Mandarin Indian and Chinese Restaurant. Tartu Mnt 42, 10115, Tallinn, 600 5878

By | June 19, 2009

Mandarin Indian and Chinese Restaurant and Grill. Tartu Mnt 42, 10115, Tallinn, Estonia. Telephone: 600 5878

The Mandarin is located on Tartu mnt 42 in Tallinn, Estonia. On the drive from Stockmann towards the airport, it can be found halfway up the hill on the right hand side.

It has a veranda outside and is all painted in a dreary red colour. It calls itself a “Kiirtoitlustusrestoran” which means “fast food restaurant”. It advertises Indian curry, kebabs, grill and Chinese food in the window. (A bit of an “all rounder” eh?)

I was instantly suspicious upon stepping inside, the place was almost deserted (which is never a good sign) but we were hungry so I thought we would persevere and hope for the best.

Natalija, the very overweight waitress (which is quite unusual in this part of the world) furnishes you with two menus. One is for Indian food; one for Chinese, Thai and a host of other stuff. This is, of course, done in the sullen silent mode that is typical of many places in Tallinn. (Slow and sullen service is a leftover from Russian times.)

The Indian menu contained little that looked familiar to me (and being from the North of England, we are very curry savvy). Having spotted a dark skinned fellow creeping around in the background in a preposterously tall chef’s hat, I assumed he came from somewhere ending in “stan” and should have half a clue, so I decided to order what I know as Indian food without using the hopeless menu.

It wasn’t complex: Some poppadoms, seikh kebab starter, chicken tikka vindaloo (you order two times hotter than you really want in Eastern Europe as they don’t really do chilli), pilau rice and a garlic nan. They had no seikh kebab and no pilau rice. Basmati rice was offered instead. I dropped the idea of a starter. The good lady wife ordered something Chinese with king prawns and boiled rice.

So what arrived? Let’s begin. Poppadoms arrived glistening with oil but not fresh or warm (thus made yesterday) with no chutneys. I asked for onion, chilli, and yoghurt sauce and got a bowl of tomato ketchup type stuff instead that tasted foul. The rice arrived and was just plain cheapo boiled rice caked together. The “vindaloo” had never seen a chilli in its life. I don’t know what it was, but it was not even remotely hot, bore no relation to any kind of vindaloo, and tasted not at all nice. The garlic nan had no garlic on it and was dripping with what looked like margarine.

I had hopes of livening it up, and asked for some green chillies, and was told they had none! An Indian restaurant with no chillies? Riiight!

My good lady wife’s prawns tasted about a year old and frozen, the rest was just about passable.

The price was 320 Kroons, around £18 and was not even worth that. I would have preferred to pay twice the price and had something that was half decent.

All in all, avoid the Mandarin in Tallinn like the plague. The service is sullen, the food is awful, the décor is drab and dreary and the adjacent parking you must pay for. There is absolutely no reason to visit this place, and the fact that it is bereft of locals would suggest that this is a fact known locally already.

There is a website allegedly located at – but it requires a security log in so is even more useless than the place itself.

4 thoughts on “Mandarin Indian and Chinese Restaurant. Tartu Mnt 42, 10115, Tallinn, 600 5878

  1. Judge

    Pay no heed to this food snob. He sounds to be so anal retentive that he need not eat more than one meal a week. Mandarin has delicious food and I, lacking this author’s anal retentiveness, have enjoyed each and every culinary experience here.

  2. autarkie

    So true, Judge. My paneer and lentils were excellent, and while perhaps the overall ambiance is not that of a fancy restaurant, the quality is very good for the given price range. I haven’t seen a decent Indian dish for EUR 5 anywhere else in Eastern Europe (apart from the Krishna movement, but that is another story).

    I’ll go there again, when I am in Tallinn, no doubts.

  3. Editor Post author

    I suspect you guys are not Stockmann people; more Saksu market perhaps?

    Who wants to eat crap for 5 Euros? You can do that in Lasnamae for 2 Euros.

    On a road toward the airport out of a European capital city, this place is a joke. I was there in Tallinn again last week, and the place is STILL empty.

    If you advertise Indian food; you should learn what it is. Especially if serving Brits who actually invented the Massala. The UK has almost as many Indians as India – we know about Indian food. And guys, 5 Euros or not, this ain’t it.

    This is frozen crap, served hurriedly by sullen people who need to learn about the food industry. It bears no relation to a proper restaurant. When in Talllinn, go to Argentiina or Bocca or Must Lammas and then tell me this dump is a restaurant?

    But, none of those cost 5 Euros…………..

  4. Guy

    Good place, good meal, rearly empty. Pity it has no guinness beer. =)

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