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By | December 12, 2008
Dave Cogito, Massachusetts – Moderator on WritingForums.org
Todays submission to the “Real Deal”  bitch slap list is this guy. His name is Dave, he is from Massachusetts, USA and he is 55 years old. (Born May 21, 1953)
This guy is a moderator on Writingforums.org which is a forum for authors and aspiring authors. He is also a reviewer on there. Yet he has never wrote a book. Go figure! Hows that for credentials to be an authors’ forum moderator?
Instead of writing a book, or trying to, this guy has racked up almost TEN thousand posts on that small forum! Ye gods! What does the guy do all day long? He sits hammering away at his keyboard looking to cause cyber conflicts with those considerably more educated than himself.
Unfortunately, when one tries to be clever this way, it has a habit of backfiring. Using a forum moderators “delete” button is not a valid way of debating someone when they have proved you wrong David!
Lets take a closer look at this guy…….. on his profile on Writingforums.org he says, “some day I want to teach college Math and Science.” Er… you are 55 already dude – ain’t it a bit late?
He goes on to list his interests: “Science Fiction and superheroes, Mysteries, recreational programming, cooking and hiking.” Yowser! Slow down there dude, there is a list guaranteed to melt a girls pants at 50 paces.
Of course, being a moderator on a writers forum, he would want to add an air of credibility to himself. He does this by proclaiming: “I have read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at least 40 times.” Wow – this guy is like Action Man! How do women keep their hands off him?
A self confessed athiest, whose favourite quote is: “I like to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out.” – Judge Harry Stone. Hmm, who is Judge Harry Stone? A character from an NBC comedy show that finished in 1992. Thats his best quote? I am suprised he managed to put down his Lord of the Rings trilogy long enough to watch the show sixteen years ago. Mogadon anyone?

Well he must have an exciting job I reckon. Gandalf’s dry cleaner perhaps? Pipe cleaner to Bilbo Baggins? Better than that: This guy is a Software Engineer, and if that is not exciting enough, he was formerly a Research Chemist!

You need only look at his picture to imagine what a babe magnet he must be! And with ten thousand posts on Writingforums.org and a Gandalf fetish, what woman wouldnt want to be impregnated by such a specimen? Gosh, the women in MA are so lucky!

So this guy thinks he can say to a respected published author: “You have been given considerable latitude” and “I strongly suggest you quit while you are ahead, i.e. not infracted.”

Um, I did quit while I was ahead dude – and you are on the “Real Deal” Internet Saddoes list! Enjoy!

Dave Cogito


4 thoughts on “Dave Cogito Massachusetts Moderator WritingForums.org

  1. Helvetica

    This guy is a real loser. Read the following “private message” he sent me after I “bumped up” a post at “writingforums.org”:

    Originally Posted by Cogito
    Dear Helvetica,

    You have received a warning at Writing Forums.

    Thread Bumping (warning)

    Sorry, but thread bumping is prohibited. Post removed.

    Original Post:

    Anyone else have any crits that may help improve this story? Thanks!

    Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum’s rules, which you are expected to understand and follow.

    Originally Posted by Helvetica
    a simple warning added to my post rather than a deletion would be much more appreciated and taken to heart. I now see why very few people tend to post more than once on this forum; a little tack would help retain forum members. There is nothing worse for a writer to have their work (along with the invaluable crits) deleted over a first time (and very minor) infraction. I know I’ve posted here for the last time.

    Originally Posted by Cogito
    You received a simple private warning. Deletion corrects the thread bump, and you would probably appreciate that if it were YOUR tyread bumped off the first page of that forum.

    Are you REALLY going to pout and stomp away over something so minor?

    Originally Posted by Helvetica
    You’ve just proven your lack of tact or any inkling of dimplomacy with your response. Your poor judgement is more than just disconcerting, it’s illogical. One who “pouts and stomps” as you just have, might consider not to accuse others of the same. I won’t be back and don’t intend to respond to any further attacks from you.

    Originally Posted by Cogito
    This is the second time you stated you won’t be back.

    I’m not impressed by these “grand gestures.” If you feel a need to leave, you would just leave. Instead, you expect to make a stinging statement.

    You broke a site rule, and I brought it to your attention and removed the offending post. Instead of saying, “Oh, my bad. I won’t do it again,” you chose to act like an ill-mannered five-year old. And I called you on it.

    If that is your attitude toward the site rules, no great loss.

    WHAT A TOOL! lol

  2. Rathernotsay

    This guy is self-proclaimed lord of the universe. Thinks he’s the most amazing guy ever, deletes ANYTHING that ever disagrees with anything ever. I put up a thread saying that I thought that we should receive explanations & apologies when our stuff was deleted. Well, ironically, the next day I looked and the whole thread had been deleted! So, I posted a thread about how “strange” it was that it was deleted. Resulted in my being banned. Well, Cogito, you can go fuck yourself for all I care. I think I’ll go get some actual writing done now that it’s not automatically being deleted. See you.

  3. Urban Banshee

    Wow, this guy was a jerk all the way back then? He is still a jerk now. Over half the posts asking for advice for a story, or opinions on an idea are told by Cogito that it is their story and they need to work it out themselves, or that ideas don’t matter it’s how they write them that do.

    Wow, way to cut off anyone who is looking for an actual conversation, and help. What is the point in modding a writing forum if no one is allowed to discuss what they are writing? To top it all off he is supposedly a “former mod” now, but that doesn’t stop him from banning people who disagree with him or who also notice odd missing threads and point it out. Thread I should note don’t disappear until he logs on.

  4. Editor Post author

    If you have left, pop back and put in your signature this code:

    [url=http://real-deal-blog.com/2008/12/12/dave-cogito-massachusetts-moderator-writingforumsorg/]Click here to read all about Cogito[/url]

    It might bring a few more lost souls over who read the archives.

    Since leaving that place, I tended to use this forum instead. Funny, I never got ‘banned’ or ‘infracted’ there. 😉

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