“do you got my last letter? Ksusha” Russian Dating Scam e-mail

By | May 10, 2011

You may have been the recipient of an email recently entitled “do you got my last letter? Ksusha” from the email address: chandra_stp@yahoo.com but urging you to reply to: ksevertal@yahoo.com.

Scam emails like this are designed to reel in unsuspecting men and engage them in email correspondence. After a short while comes what is known as the money request. Something terribly urgent that your email correspondent can only rely on you to help out with. Next stop is Western Union to unload a bundle of your cash to the scammer you will never hear from again.

The bad English in this email is typical Russian English one might think. The name “Ksusha” is a Russian cats name! Pussy huh? Someone who wrote this scam email had a sense of humour.

Here is the text of the email you will have received:

Hello. I’m Kseniya. Im the lonely women. I do not have man’s attention. I want to find men serious relationship. If it is interesting to you, write me please on my e-mail: kloputera@yahoo.com. It will be very good if you answer me. Yours Kseniya.

The email will have been accompanied by this photograph:


Quite a fetching young lady, but this is not the lady who sent this email. This will be a photo of some girl our scammer stole from a dating site.

So is our scammer in Russia? Um…….. No. Our scammer is in France.

The IP address this email came from is: which tells us this email was sent from a France Telecom connection in France.

So, this is not some cute Russian “pussy” who sent this email; it was likely some Nigerian scammer who is based in France.

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