Unveiling Cultural Realities: Women’s Rights in British Pakistani Muslim Communities

By | February 16, 2024

Let’s discuss British Pakistani Muslim Communities.

I’m not known for the ambiguous use of language. I do not set out to offend as such. I just don’t particularly care for finessed language. I’m not here to coddle you. I knowingly and deliberately trample on sensibilities.

One such example was yesterday when I remarked on social media that “In northern post-industrial slums Labour will always suck up to the local illiterate Pakistani Muslim tribes – even if they’re intimidating teachers, setting women on fire, chucking acid in their faces, and raping their first cousins until they spawn a brain-damaged quadriplegic.”

The average normie midwit will immediately think this is racist. I admit it’s indelicate but all of it is demonstrably true. There are behaviours specific to Pakistani Muslim culture in Britain. They are born of primitive shame and honour tribal customs. It is a culture in which women are possessions. A culture where women are not valued.

This is why we see sex-selective abortions. This is why we see promising, bright young girls taken out of school and taken to Pakistan to be married off. Their lives are stolen. They have no rights. Pakistani men can dress how they please, but many Pakistani women are forced to wear a black sack.

Unveiling Cultural Realities: Challenging Silence on Women's Rights in British Pakistani Communities

This is offensive to me. This goes against my values. This goes against British values.

In recent years we’ve heard a lot about the grooming of young white girls – and rightly so, but nobody is speaking up for Muslim women. The left tried to shut down any debate about grooming but they were never going to keep a lid on that, but we are absolutely deterred from discussing the practices that are cousin marriage, inbreeding and profound birth defects. Every time I raise the issue on social media, there’s a leftist pinhead hitting the report button.

We then get the usual obfuscation about grooming: “But, but, white men abuse kids too!” The left is incapable of having an adult debate that might in some way suggest their multicultural dogma is actively harmful.

By not challenging this behaviour, the left and their obedient media are complicit in it. They are accessories to spousal abuse, FGM, rape and murder. The left won’t even defend their own values if it flies in the face of multiculturalist orthodoxy.

Journalist Sunny Hundal said as much in 2012 in The New Statesman. “We have become complicit in this epidemic of abuse and violence by not doing more to challenge it”. He goes on to say “A reluctance to offend will only encourage more silence. If self-appointed community leaders won’t speak out, then Labour politicians and left-wing activists have a duty to”.

Hundal is very much a leftist though. He goes around telling everyone we need to take this seriously, but when anyone actually does, he reverts to the leftist default. He thinks it’s an issue the left should own. If only the right picks up on it then it shouldn’t be addressed at all.

Conservatives who notice these things are “far right”. We’ve seen similar attitudes in liberal left Jews on the matter of Labour’s antisemitism. They consider it an internal matter on the left and not an issue of national significance.

To Starmer’s credit, in his own cack-handed way, he has attempted to address antisemitism in Labour, but for as long as Labour depends on the Pakistani Muslim bloc vote in post-industrial slums, nothing will be said of the Islamist antisemitic tendency, and even less will be said of Pakistani Muslim attitudes and behaviours towards women. We’ll see candlelit vigils for pretty middle-class white women murdered by white men, but if a young Muslim woman is disappeared or killed it’s barely a footnote in the local press.

This is not by any means unrelated to the grooming scandal. It has everything to do with the misogyny that is endemic to a primitive tribal culture. As much as we need robust policies to deal with it, we absolutely should not be importing more of the same – not least because it’s tied in with immigration fraud, money laundering and Islamism. This is as much a national security issue.

But the left won’t allow that debate. Noticing the endemic abuse of women is racist. As such, I consider it an obligation to keep speaking about it, and I couldn’t give a tinker’s damn if anyone’s offended. I’m not the one with blood on my hands.

Can the liberal left say the same?

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