From Russia Without Love: How thousands of lonely British men are being ruthlessly fleeced by a Russian ‘e-mail brides’ racket

By | June 11, 2009

“From Russia Without Love: How thousands of lonely British men are being ruthlessly fleeced by a Russian ‘e-mail brides’ racket” was an article recently featured in the UK Daily Mail.

It was penned by PAUL BRACCHI and HELEN CROYDON. Well, we don’t know who “Helen Croydon” is, but we can bet she is an English feminist hack who is a tad overweight and is jealous of Russian and former Soviet Union women.

We also don’t know who “Paul Bracchi” is but with that surname he isn’t English, so how can he write from an English perspective?

They open their article here with “Some wear hotpants. Others the tiniest of mini-dresses. With names like Elanor, Olexandra, and Katerin, all are in full warpaint, teetering on vertigo-inducing heels.

More than 50 young women – at least three for every middle-aged man in the room – are plying their trade in the basement nightclub of the Palladium Hotel in Odessa in what was once Soviet Russia.

No, these girls aren’t prostitutes; not in the strictest sense of the word anyway – but potential ‘brides’.

Hmmm. Notice how they put the word “Brides” in quotes? You can tell this will be a negative article from the start.

They made a fundemental error though. As fast track hacks, they didn’t research the subject matter properly. They chose to delve at the bottom of the “dirty barrel” and quote semi-hookers from Ukraine (which is not representative of the former Soviet Union) and corrupt agency owners from the famous scam site “Anastasia”.

To cap it all, they used the book cover from “The Russian Bride Guide: How to Meet, Court and Marry a Woman from the Former Soviet Union” (featuring the author Olga Maslova – who lives between England and Estonia – on the cover) in their article, without referencing the book, the authors, their good work, nor its benefits to the Western guy. They just stole the picture from the internet!

The Real Deal Blog contacted Olga Maslova today in Estonia about the Daily Mail Article, and she said, “The article is very negative. That is typical of the UK media about Russian and Ukrainian girls. I don’t mind them using my photograph, perhaps men will Google “The Russian Bride Guide” and learn the truth about former Soviet Union women.”

She went on to say, “The article was entitled “Russian ‘e-mail brides” but talked about women from Ukraine. Ukraine is not Russia. Ukraine and Russia are quite different. This just shows how badly the authors reseached their topic.”

The article then went on to say that most men type “Ukrainian Brides” into their search engine. In fact, most men type “Russian women” or “Russian wife” into their browser. Most men have no concept of the differences between Russia and Ukraine. Only after education do western men learn the difference between Russia and Ukraine.

What the Daily Mail authors of this article failed to mention, is that the picture they casually used of Olga Maslova on the cover of the Russian Bride Guide, is the image that thousands of British and American men see when searching for a Russian woman . It is the cover of the book “Russian Bride Guide” which is a best-seller on Amazon around the world.

The book teaches men how to avoid the dating scams and women seeking money that many Ukrainian agencies offer. It teaches men how to navigate the shark infested waters that is the Russian and Ukrainian online dating world.

Buy the Russian Bride Guide from the authors here

Buy the Russian Bride Guide from UK amazon here

Buy the Russian Bride Guide from US Amazon here

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See other places to buy the Russian Bride Guide here

The author Olga Maslova has personally been responsible for many happy Russian/Western marriages (and children) and laughs at some of the stereotypes the Daily Mail refers to. She referred us to her page that shows happily married Russian/Western couples she introduced. She referred us to her husbands  many US radio interviews on Russian women.

She also referred us to her online conversation forum. It is the busiest Russian women information forum on the net.

We think the Daily Mail needs to do some more research before publishing foolish articles on subjects they havent researched properly.

3 thoughts on “From Russia Without Love: How thousands of lonely British men are being ruthlessly fleeced by a Russian ‘e-mail brides’ racket

  1. Helen Croydon

    For a reputable blog site that critiques quality of journalism, I would have expected your review writers to research – rather than speculate – on the authors you mention. A quick google search on both writers could have established their identity. As for the premonition that one of them is an overweight feminist hack – well I would happily have supplied you with my measurements if you’d asked.

  2. Brad Sharp

    Helen –

    As a professional journalist, you should be embarrassed at your lack of research on this topic. Just 10 minutes research on the internet would have provided you the information you needed to determine that Anastasia-web is the consensus most DISRESPECTED business entity in this entire industry.

    Your journalistic credibility really took a nosedive when you put your byline on this poorly researched, completely inaccurate news story.

  3. Mark Smyth


    Not for the first time the DM seems more akin to the Red tops in the depth of the research they do..

    Ironic the “journo” involved can only “bite” on a reference to a possible inaccuracy in her “measurements”.. How on earth can you have failed to ask her “real deal”..? Especially, as you managed to contact Olga for a quote… 😉

    Helen – luckily for you, the circulation of the rag that printed your “article” only want to read want they want to hear, rather than the FACTS..

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