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Where to Buy Alloy Wheel Centre Caps for Range Rover Part Number LR173024

So you’re looking for the LR173024 alloy wheel centre caps for your Range Rover, but don’t want to pay over £50 each? Look no further.

If you’re a Range Rover owner, you may be all too familiar with the high costs associated with genuine spare parts, especially when it comes to seemingly simple items like alloy wheel centre caps. However, aftermarket options for Range Rover alloy wheel centre caps, specifically part number LR173024, have emerged at significantly lower prices than those found at main dealers.

Where to buy Alloy Wheel Centre Caps for Range Rover Part Number LR173024

If you’ve found this article, you probably know already that this design of centre cap features on the 2022 L460 SV Range Rover.… Click here to continue reading this article

Where to Buy a 30mph Speed Camera Sign

Buy a 30mph Speed Camera Sign

If you want to buy a UK specification combined 30mph and speed camera sign, we can point you to it.

On its own, a 30mph sign is of limited effect. Similarly, on its own, a camera sign is of limited effect. However, put the two together and psychologists say that the combined effect is a more effective call to action in the brain. That is why local authorities have started using the combined speed limit and camera sign.

You probably live on a road where the traffic is continually speeding, and you’re looking for a sign to slow them down.… Click here to continue reading this article

Range Rover TDV8 2010 Top Radiator Hose 4 Way Coupling – How To Fix.

The Range Rover L322 2010 TDV8 4.4 is known for this water leak fault.

I was out this evening and a radiator hose four way branch coupling on top of the engine inexplicably broke and water was everywhere.

The dashboard lit up like a Christmas Tree, not charging, restricted performance, coolant low, etc.

On opening the bonnet the culprit was easily visible right on top.

Range Rover L322 2010 TDV8 4.4 Rad Hose

It took frequent stops and 9 litres of water to get the 10 miles home.

Of course you can’t buy the coupling on its own. It comes with the surrounding hoses only and costs about £80 (part number LR029140 seems to be it).… Click here to continue reading this article

Range Rover Sport L494 Versus Full Fat Range Rover 4.4TDV8 L322

I was contemplating selling my 2006 L320 Range Rover Sport and getting a new shape L494 Range Rover Sport.

Then the topic cropped up about the dodgy 3 litre crankshafts and I thought better of that idea. Especially after an exchange on Twitter with Land Rover.

Dropping £35k+ on a car that might rack up a £20k bill any moment held little appeal.

I wondered what else I might buy (and a bonus if it spent less time in the garage than a Land Rover vehicle) and investigated the Audi Q7, various big Jeepy things of numerous brands and Bentleys.… Click here to continue reading this article

Where to buy a Range Rover Sport Dash Mat in the USA, Canada or Australia.

So you want to buy a Range Rover Sport dash mat?  The little rubber mat for under the nav screen on your Range Rover Sport, and are in the US, Canada, Australia or somewhere else in the left-hand or right-hand drive market? (Fitment is the same for either.)

You are in the right place (UK readers read >this< instead).

Range Rover Sport models between 2005-2009 sold in the US seldom had the mat fitted, and they are hard to source outside of England (even in England, the dealers never have any).… Click here to continue reading this article

Range Rover Sport Dash Non-Slip Mat fits under Sat Nav – No More Flying Keys!

Looking for a Range Rover Sport Dash non-slip mat fits under the Sat Nav?

You are in the right place (USA, Australia, NZ and Canada readers see >here< instead).

Range Rover Sport models produced between 2005 and 2009 don’t have too much storage space in the cabin. So one must utilise every little bit of space in there!

Under the navigation screen is a little shelf. That little shelf is normally smooth, which means if you put anything on it, it comes flying off.

However, Land Rover do make a little mat to go on there, it looks like this.… Click here to continue reading this article

Car Sales: Do Gentlemen’s Agreements Apply?

Car Sales: Do Gentlemen’s Agreements Apply? Is your word your bond?

What if you are offered much more money for what you are selling?

What if as a buyer, a much better deal just fell in your lap?

A guy recently said to me about a car transaction: “I’m old school and for me trust is everything, even if no deposit was given” – This was a guy who had agreed in principle to buy a car over the telephone and email. The seller sold the car to someone else while this guy was making arrangements to collect it and pay.… Click here to continue reading this article

Review: The New Chrysler 300C Has Arrived in the UK.

Just recently, a handful of the  new Chrysler 300C demonstrators have been doing the rounds at dealers across the UK for potential customers to inspect.

Numerous journalists and previous Chrysler customers were invited to their local dealer to take a look. Somehow we got an invite, and being car enthusiasts, we went to take a look and pen a mini review.

The old 300C’s were famed for their sheer presence on the road. You were unlikely to be missed driving one. The new one has been toned down ever so slightly.… Click here to continue reading this article

TomTom Start 20 Sat Nav Review – Beware! Item Not Fit For Purpose!

If you are seeking a satellite navigation device, you could do far better than buying a TomTom Start 20 model. I bought one today and it is a big thumbs down already. I do not recommend you buy one.

Fundamentally, the product is not fit for purpose as it is sold. Here is why.

I got the version with 45 European maps on. I actually wanted one with world maps (or USA at least as I visit there). However, I couldn’t find such a version online at reasonable money, and the guy in Halfords (yes, I know) said they could be downloaded from the TomTom website in exchange for money.… Click here to continue reading this article

Greater Manchester Police Camera Cars

Let’s talk about Greater Manchester Police’s camera cars. These little buggers have recently sprung up all over the place. They are growing like cellulite on a  fat girls thighs.

Very often on my drive toward central Manchester down the A57 Hyde Road, I see one of these parked up. They are very often to be found lurking on the pavement at Reddish Bridge snooping on the oncoming traffic. Going the other way, they lurk on the pavement on the M67/M60 roundabout at Denton (Sorry Rozzers – I feel the public should know).… Click here to continue reading this article

Test Drive Review Mazda CX-9

Test Drive Review Mazda CX-9

Really enjoyed my test drive of the Mazda CX-9.  I was really surprised how well the car handled and performed for a midsize crossover SUV.

I was comfortable in the drivers seat and there were plenty of gadgets and gizmo’s that made the driving experience more enjoyable.  The blind spot warning detector was a great example of this.  If there is a car in your blind spot and you want to change lanes, a warning light appears in your left door rear mirror alterting you to danger.… Click here to continue reading this article

Test Drive Review Infiniti FX35 AWD

Test Drive Review Infiniti FX35 AWD

WOW!  What an absolutely fun car to drive.  When sitting in the roomy drivers seat the front fender bulge gives you the impression of sitting in the cockpit of a sleek fighter jet.  The performance of the car doesn’t disappoint.  To goes like a rocket ship, corners like a race car and handles like a dream.

The coupe-like styling makes it seem like you’re not driving an crossover SUV at all.  The interior has all the high tech features you will ever need.  The XM radio intergrates with the navigation system on an huge color graphic screen. … Click here to continue reading this article

Mercedes Rotating Star Screensaver

Mercedes Rotating Star Screensaver!

In the early 2000’s, Mercedes enthusiasts were passing around this screensaver on the owners club forums. Everyone loved it — it was a classic. However, it only worked on Windows 95 and Windows 98 machines.

By the time Windows XP came along, it wouldn’t work any more as the file format differed. Everyone thought it was lost forever and the various Mercedes forums are still littered with topics asking for it.

Recently, I was clearing out some old floppy discs, and I found the disc I had from back then with this screensaver on.… Click here to continue reading this article

International Driving Permit: Tutorial

International Driving Permit: Tutorial. Helpful tips for using an International Driving Permit or International Drivers License. Most countries require a 1949 Convention IDP but for certain countries, a 1926 Convention IDP is necessary. 

An IDP is a permit for use in conjunction with your driving licence, not in place of it. In some countries, you risk being fined or worse for relying solely on an IDP. Always be sure to check the individual rules in the destination countries that you intend to drive in. 


The following information is not to be construed as legal advice.… Click here to continue reading this article

£27k 2000 Mercedes S Class -v- £550 Volvo 960 Estate

Mercedes S-Class Blues


A Readers Experience With A £27000 Mercedes S-Class Versus a £550 Volvo


I Bought a Mercedes S320 S-Class Year 2000 W Plate around eighteen months ago, it was a one owner fully dealer maintained car sporting a mere 42000 miles, midnight blue metallic, mushroom leather, CD, Sat Nav etc. A top spec Car. The first owner had upgraded to a new AMG model and I had the opportunity of purchasing his car direct from him affording him the advantage of no part exchange. The car had been meticulously maintained by him from new, only MB dealers and approved specialists had ever laid a spanner on the car, it seemed a wonderful purchase at £27000 rather than the going rate of around £30000 elsewhere for the same car.… Click here to continue reading this article

Who is The Stig on Top Gear?

A question asked all over the internet is the identity of the Stig. Here on the Real Deal we can give you the lowdown as usual.

The reason they have been able to keep it such a closely guarded secret is because there have been more than one. There have been two official Stig’s on the show, while various other Stig’s have made appearances for particular episodes. The whole point of the Stig character is that Top Gear can use who is available at the time without explaining the changes.

The Stig is sometimes just the best driver available when Top Gear need a car testing.… Click here to continue reading this article