If he’s not marrying you, he’s just not that into you!

By | February 9, 2013

No not the film.

We are discussing men looking abroad for a foreign wife.

We all know that when a man goes abroad to find a beautiful woman, he is not just looking to sleep with her; instead, he is investing his valuable time, money, and resources to meet the woman of his dreams who (ideally) shares his values to bring home to marry. We can all agree on this, yes?

(If you try to refute this claim, I will pull out my Bio background and come back at you with scientific evolutionary evidence regarding pair-bonding and mate acquisition. Keep it light, or it will get dirty.)

Why would a man want to marry a woman? Because in a cost/benefit analysis, the benefits of being with her outweigh the benefits of being alone – plain and simple!

When a man marries a woman, he makes an investment. He is investing 50% of everything he owns. Let’s compare that to the stock exchange! Imagine putting 50% of everything you own into a fund that may or may not give you an ROI, never mind the risk of a total failure.

When a man gives you that “piece of paper,” he is giving you a supposed lifetime of 50%. That’s a big investment! (Disclaimer: Pre-nups are entirely different, and are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes it’s an issue of trust, and sometimes it’s an issue of protecting your assets. This is usually a grey area that is not currently being discussed – we’re talking bare bones here.)

So, ladies, if a man is not marrying you, he’s just not that into you. You are not worth the risk just quite yet.

Yes, it has everything to do with you, as difficult as it is to admit. Get yourself into shape and find something to offer the guy!

The reverse is true as well – if a woman is not marrying you, it is because she feels that she is better off without you, or keeping you at a distance. If she is more selfish, she may be looking for someone with more money, or more to be gained. Chances are, you probably need to step up your game financially, as you are not meeting the standards!

“If a man isn’t willing to make it official, he’s just not that into you.”

Of course, no one likes to openly admit this fact (to themselves or others), because quite frankly, it’s offensive.

Why wouldn’t someone want to marry you?

You know that you’re a great woman with the world to give, and here’s this guy saying “so, basically, you’re not worth it.” I think that denial is a pretty standard response here.

I’ve heard excuses of all sorts: he’s not ready, I’m not ready, the time isn’t right, we don’t know each other well enough, he’s waiting, I’m waiting… when the truth is, there is a bigger reason that one of you is omitting.

Men don’t beat around the bush too much if they’re truly interested, and what keeps men interested? An attractive physique, a high sex drive, and a pleasant disposition. What makes a man disinterested? The potential notion of supporting another man’s children, and a lack of the above! Plain and simple.

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