So now you know!… Click here to continue reading this article

Problems with Jyske Bank, 76 Main Street, PO Box 143, Gibraltar.

Many bankrupt or formerly bankrupt people, especially from the UK often look to Gibraltar and the Channel Islands for hassle free banking off the radar. (Not in Guernsey Banks any more obviously) 

We at “Real Deal” allowed this article on our site to inform and  warn anyone who is comtemplating such an offshore route, to avoid the Jyske Bank at 76 Main Street, PO Box 143, Gibraltar.

I shall relate some of my experiences with them. I have had an account with the Jyske Gibraltar Offshore for about 6 years. Today I closed it in disgust.… Click here to continue reading this article