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By | September 24, 2010

Looking for a Dyson forum? Dyson discussion forums? Impartial Dyson advice?

Maybe you are wondering which Dyson vacuum cleaner model to buy, which Dyson parts fit what machine, or you are repairing your Dyson and want a little advice? Maybe you are a Dyson expert and want to share your knowledge with others? Maybe you are just a Dyson enthusiast who wants to chat with like-minded people?

You need the all new Dyson forum! The Dyson forum is a bulletin board (discussion forum) that welcomes anyone who wants to talk Dyson. It is completely free to use and sponsored by the independent Dyson sales, service, parts and repair company Manchester Vacs of Great Britain. Although a relatively new vacuum cleaner discussion forum, there are already experts there from the UK and South Africa. They can advise you on any aspct of any UK Dyson vacuum cleaner, European model Dyson vacuum cleaner or US Dyson vacuum cleaners.

There are also rooms where you can talk about Dyson washing machines, Dyson airblades, Dyson fans and anything else Dyson.

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Will a DC04 motor fit a DC14? Will the tools from a DC07 fit a DC04? What is the difference between the two motors fitted to Dyson DC04’s? How do I replace a clutch? What is the knack for fitting Dyson belts? You can ask questions like this in the Dyson Technical Advice room.

Which Dyson Ball model should I buy? What is the difference between a DC15, a DC24 and a DC25? You can ask questions like this in the Dyson Ball Advice room.

Now there is a totally free Dyson advice and chat forum — go and check it out today.