Cheryl Cole from the X Factor – Thin or Slim? The media outcry!

By | December 17, 2008

The delicious X Factor darling Cheryl Cole has been hauled over the media coals again this week. This time it is alleged that she is too slim. In fact, more than that, her detractors accuse her of being “emaciated like she was about to snap at any minute”.

An overweight feminist hack in the Mail on Sunday managed to rant on for the best part of a page about how thin Cheryl has become, if she has had implants or not, and wait for it…….. you could see the outline of the odd bone! (Insert sharp intake of breath in shock horror.)

I looked at the pictures featured of this purportedly emaciated, underweight slip of a woman who was seemingly looking sooooo unhealthy. Was I looking at the right ones? All I could see is a slim woman – see for yourself:

I dunno about you, but I only see a breathtakingly beautiful, slim woman in that picture. I don’t see anyone emaciated and dying of starvation.

Once again we are faced with the popular media trying to almost criminalise slim women. Overweight feminist hacks – India Knight of the Sunday Times is a good example – continue to harp on about how women shouldnt have to stay slim just for men. They opine how “proper” women should have some weight on them. In other words, we men should not drool at the sight of slim babes like Cheryl Cole. It is suggested if we were real men, we should be drooling over some lard arsed frump in a size 16 “Juicy” tracksuit with an arse that looks like two badly parked Volkswagon Beetles.

“Oh, think of the impressionable children”, the Feminazi’s wail. “They will think being slim is normal and they should strive to look like this”. Well er, yes! Lets encourage our daughters that stretch marks, cellulite and big fat arses are not desirable. Lets educate them that McDonalds does not offer a balanced diet. Just think, if we educate and encourage our children to be thin, they will grow up into slender and healthy young women who have half a chance of snagging a decent husband, rather than some slobby joint-smoking layabout on the dole. Is that so terrible?

It may come as a shock to most overweight English women, but most clear thinking red-blooded white men want their women Cheryl shaped thank you! The flowing tresses, long legs, sexy dimples and runny eye make up (aww, ain’t she emotional?) that Cheryl sports, only serve to improve her image and sex appeal. A size 14 lard arse wobbling in a mans hand just doesn’t have the same appeal.

Since they dumped Ruth Lorenzo from the X factor, the only reason to watch the show is the ability to drool at the delicious Cheryl Cole, and marvel at Simon Cowell’s starched collars.

It is a shame Cheryl has such grim taste in men. Ashley Cole cheated on her. What planet is he on? What kind of bloke with half a brain cell, when he has Cheryl to go home to, thinks to himself, “Hmmm, I think I will just find a slapper to knock off” – The guy is a lunatic.

5 thoughts on “Cheryl Cole from the X Factor – Thin or Slim? The media outcry!

  1. MikeC

    Too true! She is lovely and the rest of those writers in the papers are just jealous of her.

  2. Sridharaya

    Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

  3. jamesjonesy

    Thats right! Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. This is the 21st century, right?

  4. Benjamin from Best Beard Trimmer

    She is absolutely stunning! Wow, what else can you say?

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