Just Released Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual Shows DIY Enthusiasts How To Fix Their Dyson Vacuum Cleaner at Home

By | December 7, 2011

Aberdeen, Scotland December 06, 2011

The specialist Dyson vacuum cleaner engineer Angus Black has used his own experience – spanning almost thirty years – to create a fully illustrated workshop and service manual for the Dyson DC07 available to all DIY Dyson enthusiasts, while shattering the myths that suggested Dysons were too complicated for the practically-inclined layman to work on.

The tongue-in-cheek cover, which features a sexy blonde in a tight white t-shirt, hard hat and torn jeans, standing amongst several Dyson DC07’s, has already caused some controversy among feminist groups and made the book’s sales jump, thanks to the unsought publicity.

Dyson Service Manual

“The author has created something which genuinely offers the ‘inside scoop.’ It is an absolute must-read for anyone seeking a DC07 maintenance guide,” wrote David Myers, a technician at Manchester Vacs, an independent Dyson specialist.

The author, Angus Black, shares little-known trade secrets about the Dyson DC07, together with where to source special Dyson trade-only tools. He claims that each of us throws away over three tonnes of broken electrical appliances during the course of our lives. Repairing and extending the life of your Dyson is green. It’s a small cog in the large machine that is our future sustainability.

The book corrects common misperceptions and enlightens people about Dyson DC07 maintenance and repairs. All the most popular repairs are explored with candour and common sense. There are many illustrations throughout the book, and best of all is the comprehensive DC07 motor replacement guide.

The final chapters offer practical advice on sourcing parts and machines. Why parts from eBay might not be as good a deal as you imagine and access to on-line resources like video how-to guides and specialist trade-only Dyson sites.

Black also gives his readers access to a global internet advice forum for Dyson enthusiasts and repairers. Its many hundreds of active members, expert advisors and experienced contributors from the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the UK, can advise on any relevant issues that are not covered in the book.

The “Unofficial Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual – All you need to know to perform any DIY repair to your Dyson DC07” is already being referred to as the “bible” on the Dyson DC07. It is now available from http://www.DysonWorkshopManuals.com and at major bookshops and e-retailers. ISBN 978-0-9556874-1-9