Ian Kowalski (ian_ski) 165 The Briars WS9 8AQ

By | January 27, 2010

Another eBay miscreant to add the the Google pool here. The policy of eBay to not allow sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers is ill conceived and gives buyers licence to take the piss as you will see.

Today’s internet lunatic for exposure on the Real Deal is Ian Kowalski, 165 The Briars, Aldridge, Walsall,  West Midlands.  WS9 8AQ. His eBay handle is “ian_ski” – he sells head map pins on eBay. Well I guess somebody must.

He recently bought a 99p item on eBay. It was a domestic appliance part. Not being the sharpest tool in the box, it didn’t occur to him to actually look at the part he was taking off and compare it to the picture of the item he was buying.  That would clearly have been too simple for our Ian.  He bought the first item he found that had a description that resembled what he thought he wanted and bought it.

Keep in mind this a 99p *used* item we are talking about here.

He received his item in double quick time. The item advertised. The item he bought. Then he realised his mistake. He bought the wrong part – duh!

Having made the rather inconsequential investment of 99 whole new pence (plus second class postage) for a used domestic appliance part, any normal person would accept responsibility for their own actions and simply buy the actual part they needed. Maybe put the unwanted item back on eBay if the 99p keeps you awake at night?

Not Ian! He pushed the head map pins on his desk aside and requested to return the item:

The reason for the return is: Item wasn’t what I expected.

Well what did you expect? Something different to what you actually bought?

The seller refused the return citing the following grounds:

As per email exchange with buyer, he ordered the incorrect item. That is not our fault nor our liability. We supplied the item correctly as ordered. The customer needs to take responsibility for his own actions. The item had a picture; he evidently did not examine it properly.

What did Ian do?

The same as any one-eyed eBay internet miscreant would do. He left negative feedback for the seller:

Poor comms. Doesn’t state that part will not fit all models

Sure. Do what any eBay loser does – leave negative feedback for your own mistakes because you are too stupid to look at a picture. Feel yourself “ripped off” for 99 whole new pence (plus 2nd class postage).

Such people think they can do this because the seller cannot leave them negative feedback telling the world what a clown they are. What they do not consider is that the seller may just arrange to have the whole episode placed on a site such as this so anybody can find out what a cheap loser Ian Kowalski is.

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