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By | January 15, 2010

So what’s happening with the delivery of small packets and parcels at the Post Office in the Hyde, Greater Manchester (Tameside) area recently?

We know they like to go on strike quite often. And every strike is reason enough for delays and backlogs. Recently, they have had a new reason for backlog and delay: SNOW.

The Post Office is so useless the last few months that even eBay are recommending using alternative carriers. All manner of outfits will now deliver small parcels around and about the place for between £3 and £10 depending on size and weight. There are some new services springing up where you drop your parcel off at the local convenience store and your recipient collects it from their local convenience store. Not ideal, but cheap at least. The Post Office is losing its monopoly on parcels (letters are currently protected from serious competition by an act of parliament). Bloody good, I say! Let the Post Office compete in the market place and let people vote with their feet and quids!

The last few months I have tended toward using DHL as you can track the parcel (well, kind of – you feel warm and fuzzy inside thinking you know where it is anyway) and they quite often get it right (not all the time I grant you). Unfortunately, I live in an area serviced by DHL’s notorious Ashton Service Centre. That depot tends to slow DHL’s service down to almost near the Post Office speed.

I have a parcel (containing £100 worth of goods I need for my business I might add) sent from the Isle of Wight on the 4th January 1st Class. Today is the 15th January and it hasn’t arrived yet. WTF? I have another parcel from an eBay seller (I know he has sent it as he has a zillion positive feedbacks and was bugging me for feedback already). That was sent around the 4th January also. Neither of them have shown up. It seems mail, and especially parcels to Hyde, Godley, Denton, Dukinfield, Mottram, Ashton-Under-Lyne and other areas in Tameside are seriously delayed and sitting around in sorting offices gathering dust.

Last week, I dragged my arse into Hyde sorting office on Hamnett Street. I explained that ten days is more than long enough for a 1st class parcel, and asked them what was the chances of an actual parcel delivery in 2010 (Coz, I just know it is Hyde where the delay is – don’t ask me why, I just know!) as we hadn’t had one at all yet this year.

The tall bloke with the gigs (an affable and relaxed fellow) earnestly told me tall tales of delays, backlogs, snow and other tales of woe (I was tempted to whip my violin out). None of this hyperbole was getting my parcel to me with any greater sense of urgency though. I then described it exactly to him (as I get many the same – well I used to…….) and asked him to go and bloody look for it. He refused, citing huge volumes of parcels, backlogs, “needles in haystacks”, etc.

Hope momentarily glimmered from beyond the grey cloud though. I was told that 12 staff were being drafted in on the Sunday to clear the backlog of parcels. If it was in Hyde sorting office it would be delivered on Sunday. “Snow is no problem” he exclaimed, warming to his theme by now, “They will walk if necessary – the parcels will be delivered.” I actually believed this crap. Off I trundled to relay the good news to my wife. She laughed like a drain and wished me good luck waiting for the postman on a Sunday.

On Sunday, I joined an enthusiastic group of neighbours clearing snow from our street. (Naturally, the Socialist Borough of Tameside don’t want to waste Council Tax payers’ money on trivial matters like gritting the roads. Roy Oldham may not have enough cash left for his expenses, some left-handed, Albanian, lesbian Outreach workers and some stained glass windows.) Despite toiling in our street half the day, I did not catch sight of that rare breed, the lesser-spotted Hyde Postman clutching parcels! The buggers delivered nowt!

Here we are at the next weekend. The 15th January. Still no parcels. Still no delivery of goods posted 4th January. Still no eBay goods. They did manage to push handfuls of crap through the door though this week. I don’t know what they are. I am self-programmed not to read them on the way to the bin. Like all that crap you get in the free paper that falls out when you shake it over the bin before you read it.

Are you waiting for a parcel routed through Hyde Sorting Office? How long have you waited? What is your experience of mail and parcel delivery in Hyde and surrounding areas of Tameside? Tell us using the comments box below. I cannot be alone!

23 thoughts on “Hyde Tameside Sorting Office Post Office

  1. Editor Post author

    Update: I received one parcel on the 16th. It had been mailed on the 3rd. A mere 13 days for a 1st class item.

    The one mailed on the 4th is still unaccounted for.


  2. Mike Hyde

    I had an item mailed January 4. It was delivered in Hyde January 19. First class? Second rate more like.

  3. Fed up

    Sorry fellas I think i’ve beaten you all, i’ve been waiting since 22nd December!(and still waiting!)
    There’s never any hope of getting anyone to answer the phone at the sorting office and you might as well be talking to the wall than our local postman/boy! Don’t think he could tell me his name let alone whats happened to my package!

  4. Editor Post author

    I got my second parcel yesterday. 22 days transit time for a first class item.

    It gets better: We had two cards (one Xmas and one new year) delivered today that were mailed in the USA. One is postmarked 11 December and one 22 December. They arrived January 27 – together.

    We mail packages to the US regularly (not from the Hyde area I might add). 5-7 days would be typical. What’s the betting the month or so black hole was at Hyde?

    @Fedup, our local Postie is not too bad. Conversation is prohibited due to his ipod, but he always kindly leaves me a supply of red elastic bands scattered all over my driveway. I never need to buy elastic bands now. Now if he could only manage a morning delivery………

  5. Jo

    I have put in many complaints to Royal Mail about Hyde sorting office my post and parcels either go to neighbours or don\’t arrive at all. I have actually had mail for another Road in Hyde not even close to where I live. The parcel I am waiting for at the moment was posted 1st Feb it is now 8 Feb not arrived, I have had confirmation from the sender of the day that it went he has told me they usually take 3 days max as I paid for 1st class. No card has come through my door. I now end up going out of my way and getting all parcels anything other than bills delivered to my mums house, it is a bus ride away but atleast she gets her mail. The sorting office at Hyde is absolutely crap – If there was an award for the worst one I am sure they would get it every year.

  6. Will

    I’m curious to know where in Hyde people’s mail is disappearing…
    We’ve slowly come to the conclusion that it isn’t just bad luck that about 10% of our parcels or important letters never arrive!

    I’m currently waiting for 3 parcels which should have been here over a week ago.

    I know of half a dozen letters which were definitely posted weeks or months ago and have never arrived.

    I just wonder if it’s a coincidence that our postie doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the box…

    Who do I complain to? The sorting office don’t answer their phone and the official Royal Mail response is “to get in touch with the sender and get them to fill in a lost post form”

    Very Helpful!

  7. Big Dave

    Not near this sorting office but my local one does not deliver my parcels at all.
    I have to get my crystal ball out and see when they will be at the sorting office then go to collect them.

    Im now counting 8 parcels that have not even been attempted to be delivered.

    Have rang the Royal Mail complaints 0845 number to which I am being charged about a pound a minute.
    They were very helpful and if they don`t solve your problem it gets put through to a Customer Services Manager….will keep you update on if this worked or not.

    and the reason why my lazy fat arse postie isnt delivering my parcel…..you have to walk about a minute to access our front door from the road….lazy git.

    I hate Royal Fail.Bunch of lazy cunts

  8. Dave

    I’ve been waiting for over 2 weeks for a 1st Class package, with no card put through the door by Royal Mail. I don’t have time to go to the sorting office as they go home at 1pm, due to their hard work!
    They never answer the phone, and I have it on good authority, that the reason for backlogs, is due to the managers not wishing to go out on the streets and help deliver, which they should do. RM are reluctant to pay overtime, in which case these so called managers should be then putting a coat and and going delivering these backlogs, Instead they would rather let it build up and stay in a warm office telling the actual frontline workers to leave the post, it’ll get delivered eventually!

  9. Editor Post author

    Our mail has started to slow down for the festive season already. First class packages seem to be taking a week through Hyde now.

    Our service from Hyde overall seems to have improved a little since this article was written. But then again, Christmas time is coming, and so is the snow.

    @ big Dave. “Royal Fail” — hilarious!

  10. Gazza

    What is Hyde sorting office telephone number I have had so so many problems and waiting again for a delivery only 10 days so far but can’t be bothered wasting petrol to go down to get a load of hot air

  11. Jezebel

    I’ve had parcels delivered with no card left – when I questioned it, I was told that a card was left “it has CL on the package so a card was left”… my response was that it says “Oxo on buses, but it doesn’t mean that buses are full of oxo’s”

    They are useless at best, and at worst uncaring and disinterested.

  12. Amanda

    How long does it take for a first class recorded parcel ? Been 5 days now

  13. Amanda

    By the way, the sorting office are rude and useless lol My postman said next day delivery if not it’s been losted – Nice

  14. Amandae

    I placed an order on a website which I do every week. They posted it first class recorded delivery on Mon 11.04.11 and still I am awaiting it. Why is that ? Has it gone missing or is it just lazy royal mail. Would like any comments thanks folks. Royal Mail are rubbish. I should not have to wait for 5 days for a parcel, it’s a joke.

  15. lau

    my order was dispatched on 25/07/11 its now 03/08/11 and im still waiting. wouldnt mind but the gift was for a birthday present. the sorting office dont even answer the phone! really livid!

  16. NotPat

    I waited 3 weeks for 5 parcels to arrive (2 of which were recorded delivery items and 2 seperate Amazon.co.uk orders). After several complaints, all 5 items turned up at the same time with the postage dates scratched off the stamps! I’ve now been waiting over a week for another item from Amazon so it looks like the issues with this sorting office are not being dealt with. No wonder the organisation is rapidly going to the dogs.

  17. NotPat

    Just to confirm, my post above is regarding Hyde sorting office!

  18. Mands

    Yet again, still awaiting a parcel sent first class delivery. In this day and age it should be next day. The staff at Hyde sorting Office are rude, and all should be sacked except for my nice postman who turns up at 4pm with the daily bills. :>(

  19. Donna

    I have contacted royal mail customer services to log a general complain for lost delayed packages and have been given a reference number she said the more people who complain the more likely they are to investigate !! Their tel no is 08457740740 its worth a try people !!

  20. NotPat

    Hi Mands, I know it’s a late reply but contacted Royal Mail customer services using a number on a letter they posted around August explaining changes to deliveries. There are contact numbers on the RM website.

  21. Editor Post author

    Credit where credit is due.

    Hyde sorting office is open longer hours the last couple of weeks. None of that lunchtime closing stuff we are used to. And to be fair to the guys – although there has been almost no snow this year up to now – they are pretty much on the ball right now.

    Three days before Xmas, and 1st Class deliveries are still arriving sometimes next day as nature intended. I am outstanding nothing much right now. Some stuff has been slow, but most has been pretty speedy in the run up to Xmas.

    The guys at Hyde seem to be on the ball at last. Well done Hyde sorting office!

  22. will w

    had a parcel posted first class november 24th in sevenoaks, arrived december 6th in hadfield. i gather our mail goes through hyde as well. still missing lots of christmas cards that people have said they have sent me (and they have received mine going the other way!) have some serious questions about our local inbound mail.

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