GE2015 Analysis. Post General Election Comment.

By | May 8, 2015

David Cameron is once again Prime Minister.

It was pretty much a given he would remain PM, but the expectation was that he would be propped up by Lib Dem, UKIP and/or the DUP in another coalition of some kind.

But the prospect of Labour propped up by the Scottish Nationals scared voters that the UK would be run with a Socialist/Leftist Scotland-centric coalition that would be hard to break; one of whom wanted to break up the UK (Sturgeon).

The voters came out and the Tories even gained back votes from UKIP.

The country did good. Now the Labour curse of Blair/Brown is properly broken and the Lib Dems don’t have enough MP’s any more to fill a minibus. They are finished as a party.

What it has highlighted is the flaws in our electoral system. Scottish Nationals got 50 odd seats on fewer actual votes than UKIP who got one seat. On one hand, its nice that the SNP diluted the Labour vote a little, and I am sure Scotland needs a voice, which the Merkelesque Nicola Sturgeon gives them. But the millions of people who voted UKIP/Farage have no representation for their views.

I would have liked to have seen Farage in the seat Clegg has just vacated as deputy PM. He would have injected some much-needed common sense into the EU and immigration issues. Added to which, he holds sensible views on the role of the US in the world (none) and western hostility to Russia (stupid).

However, it wasn’t to be, and all things considered the best man won. With a majority.

A Labour Miliband government would have been unthinkable. After the devastation the country suffered under the Blair-Brown years, it would have taken us back to the dark ages to have another Labour term.

Lets hope Cameron can continue the good work they have done up to now; improved by not having his hands tied in a coalition. He also needs to have the chance to renegotiate the conditions of our EU participation prior to the EU referendum he has committed to.

Our participation in, and funding of the EU needs drastic overhaul if we are to stay in. It costs us £53m a day, and we have no control of our borders and laws made in Belgium. There is no upside. As it stands now, we need to be out.

EU Parliament

Pressure from UKIP, Farage and his Euro election victory woke the Conservatives up to that, so they had to put the referendum on the table to win back UKIP voters. In that sense, Farage did his job – seat or not.

Cameron also recently notably snubbed the US by joining the Chinese led ‘World Bank’ that Russia is also party to. This is an essential building block in the Chinese/Russian/BRICS led de-dollarisation of the world that will remove the influence of the dollar, and thus America on the world. The world has had enough of American led regime changes, wars and sanctions on those who refuse to bend to its will. America’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine (that the western media mostly ignore as reality) was the straw that broke the camels back.

Independent thinking needs to continue based on UK national interests. We need not be led into silly wars, sanctions and conflict by Uncle Sam and the EU. UK PLC very much likes Russian money, and what happens in Ukraine is not our business.

Cameron also needs to find common ground with the SNP, the DUP and Plaid Cymru. The regions want their own voice and more autonomy. And who can blame them? But there has to be space for co-operation, especially with the SNP, to keep things running smoothly over the next five years and avoid a break up of the union.

All in all, the country had the best outcome it could have hoped for. It feels like the Major win in 1992 again. And the 90’s were happy days……..

Until Blair arrived anyway.

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