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By | January 9, 2017

This evening we were in Hyde in Cheshire. We wanted Indian food. I googled for it (as you do) and found a site called CurriesOnline.co.uk – From there I found Jaipur. On the site are various reviews.

forget the rest
the best indian in tameside by miles. excellent food matched by presentation.

Screamed somebody called Steve. Steve doesn’t even know how to use capital letters, so can we trust him to know a decent curry when he eats one?

If they were king prawns, I`ll eat my hat

King prawn korma– contained no king prawns, had only cut up pieces of prawn, probably no more than 4 prawns total — very disappointed. This meal very poor value for money. Rest of order fine.

Posted by a chap called John Heaton. That seems reasonable – just avoid the big prawns then.

A short while after John posted his opinion, “Paul” pops along and has a surprisingly upbeat view on the prawns………


i have been eating indian for a very long time, i know my curries very well. best jalfrezi ever…. Keep it up lads.

“Paul” hasn’t quite grasped what capital letters are for either. What’s the betting he is really called “Abdul” and posted just to big up the prawns?

Anyhow, one doesn’t go to Hyde in search of Haute cuisine; one eats in Hyde when one happens to be there and is hungry. (In fact, one wouldn’t choose to go to Hyde at all really – they don’t empty the bins very often, they don’t grit the roads in the snow, some dodgy local politician called Roy Oldham spends thousands of pounds of public money on stained glass windows and anything else that takes his fancy, the GP’s bump you off of you are not careful, and if they don’t finish you off, the dire Tameside Hospital will.)

I digress. We wanted some Indian food. Not wanting to wade through a mountain of Styrofoam trays, chip wrappers and WKD bottles on the pavements or be glassed in a local boozer, we thought a little fellow could bring the food. Hence we ended up ordering from Jaipur. The honest review is below:

We ordered a delivery from Jaipur this evening. Part of it was a king prawn tandoori. You do not get full king prawns; rather little chopped up pieces. Wifey gave that a 5/5 nonetheless. I ordered a chicken tikka vindaloo. It wasn’t actually “tikka” I got (most places pull this gag though; thinking you don’t know the difference), but it was reasonable. Hot enough with a decent after kick.

The garlic nan ran past the garlic without stopping I think. It had no discernible taste of garlic. The chapati was OK; as was the pilau rice (but these are hard to get wrong after all). Overall, compared to most Indian meals that can be had in Hyde (which are usually pretty dire), it was OK. It didn’t rock my world, but if I was seeking that I would go to Wilmslow Road anyway.

It arrived when they said it would (on a Friday evening it must be said) so they get 5 stars for service. It wasn’t expensive nor cheap – so 4 stars for value. Questionable chicken that wasn’t exactly as ordered and chopped up king prawns stopped them getting a 5 stars for food rating, but as these are relatively minor things that don’t stop the world turning, they do get 4 stars for food.

I didn’t order through this “curriesonline” site though, as it doesn’t adequately explain how the order might be transmitted (or indeed if), who you pay or how much the site takes in kickback. I don’t know how legit the site is even. So I called them and ordered direct. However, the info came from CurriesOnline.co.uk, so I placed the review there too.

What did surprise me is that the fellow who took the order over the phone actually spoke decent, polite English. That seldom happens in Indian food establishments. Usually one ends up spelling the road six times.

Jaipur can be found at: 18A Market Street Hyde Cheshire, SK14 1AY. Tel 0161 368 5444

Anyone with thoughts on Jaipur in Hyde or indeed CurriesOnline.co.uk (are they kosher? – and not in the Jewish sense) is welcome to add a comment in the box below.


2 thoughts on “Jaipur Indian Food Hyde

  1. Andrew Wilson

    It has been too long since I was in the UK eating crappy curry. Here curry is really unknown, living in a country where salt is considered a spice and we get specially watered down hot sauce, well, Indian does not go well. Ah takeaway Indian. MISSIT!

  2. Terry

    Ordered using curriesonline.co.uk, definetly kosher, they took the money from my card when i ordered. The price of the dishes is the same as what the restaurant have on their menu in the restaurant, its not increased ot anything.

    Not sure of the deal they have with Jaipur, but now i can reorder and get extra discounts using curriesonline in a few clicks and not have to speak to them on the phone. happy customer.

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