Media: Putin will put forward four conditions to the West at UN General Assembly

By | September 27, 2015

In the West, discussion continues on the upcoming speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the UN General Assembly.

According to the magazine Politico columnist Paul R. Gregory, not much can go wrong, if we assume that the main emphasis of the Russian leader is to make a speech on the wording of the terms on which Russia is ready to participate in a broad international coalition to combat Islamic state (a terrorist group banned in Russia).

The author analyses the recent statements by Vladimir Putin and comes to the conclusion that the Russian president will lay out the four key conditions for cooperation between Moscow and the West to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Firstly, the military forces of Bashar al-Assad should be included in a broader coalition.  In other words, the author explains, the Syrian president is not the problem, but is part of the possible solution.

Many of us have known this for months. Only war-mongering America and their cohorts seem to think that peace in the region and Assad going are one and the same.

We will ignore the fact that Syria stands in the way of a proposed oil and gas pipeline that bypasses Russia to Europe. With Assad in power, that isn’t happening. Why the US wants him out.

Second, Russia’s relations with the West should return to normal after a “full inventory of deep disagreement.” In other words, the sanctions must be lifted, the question of an international court for the crashed Malaysian Boeing closed and  pressure on Gazprom in Europe should be terminated, etc.

Third, the West must recognise that the various governments, regardless of external claims to their political regime and human rights there, have inalienable sovereign rights.  No state has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of another state and threaten its security.

In other words, NATO and the EU should not interfere in the internal affairs of the countries that are included in the Russian sphere of influence.

Fourth, all countries must “recognise the inadmissibility of condoning anti-government and anti-constitutional coup and support for extremist forces.” In other words, the West must recognize that after the Maidan, the current Ukrainian government is illegitimate, that Crimea belongs to Russia and should stop encouraging, supporting or recognising anti-government opposition forces in Russia.

The author of the column at the same time doubts that the United States will agree to such proposals. Although it acknowledges that the positions of the Russian president remain ever strong.

Indeed, in Washington there is an understanding that the problem of Syria without Russia will not be solved (the penny drops slowly). However, Washington has claimed that the agenda of the upcoming talks between Obama and Putin, the main point appears to be Ukraine, and not Syria.

Vladimir Putin can already consider himself a winner in New York. He managed to get out of political isolation and to be in the limelight as a key player in the most important geopolitical transaction concludes the columnist at Politico.

I agree with him.

Lets look at this in plainer terms:

I think more will become clear at the UN meeting next week and the 60 min interview CBS’s Rose has had with Putin (aired tonight over the pond I think).

It looks like Iran, China and Russia are going to join forces against the US-created and US-funded ISIS, and offer the US a tag-along back seat while they watch the adults sort ISIS out.

If it pans out like that, as rumoured, it has taken over a year of planning and the US will be firmly placed in the back seat of the world order here on in.

If it works, Putin will have pulled a political masterstroke. Again. And the CBS show will be simply PR for the American public so they see the truth and don’t support their war-mongering government causing yet more death and destruction across the world.

The polls here have already started……


This also is interesting if true:

As US President Barack Obama welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to the White House on Friday, Sept. 25, and spoke of the friendship between the two countries, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of Tartus, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser. This is revealed exclusively by DEBKAfile.

Beijing is not finding it hard to dance at two weddings, wooing the US for better relations, while at the same time backing Russia in its military intervention in Syria. Coupled with the warm smiles and handshakes exchanged at the lavish reception on the White House lawn, Beijing was clearly bent on showing muscle – not just in the South China Sea, but by allying itself with the Russian-Iranian political and military buildup in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the Chinese aircraft carrier passed through the Suez Canal on Sept. 22, one day after the summit in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

When they talked, Putin made no mention of the Chinese warship entering the eastern Mediterranean or its destination. Its arrival has upended the entire strategic situation surrounding the Syrian conflict, adding a new global dimension to Moscow and Tehran’s military support for Assad.

Many sources have noted the passage of Chinese warships up the Suez to the Mediterranean. These things can be tracked in just the same way as we can for aircraft.

There’s no reason at all to not believe that the story is true. The only point in question is the identity of the ships, but again, from tracking data there’s no reason to disbelieve.

I  have seen reports suggesting that the new alliance in place will commenced actions against ISIS and cohorts from October 15th giving just shy of 3 weeks for materiel to reach Syria. Apparently that gives time for other Chinese ships already in transit to reach Syria and deploy.

RT is reporting now on live news Russia, Iraq, Syria and Iran coalition in place and America on the fence “thinking” about it. No mention of China yet.

Today, France has just started bombing Isil (ISIS) too.

However this is going to pan out, America will be pushed out of the solution. A necessary step as we slowly lead America to the back seat in the world order. The world needs to see that problems can be solved without American aggression and regime changes.



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