Fake Russian Scammer

By | April 26, 2011

If you are Googling for the addresses, or you are in the right place.

We all get many of these things a day, but some people wonder if they are real and go Googling.

This is a typical spammy email that purports to come from a Russian woman. It probably actually comes from some big hairy guy. For sure, the sender is nowhere near Russia. The sender of this email is in either Poland, or more likely France. The purpose is to engage lonely guys in chat and eventually ask for money under some false pretext. Sick mother, internet access, translation, etc.

Tracing the IP addresses tells us it comes from one of two IP’s. which is a Polish Netia SA IP, or more likely which is a French France Telecom IP.

Here is the body of the email:

Good day!!! I’m Tatyana. I am the lonely women. I don’t have man’s heat. I want to find men for family creation. If it is interesting to you, answer me please on my email: I very much wait for your letter. I am send you my photo. Kisssss Tatyana.

Here is the fake photo that came with it:

Internet Scammer

Probably the photo is stolen. That could be anyone. Most likely just a regular girl who had her photo stolen off MyDot or somewhere. She likely doesn’t know her photo is being used in this scam.

The email title was “best regards my friend”

Russian women DO NOT send out random rubbish like this to complete strangers. If you want to know everything there is to know about how real Russian women communicate with foreigners, and how to build a relationship with one, pick up a copy of the Russian Bride Guide and learn the real facts.

Do not get sucked into corresponding with male scammers such as are likely the writers of this unconvincing tome.

7 thoughts on “ Fake Russian Scammer

  1. tony wong

    Same thing happen with with me with a model from ny then got into aa car accident in philippnes…hey that was such a lie but i have a girl i met online that wasnt not model but a writer and 5 months later a model that i want date but dont know if she is real or not? mind helping? her email is

  2. firstmac

    I know this woman. She is a scammer and I’ve paid to her a lot of money. Last year she gave my following personal data:
    Name: Swetlana
    Surname: Molchanouwa
    Street: Selskaya str. 14, apartment 34
    Postal Code – 636840
    City – Asino
    Country – Russia

  3. firstmac

    Swetlana tried 3 times to fly Switzerlandb because she said she wanted to come in my country. Every time I’ve paid her everyrhing but it never worked out.

  4. firstmac

    Hi my new friend Marco!!! I am very pleased that you responded to my
    letter. So you are interested to know me as well. I am very glad to
    this event. I would like to know you more. But before that I would
    like to tell you a little about me. I am a girl who searches for his
    true love. I decided to apply to the Internet to find their happiness,
    the man who will love and respect me. This is my first contact with a
    man on the Internet. I have never been approached by internet dating
    in the past. Therefore, I do not know where to begin a story about me,
    but I’ll try.

    First, I would like to introduce myself. My name Swetlana. My height –
    1.78 cm, and my weight – 50 kg. I was born on January 15, 1981. Now I
    am 29 years old. When were you born? I live in is not a big city Asino,
    who is in Russia. You have heard a lot about my country? I would like
    to tell you a little about my city. Asino – a city in Russia,
    administrative center Asinovski district, Tomsk region. Population
    27,500. people. The city is located on the left bank of the river
    Chulym River (Ob), in 109 km north-east of Tomsk. My city has many
    cultural and architectural values. Many, monuments, sculptures,
    theaters, and of course churches. I love my city because I was born
    here and lived all my life! You’d tell me about your town? Where do
    you live? Do you like your town?

    Now, I would like to tell you a little about my life. From early
    childhood, I had to live alone. I never saw my parents. Since they
    have an accident when I was 2 years. The accident happened on the
    track. My parents went to my grandmother in the village. On the way
    they cut into a big machine. The bus, which drove my parents, left the
    road, it overturned and they were killed. I do not even remember them.
    I have never seen their faces. My grandmother just died, but when I
    was 3.5 years. Then I had to live in an orphanage, because I was no
    longer native people. Now, I’m all alone. I have no brothers and
    sisters. I had a very difficult childhood. In our children’s home was
    a lot of children.

    When I was 7 years old I went to school, which was near our childhood
    home. I’ve always liked history. I always wanted to learn it. When I
    turned 18 years old, I had to leave the orphanage. I’m in a world
    where I had to do everything myself. I was so lonely. I had to look
    for housing, work. I got a job. I was a clerk at the library. I very
    much wanted to go to university. But I had no money. When I worked in
    the library, I read a lot of books. And then I decided to go to
    university. I am very lucky. I passed all my exams at the “excellent”!
    I came to learn from a psychologist. However, I continued to work in
    the library serves. I liked to study people’s behavior. I liked to
    help people in situations where they are bad when they need help. My
    mother was a psychologist as well. I think it’s my destiny to be a

    When I graduated from university, I tried to find a job. But it was
    not very easy. Since many organizations in Russia does not want to
    take young people to work, because they believe that young people just
    do not have experience. But after much searching, I decided to call my
    children’s house where I lived all my childhood and to offer them my
    help in the upbringing of children. Director of the orphanage told me
    that they were happy to take me to work. I was very glad of it. And
    the past 2 years I worked as a psychologist in a children’s home,
    where I spent my whole life. I really enjoy helping children. After
    all, they, as well as I now live without parents. I have for them as a
    mother. I love children. I believe that children are the angels who
    live with us on earth. In this life, I am looking for the man who
    could I truly love and respect.

    At this point I must finish my first letter to you. The next time I’ll
    tell you more about myself, about my work, about my hobbies and, of
    course, the relationship that I seek. Please tell me a little about
    you. Where do you work? What happens in your life? I am very curious
    to find you. I am very interested in Internet communication, as it is
    with me the first time.

    I look forward to your next letter to me. Your new friend from Russia,

    P.S. By this letter I am attaching some photos of my life. From my
    photos, you know what I like. My whole life is depicted in the photo.
    I hope I like me you. Please send me your pictures as well.
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  5. firstmac

    Hello again my friend Marco! I am very pleased to again receive
    your letter. Thank you very much for what you told me a little about
    you! I am very glad to know you. I am interested to talk with you! You
    know, I’m very worried. After all, this is my first communication on
    the Internet. Today, I have mad a great mood, as you wrote me. I’m
    very happy that now, we begin to learn new things about each other.
    How are you? How is the weather in your city? I think that all is
    well. Now in Russia it gets cold. Temperature of the day, only +12,
    +14 degrees. In this letter, as I told you and promised to tell a
    little about yourself and about the relationship that I seek.

    My dear friend, I asked you to send me your photos, as I should be
    with someone I begin my dialogue. Please, if you are serious about me,
    send me your photo in the next letter is mandatory.

    As I told you, I live alone and I do not have parents. After
    University, I rented an apartment, because I could not afford to buy
    his apartment. After the death of parents, I had only a small house in
    a remote village, and then I could not get his inheritance, he lacks a
    lot of documents. I sued and the trial lasted about 10 years, and only
    after my persistence I was able to assert their rights. About a year
    ago, the trial ended. Then I sold the house for a very small amount
    and decided to buy a flat. I was able to buy a communal apartment, but
    she is very comfortable and I’m happy that I have my own angle. I have
    one room in 20 squares, and also I have a common shower and toilet
    with their neighbors. Of course, this is not very good conditions, but
    I’m glad that I have my own accommodation. Especially since I did so
    myself. Also, thanks to the state program, I obtained a loan for 5
    years for buying a house, as money from the sale of the parent’s home
    was not enough. The only disadvantage that every month I pay money for
    my apartment in order to repay the loan. My friend, though I and a
    small room, but it is very comfortable and there is always pure.

    Also I would like to tell you about my daily routine. On weekdays I
    get up at 5 am, because my work is not close to my house. Then I have
    breakfast. Usually for breakfast I eat sandwiches and tea. I clean
    teeth, wash my face and go to work. Usually at work I get to the bus.
    It takes approximately 30-40 minutes. My working day begins at 8 pm
    and lasts until 18 o’clock in the evening, after which I go back home.

    You know, all my friends tell me that I am cheerful girl. I really am
    an active lifestyle. I like meeting new people and learn. I love the
    cheerful company. Now, unfortunately, I do not have much time to
    communicate with friends, because I have a lot of work. Also, most of
    my friends now live in other cities. I am very calm, romantic and
    intelligent girl. At heart, I am a sensual and tender. In his free
    time, I like hanging out with friends in a city park. In his free
    time, I swim. Also I go to the gym. In the winter I like skiing,
    skating. In the summer, with friends, we go to hike, bicycle.
    Sometimes we go away from the city, hundreds of kilometers. I always
    wanted to try water ski, but I never did. This is my big dream. You
    love to travel? You like to play sports? In the summer, I just like to
    ride a bicycle, do aerobics, swim and bask in the sun. In winter, I
    love skiing and skating. I always dreamed of skiing. But,
    unfortunately, I’m never succeeded. I have never traveled outside of
    my country.

    I very much like to greet the dawn and sunset to accompany. I love
    nature. I also like to walk along the river bank, to feel his feet the
    water. Marco, you love nature? Also I like listening to music. In
    general, I prefer classical. I also listen to chill out and pop music.
    At home, I have a lot of tapes, classical and popular music of Russia,
    my favorite singer Dima Bilan. What music do you listen to? I like to
    read books. During his life, I read many books on psychology, human
    behavior. Also I like novels and detectives. Also I like fantasy
    books. The last book I read – it is “Perfume”. She left me an
    excellent impression. What was the last book you read? I think that
    while reading an interesting book, immersed in it. Through all the
    events, along with the characters.

    I have heard many good things about your country. I’m trying to follow
    all developments in the world. Now, unfortunately, I can not watch TV
    very often, because I have a lot of work. All my friends tell me that
    I am an active girl who is unstoppable. I like to communicate, to know
    new people. But in my life is not completely happy because I do not
    have enough love and affection. I always like to see next to me was a
    man who can truly love me.

    I am looking for my love. You’re looking for love as well, Marco? I
    think that we are largely similar. In relations I am looking for
    trust, understanding, and of course love. I want a man with whom I
    have always understood me, never hurt and love. I only want a serious
    relationship, I do not want any games. I think that you are looking
    for a serious relationship as Marco? Please tell me more about you!
    What do you mean by relationships? What hobbies do you have in life
    Marco? On this I must finish my letter to you, because my time has
    come to an end, and I must go home.

    I look forward to wait for your new letter for me Marco. I am very
    interested to talk with you and recognize you Marco! Your friend
    from Russia, Swetlana.
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  6. firstmac

    Hello my dear friend Marco!!!!

    Today in Russia some day. The sun’s shining. I came to the Internet
    cafe and saw your new message. I was very pleased that you wrote to me
    again. Thank you very much for what he told me more about yourself!
    How are you today is the day? How are things Marco? I hope that you
    all well!

    Today I would like to tell you about my past relationship with a man
    and why I am looking for my love on the Internet! When I was 26 years
    old. I met a man by the name of Yura. He was then 32 years old. We met
    with him in the movie, when we went there with friends. He sat next to
    us and the whole film, he looked at me. After the movie, he came up to
    me and met. At first glance, I liked him. Yura asked my phone number.
    But I do not have your own phone, so I was not able to give him room.
    After that we had started dating. I liked him more. He always looked
    after me, he gave me flowers. I really loved it! I thought that this
    is the person I’m looking for. I thought that was the man with whom I
    want to spend my whole life! But once, we agreed to meet in the
    library. I wanted to take the book. But Yura did not come to the
    meeting. I waited for him about 3 hours, but it was not. Then I went
    home. But the next day, my friend told me that she saw Yura with
    another girl. She told me that they kissed. I very strongly cried, I
    nearly killed myself. My friend stopped me. I was very hurt and sad at
    heart. After all, he told me he loves me and wants me to be his wife.
    He deceived me. He just used me. He had another woman. All these years
    I have not been communicating with men. I told myself that I’ll never
    love. But my girlfriend was able to persuade me that I tried to find
    love on the Internet. I was very disappointed in the Russian men. All
    men in Russia are using their women. They do not want a serious
    relationship. All they need is sex and they offended over women.
    Russian men, women need only to slavery. So I decided to try to find
    love abroad! Now I do not regret the advice of a friend. I am very
    pleased that we met. I like to communicate with you Marco!

    Please tell me your story. Why are you lonely ? You just broke up with
    his love Marco? We’re very similar, since we both are looking for
    true love! Now I must finish my letter. I look forward to wait for
    your new letter. By this letter, I fasten photo. Your best friend from
    Russia, Swetlana.
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