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Jaipur Indian Food Hyde

It arrived when they said it would (on a Friday evening it must be said) so they get 5 stars for service. It wasn’t expensive nor cheap – so 4 stars for value. Questionable chicken that wasn’t exactly as ordered and chopped up king prawns stopped them getting a 5 stars for food rating, but as these are relatively minor things that don’t stop the world turning, they do get 4 stars for food. I didn’t order through this “curriesonline” site though, as it doesn’t adequately explain how the order might be transmitted (or indeed if), who you pay or how much the site takes in kickback. I don’t know how legit the site is even. So I called them and ordered direct. However, the info came from, so I placed the review there too.

Mandarin Indian and Chinese Restaurant. Tartu Mnt 42, 10115, Tallinn, 600 5878

Mandarin Indian and Chinese Restaurant and Grill. Tartu Mnt 42, 10115, Tallinn, Estonia. Telephone: 600 5878.

All in all, avoid the Mandarin in Tallinn like the plague. The service is sullen, the food is awful, the décor is drab and dreary and the adjacent parking you must pay for. There is absolutely no reason to visit this place, and the fact that it is bereft of locals would suggest that this is a fact known locally already

Restaurant Isis. 390-392 Bolton Road, Swinton, Manchester. M27 8UX.

There is a waiter there – I forget his name – but you will recognise him when you see him. Italian (he claims) and skinny, but he is the funniest waiter I have ever met. He will have you splitting your sides laughing, he should be on stage. I am not convinced his Italian accent is not completely affected, and would not be shocked to learn he is really from Barnsley. You will hear him before you see him, and you will know it is him by the funky glasses he wears.

Amici Italian Restaurant. 59-61 Buxton Rd, Heaviley, Stockport. SK2 6NB.

The clientele: Being in Stockport, Amici attracts the typical Stockport woman – overweight, a bit supercilious, a tad loud and generally best avoided – and who doesn’t know a decent piece of fillet from any other piece of meat she may consume on a meal inclusive two week Eastjet discount jaunt to Turkey. She thinks Amici is great! The rest of the typical clientele are the over 50’s (the only ones who have money in a recession – having no mortgage), they remember the austere 1970’s, so think Amici is decadent. (Did I see an automatic Austin Princess in the car park?) The crowd is mostly quiet, local and non-discerning. Some will be celebrating birthdays and occasions as that’s the only time they get to venture into a restaurant.

Valentinos Italian Restaurant, 121 Heaton Moor Rd, Heaton Moor, Stockport, SK4 4HY

Valentino’s Italian Restaurant, 121 Heaton Moor Rd, Heaton Moor, Stockport, SK4 4HY. Tel: 0161 443 1843. This place used to be a real little hidden jewel of restaurants about ten years ago. We visited there again a couple of times recently; and my, how things have changed! In the past, it was run by an Italian […]

St Petersburg Russian Restaurant, York Street, Liverpool. L1 5BN.

the decor is a bit naff and the furniture reminiscent of a cafe/diner rather than a restaurant

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