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Unveiling Cultural Realities: Women’s Rights in British Pakistani Muslim Communities

Let’s discuss British Pakistani Muslim Communities.

I’m not known for the ambiguous use of language. I do not set out to offend as such. I just don’t particularly care for finessed language. I’m not here to coddle you. I knowingly and deliberately trample on sensibilities.

One such example was yesterday when I remarked on social media that “In northern post-industrial slums Labour will always suck up to the local illiterate Pakistani Muslim tribes – even if they’re intimidating teachers, setting women on fire, chucking acid in their faces, and raping their first cousins until they spawn a brain-damaged quadriplegic.”… Click here to continue reading this article

Decoding Nutrition: 40 Revelations That Outshine a Medical Degree

In today’s era of information overload, navigating the landscape of nutrition can feel like swimming through a sea of contradictory advice. From fad diets to conflicting studies, discerning truth from fiction can seem an impossible feat. Yet amidst the chaos, there exists a wealth of invaluable insights that can revolutionise your understanding of nutrition. In this blog post, we’ll delve into 40 enlightening statements that challenge conventional wisdom, offering profound lessons that surpass the need for an expensive medical degree.

  • Meat, eggs, and animal organs are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.
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Jim Smith Obituary: James Edward Smith of Manchester

Obituary: James Edward Smith (Jim Smith) of Manchester and Cornwall. Born 18th April 1950 – Died 21st January 2023.

Once upon a time, when someone died, there would be a notice in the newspaper, in recent years that will be discoverable online if someone searches. However, not everyone chooses to do that nowadays so obituaries have to be published elsewhere. Many people don’t get one at all as there is no central place to do so. So this little corner of the internet will host Jim Smith’s obituary, written by his son.Click here to continue reading this article

Harry Schultz, Dr W.G. Hill & the Three and Five Flag Theories.

Harry Schultz was an American financial writer, newsletter publisher, and author who gained prominence for his work in the field of internationalization and financial privacy. He was born on June 23, 1923, and he passed away on February 25, 2015. Schultz was known for using the pseudonym W.G. Hill in his writings, particularly in the context of the “Five Flag Theory.”

Schultz started his career in the financial industry and later became an advocate for personal and financial freedom. He believed in the importance of diversifying one’s assets and interests across different jurisdictions to mitigate risks associated with political instability, economic changes, and legal issues in any single country.… Click here to continue reading this article

Economic Counter-Jihad and the Dynamics of Cultural Shifts in the UK

Economic Counter-Jihad and the Dynamics of Cultural Shifts in the UK

What is economic counter-Jihad? Let’s put that in simpler terms: Boycotting Muslim businesses.

Economic counter-jihad, a term gaining prominence in the UK, refers to a movement where people, concerned about the impact of mass immigration and cultural tensions, express their grievances through non-violent means—specifically, by choosing where they spend their money. This movement advocates boycotting businesses owned by Muslims. The rationale behind this strategy is rooted in the belief that money spent at Muslim-owned establishments contributes to the construction of mosques and may facilitate further immigration, prompting Brits to reconsider their consumer choices as a form of societal expression.… Click here to continue reading this article

Europe’s black hole: How much of the more than $185 billion given by the West to Ukraine has been stolen?

This article first appeared on RT, but as most ISPs block RT in the UK, we have reproduced it here so Brits can read it. 

The fate of huge amounts of aid sent to Ukraine is uncertain amid endemic corruption and a lack of accountability

As a result of last week’s NATO summit in Vilnius, the US-led military bloc promised Ukraine fresh tranches of financial and military aid. This was despite the fact that by the beginning of the summer, Kiev had already received a total of €165 billion ($185.6 billion) from Western countries.… Click here to continue reading this article

NatWest’s Unsettling Agenda: From Cash Limits to Controversies

NatWest’s Eroding Trust: A Deep Dive into Their War on Cash and the Nigel Farage Coutts Controversy

In an era where technological advancements are rapidly changing the way we conduct financial transactions, NatWest’s recent move to impose new limits on cash deposits has sparked concerns among campaigners about the potential erosion of individual financial autonomy and the looming spectre of a cashless society. With the changes set to take effect from September 11, 2023, the banking giant has claimed that these measures are necessary to combat financial crime and fraud. However, a closer examination reveals a more unsettling narrative – one that raises questions about the bank’s motivations and its impact on customers’ financial freedom.… Click here to continue reading this article

De-dollarization Picks up Pace Amid Bigger Yuan Role

Since the start of 2023, many “de-dollarization” events have taken place.

Russia and Iran jointly announced the launch of cryptocurrencies for international trade. Saudi Arabia gave approval for selling oil in currencies other than the US dollar. Argentina and Brazil planned to establish common currencies. Brazil and China agreed to stop using the US dollar as an intermediate currency.

The term “de-dollarization” has become worthy of some real focus, especially at a time when the globalization of the Chinese renminbi is on an uptrend.

Heating up

There are two key short-term reasons why de-dollarization has picked up pace.… Click here to continue reading this article

The UK Had the Best Political Satire TV Shows in the 1980s

There are several reasons why the UK had some of the best political satire TV shows in the 1980s.

Firstly, the 1980s was a decade of great political change in the UK. Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister, and her Conservative government pursued a radical (some would say common sense) agenda of free-market policies and privatisation. This provided rich material for satirists, who could use comedy to critique and satirise the government’s policies and actions.

Secondly, the UK has a strong tradition of political satire, dating back to the 18th century when satirical prints were used to mock and critique political figures.… Click here to continue reading this article

How to Access Russian Media in the UK

How to access Russian media in the UK: You may have noticed RT (formerly Russia Today) and other Russian media outlets are blocked in the UK.

When you try and access Russian media in the UK, you’ll quickly discover that our internet is actually rather censored. The UK government, in conjunction with ISPs get to decide what you get to see.

It’s not only if you try to access Russian media sites from the UK, but also many file-sharing and other sites are sometimes blocked here too.

Try these links to two regular Russian sites to see if they are blocked for you in the UK:

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Dedollarisation is Really Happening Now.

I’ve written about Dedollarisation a few times in the past. A lot of people thought it nonsense and imagined the US dollar couldn’t be reduced in influence.

I wrote this article in 2015: Two for the Price of One: De-dollarise and Reduce American Hegemony. I correctly predicted that the US would have to be carefully handled during dedollarisation and it would go down kicking, screaming and lashing out and quite likely start a war while it was doing so. I was correct in that and the conflict the US ignited in Ukraine is testimony to that.… Click here to continue reading this article

How to Stop Paying the TV Licence

How to stop paying the TV Licence. Is it possible to avoid paying for the TV Licence?

Yes, it is, and I’m going to show you how.

First, we should cover who legally doesn’t need to pay the TV Licence, or TV Tax as I prefer to call it.

In the UK, there are certain groups of people who are exempt from paying the TV licence fee. These include:

  • People aged 75 or over who receive Pension Credit.
  • People who are blind or severely sight impaired.
  • People who live in residential care homes or nursing homes.
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A Tory BBC? Everyone I Met There in 25 Years Was Flaming Red

It’s often said that when someone emerges into the world from university and likes what they see, they will go into the City or into business and they will devote their lives to making money and going to parties and having fun. However, if they leave university and think the world is all broken and full of injustice, they will try to change the system. Which means they will add a rainbow emoji to their Twitter bio and join the BBC.

Of course, in recent weeks we have been told over and over again that this is emphatically not the case.… Click here to continue reading this article

The Military Situation in Ukraine

The Military Situation in Ukraine: This article first appeared in The Postil Magazine in April 2022 and is republished here as Twitter prevents linking to the original citing it as “unsafe”. You may think that is because it goes against the mainstream narrative – we couldn’t possibly comment. The author is Jacques Baud, a former colonel of the General Staff, ex-member of the Swiss strategic intelligence, and specialist on Eastern countries. He was trained in the American and British intelligence services.

Part One: The Road To War

For years, from Mali to Afghanistan, I have worked for peace and risked my life for it.… Click here to continue reading this article

Ever noticed how much less stable the world is now than in 2003? Well, Blair’s to blame

Here at the Real Deal, we’re big fans of Rod Liddle and occasionally republish the odd one of his more insightful articles.

In the article below, from March 2023, Rod discusses the legacy of the warmongering Blair years.

Ever noticed how much less stable the world is now than in 2003? Well, Blair’s to blame.

Twenty years ago today the US and British tanks rolled into Iraq in an illegal invasion, which, contrary to the belief of one of its chief progenitors, Tony Blair, did not entirely suffuse the Iraqi people with joy.… Click here to continue reading this article

Does Ozempic Work? Here’s What Clarkson Thinks.

Does Ozempic work? Ozempic is a fairly recent drug that is being used for weight loss. If you want to know if Ozempic works or not, we have two resources for you.

The first one is a forum discussion topic chronicling a chap’s weight loss attempts over several years. The part relating to Ozempic can be found from >here< onwards.

The second is the recent experience of Jeremy Clarkson. He wrote about his experiences here in the Times, but it is hidden behind a paywall. However, you can read it below here:

I’ve had a magic jab and my giant gut’s already shrinking

Given up on dry January yet?… Click here to continue reading this article

I backed the lockdown (and quite enjoyed it). But was I just a mug?

This article first appeared in the Sunday Times.

In June 2020 I went to the local farm shop to buy my vegetables for the coming fortnight. I was not allowed inside the shop — instead a table had been set up outside with the instruction that I was to keep one metre away from it. You told the shop assistants what you wanted and they went and fetched it for you. Handing the stuff over was difficult because of that one-metre rule. You kind of had to lean forward, and on one occasion I fell over.… Click here to continue reading this article

Dedollarisation and Reducing Dollar Hegemony Following the Russian Military Operation in Ukraine

We’ve been writing about dedollarisation here for some time.

Russia and much of the world have been seeking to dedollarise for a while. In the wake of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, one of the outcomes of countersanctions by Russia against the US and the rest of the west is them being forced to use the Russian Rouble to buy oil and gas.

This does something Russia has wanted to do for a while: reduce US dollar hegemony.

When it comes to what we often call dollar hegemony one can get all technical (and often wrong) or we can make things much more simple.… Click here to continue reading this article

He cured type 1 diabetes. It only took 30 years

This article first appeared in the Times.

The first sufferer is now free of the genetic form of the disease thanks to the work of Doug Melton, a US scientist inspired by his baby son’s illness.

When Doug Melton set out to cure type 1 diabetes, it is fair to say he underestimated the scale of the task.

Doug Melton - Type 1 Diabetes Cure

It was 1991 and his six-month-old son Sam had just been diagnosed with the autoimmune condition. The symptoms were terrifying: the tiny baby shaking and vomiting until he was given the insulin that would save his life.… Click here to continue reading this article

Он вылечил диабет 1 типа. Это заняло всего 30 лет

Эта статья впервые появилась в газете British Times на английском языке.

Первый пациент теперь свободен от генетической формы болезни благодаря работе Дуга Мелтона, американского ученого, вдохновленного болезнью своего маленького сына.

Когда Дуг Мелтон намеревался вылечить диабет 1 типа, справедливо сказать, что он недооценил масштаб задачи.

Doug Melton - Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Это был 1991 год, и его шестимесячному сыну Сэму только что диагностировали аутоиммунное заболевание. Симптомы были ужасающими: крошечный ребенок трясся и рвался, пока ему не дали инсулин, который спас бы его жизнь. Но даже после лечения последствия были резкими – анализы крови четыре раза в день, регулярные инъекции инсулина и надвигающаяся угроза потери зрения, проблем с почками и сердечных заболеваний.… Click here to continue reading this article