Dyson DC07 Maintenance Guide – Service Book – Workshop Manual

By | November 20, 2011

Are you looking for a Dyson DC07 workshop manual? Until recently, nobody had published a DC07 service book – now they have. The Unofficial Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual is available only in paperback – there is no “e-book”.

The author, Angus Black, shares his own thirty years of experience repairing vacuum cleaners. He shares little-known trade secrets about the Dyson DC07, together with where to source trade-only tools.

“The author has created something which genuinely offers the ‘inside scoop.’ It is an absolute must-read for anyone seeking a DC07 maintenance guide,” wrote David Myers, a technician at Manchester Vacs, an independent Dyson specialist.

Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual

For anyone seeking a DC07 service manual, there is really only one choice.

Here is the chapter list:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: The Basics ─ Model Variants and Simple Maintenance
  • Chapter Two: General Troubleshooting
  • Chapter Three: Brush Roll, Belt and Clutch
  • Chapter Four: The Cyclone Unit
  • Chapter Five: Replacing the Motor
  • Chapter Six: The Wand and Back Hose
  • Chapter Seven: The Chassis and Sundries
  • Chapter Eight: Where to Source Parts and Machines
  • Chapter Nine: Other Resources and Further reading

The book corrects common misperceptions and enlightens people about Dyson DC07 maintenance and repairs. All the most popular repairs are explored with candor and common sense.  There are many illustrations throughout the book, and best of all is the comprehensive DC07 motor replacement guide.

UK and American model Dyson DC07’s are catered for, with differences between the models highlighted throughout.

The final chapters offer practical advice on sourcing parts and machines. Why parts from eBay might not be as good a deal as you imagine and access to on-line resources like video how-to guides and specialist Dyson sites.

The Unofficial Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual is available anywhere in the world direct from this page: Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual