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By | June 26, 2012

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Mottram bypass information.

If you saw one of the yellow signs on the A57 Hyde Road in Mottram or are seeking information on Mottram bypass you may have landed here.

Perhaps you are stuck in the traffic queue right now and looking at this on your phone bored to tears?

Well actually, you are not stuck in traffic – you ARE traffic. But you want to get to where you are going like everyone else, so lets talk about the badly needed Mottram bypass.

If you are a Mottram in Longdendale local, you will know the ways around some of the worst of the queues out of peak times, but you will no doubt be used to sitting at the A57 Hyde Road / Stalybridge Road / Market Street / B6174 (Post Office) junction with your engine off waiting for the lights.

If you are stuck in the traffic jam, or know of it, you know Mottram needs a bypass. There are no ifs and buts about that; if you have ever been to Mottram – even as a visitor – you will remember the traffic.

Mottram Bypass

Here is what you need to do before you read further: Go to the government e-petition site and sign the electronic petition. If it gets 100,000 votes, this topic will be debated in the House of Commons. It wont get 100,000 votes if you don’t vote. So click here: Deliver Mottram / Hollingworth / Tintwistle Bypass Now (the page will open in a new window so you can come back and continue reading).

Now you have done that, please share the link with your Facebook and Twitter contacts so they might vote. These buttons will help you:

Tweet that Mottram needs a bypass

Tell your Facebook friends that Mottram needs a bypass

The existing A628 trunk road connects the M67 from Manchester to the M1 in South Yorkshire. A single-carriageway road through the villages of Mottram in Longdendale, Hollingworth and Tintwistle and through the Peak District National Park, it is used by a relatively large number of heavy goods vehicles.

The A628 is one of the most congested A-road routes in the country, with high volumes of traffic (including HGVs) using a road which is totally unsuitable for the volume and nature of traffic it carries.

There is no viable alternative to a bypass.

The new Tesco at Hattersley will only make it worse.

And on that note, what swivel-eyed lunatic at Tameside Council gave the green light to Tesco’s to build a superstore there? Which politicians got a brown envelope in their back pocket to rubber stamp that?

No sane council would approve such a scheme, slap bang in the middle of one of the worst traffic congestion spots in the country would they? But then again, Tameside Council has always been a law unto itself. Gleefully ramping up the Council Tax every year – until David Cameron stopped them – to fund the late Roy Oldham’s penchant for bronze statues and stained glass windows.

What about the Morrison’s at Crown Point? Imagine the planning meeting where a saggy-breasted, fuzzy-thinking, vegetarian, leftist woman from Tameside Council with bad breath said, “Hey, lets put a supermarket – complete with petrol station and traffic lights – twenty yards from Crown Point lights! That’ll ease traffic congestion!” Other paid-off Socialists agreed. “Imagine the mayhem at 8-30am” one likely cackled – whilst patting the pile of fifties in his top pocket.

The same Socialist Tameside Council that engages in much public hand-wringing that Hyde and Stalybridge town centres have become an economic wasteland and bereft of shoppers – but can’t see why. We can tell them why – because there is no parking!

Nobody pays to park to go shopping in Hyde or Stalybridge. In Kensington they might, but not in Hyde. Nobody wants to run the gauntlet with little parking Nazi’s on Scooters funded by their Council Tax. Way easier to shop elsewhere. You don’t need Mary Portas to tell you that guys – you just got it for free!

But back to the bypass.

If you live in Hyde, Godley, Mottram, Stalybridge, Tintwistle, Glossop, Broadbottom, Simmondley, Hollingworth, Hattersley or anywhere in the locality, you have an interest in getting Mottram Bypass looked at again by the government.

Sitting in the soul-destroying traffic hoping someone else will do something for you will make it never happen.

MP’s and councillors wont fund it unless forced to by public opinion. They find it easier to fiddle the expenses and have some lunch (on you) than do something about a very real decades old issue which Mottram traffic congestion is.

You need to contact your elected representatives. Its easier than it used to be. There is no getting out the pen and paper and trudging to the mailbox and paying for an over-priced stamp any more. Its all online. You can do it in a  few clicks.

Here’s how. Go to this site: Write to your local Councillor or MP (opens in a new window)

Write to your local elected representative and complain that they are not campaigning for a Mottram bypass. If enough of you do that, they will be forced to listen and it will get debated once again. If they ignore you, don’t vote for them next time. Simples!

Write it on your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking pages. Link this article in your email signatures. Get the word out!

There is rumour of something happening in 2014/2015, but there seems to be little online about it. Do you know more? Use the comments section at the bottom to tell others.

Use the comments section below to give your opinion or thoughts about Mottram bypass.

There will be a small delay before comments appear due to anti-spam controls. 

7 thoughts on “e-petition deliver Mottram – Mottram Bypass – Stuck in Traffic?

  1. Mustang

    I asked this question of Lord Pendry, Jonathan Reynolds MP, Adam White, Janet Cooper and Gillian Peet via the ‘write to them’ website:

    Can you tell me please the current position on the Mottram bypass? I know it was shelved previously, but there is talk of something happening in 2014? What is that? Google doesn’t tell me.

    Do you support the bypass? Are you actively campaigning for it? If not, why not?

    Have you voted in the poll? It is here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/16940

    Can I also draw your attention to the situation with the Back Moor/Roe Cross roundabout? Traffic travelling up Back Moor completely ignores the roundabout. They simply continue towards the cutting as if it’s not there.

    People coming towards it from the direction of the Post Office can wait a long time while people are zipping across ignoring their right of way when already part on it.

    That roundabout needs repainting urgently, a few ‘give way’ or ’roundabout ahead’ signs erecting up Back Moor maybe – SOMETHING – to allow traffic up Back Moor to understand that the roundabout actually exists – a speed hump before it maybe – something!

    Have the Highways Dept sit there for 30 mins maybe and they will see that nobody gets a look in other than traffic travelling up Back Moor – at high speed – that completely ignores the faded roundabout and continues towards Stalybridge.

    Local residents are tired of the traffic that has plagued this area for for two decades or more. We want to know our elected representatives are on our side – or not; as the case may be.

    I will publish replies.

  2. M60 Removals

    From the Tameside Advertiser January 2012:

    Supporters of the Mottram-Tintwistle bypass are hoping job creation will clinch the case for the road to be built. Representatives of the Highways Agency, Department of Transport, the Peak Park and Derbyshire county council as well as High Peak, Tameside and Barnsley councils attended a meeting in Glossop organised by MP Andrew Bingham and also attended by Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds.

    Mr Reynolds said they now intend to put together a business case for the bypass based on the impact traffic congestion has on the area. The bypass was left off the list of road schemes given the go-ahead by the government last year. Chancellor George Osborne committed £5bn to similar schemes in the next spending review, but that won’t be until 2015/16.

    He said: “Residents in Longdendale have been forced to put up with unacceptable levels of traffic and congestion for too long. And I remain determined that a solution should be found as quickly as possible. “This meeting was an important opportunity for campaigners to raise their concerns with officials from the Highways Agency and the Department for Transport, sending a strong message that the need for a solution is as necessary and urgent as ever.

    “Now we will continue to work together to ensure that the case for a bypass is beyond doubt – both in terms of the impact it will have on traffic flows, residents and the economy. “It’s important that we present the best case possible to ensure that investment is made here – rather than elsewhere. There will be no shortcut to securing this solution. But I am convinced that by working together we will have the best chance of ensuring the bypass in the near future.” Another meeting is planned in a couple of months.

  3. Editor Post author

    Actually, anyone who was around Mottram when the A628 was closed due to the snow recently will have seen what Mottram could be. Mottram was a sleepy village once more with no traffic problems at all. Total bliss!

    On reflection, I think just the two toll booths; one on the Snake Pass and one on Woodhead Pass will cure the Mottram problem in a heartbeat.
    No bypass needed if they do that.

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