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By | August 1, 2010

Since eBay made the feedback system a one way street, it added yet another level to the disadvantages that must be endured by eBay sellers. Buyers (even the ones that don’t pay) now operate with impunity on eBay. Sellers are unable to leave anything other than positive feedback for buyers. This assumes all buyers are without blemish and in possession of a clean set of morals and ethics. All very well if you live in The Night Garden, but not entirely realistic in the real world.

The Paypal scammer is the worst of these. The Paypal scammer buys an item, receives it, then pretends he hasn’t. He then files an “item not received” claim with eBay/Paypal. Paypal immediately remove the money from your account — you get no say in that. Unless you are able to prove, with tracking data (or occasionally they will accept documentation such as proof of posting if a Power Seller), that the item was mailed, you have effectively been charged to give it away.

You paid eBay listing fees, eBay final value fees, Paypal fees and then mailed the item. The Paypal Scammer gets a full refund — including postage — from your account. Often times, he leaves you negative or perhaps neutral feedback like this star did for us today:

Paypal Scammer
Buyer: Member ID joey-tribiani-67

Another type we encounter is the one who is a slow paying eBayer, who waits until the day before he gets a non payment strike to pay. Very often, this type start bombarding you with emails asking when it is going to be shipped. “Well, it could have been a week ago if you could have been bothered to pay” is my usual reply. This type then receive the item and immediately ask to return it for spurious reasons. They usually want you to pay. After return and refund, then they often leave you negative or neutral feedback. Why? Because you correctly filed an unpaid item claim. That pissed them off and they had to pay. Of course, you cant leave them bad feedback either.

Some buy the wrong item and want you to take responsibility for it. Another star we encountered was documented here: Ian Kowalski — (ian_ski). He left us this little gem simply because he was stupid and unable to look at a picture:

Poor comms. Doesn’t state that part will not fit all models

Those who argue about postage costs are another breed. Often, they wait until they have actually “bought” something to start with this. One such gem was documented here: Janet Bailey aka jsb190854

Anyone with half a brain, when buying from eBay, checks the postage and handling price, and weighs up the total cost to determine if they are getting value for money. If a sensible person wants to ask about combined postage charges, they do it before the auction ends, not after.

There are always the non payers. We documented one who was too gormless to work out how to pay here: 2009kclarke — another who simply didn’t respond to payment requests is here: leeseat123We have many like them.

None of these people received negative feedback from us — because eBay doesn’t offer that functionality. Many of them left us negative feedback though.

As a seller, what can you do about this? Well, often times, it seems to be the same miscreants over and over again who are stiffing sellers. I think it must be a hobby for some of them. Google is your friend, and sellers are starting to Google. Many sellers are incorporating the blocked bidder lists of others to prevent these people from stiffing them over too. Block them before they bid.

Did you know you can block people buying or bidding on your eBay auctions? eBay do not trumpet the facility but after a dozen or so clicks in the help pages you might find the page. Here, let me make it easy for you, it is here: Block eBay Bidders (You may be prompted to log in to see the page).

Here is the list of people we have had problems with from two of our accounts you may want to block using the link above and the copy/paste facility:

10chloe01, 2009kclarke, 393.eva, 6136shaun, abby1767, alexisgraham1984, ashoksood, becky2370_0, bluebiffo, brooman123, buying-genesis-by-the-pound, chimeracovenant, d-miah-0163, daemonworld, dawn6478, dezdd, doradoormouse, elephantstone1903, foxy20040, fungalfootinfection, gretchdrummer, hollymag, ian_ski, joey-tribiani-67, jsb190854,, kealey39, knightboat1, langmedas, leeseat123, lil_fame4life, lost_cause257, m_s_mawdsley, marcelopgil, matt_the_hat_82, milliskirt, missteacher24, moonpiermotor, mowerman1990, nasauk, olymbiak, phase.2, pirateblocker, poposopawel, redcathollya, reject88, richarde9525, rubobbymoore, sambaboon, spelio79, stills_springfield, sunshinerust_bucket, susi70_1, tepecikliyim, terribletooooo, theevilgenius666999, tomos321, toyin_ola001, tracy37_scubadiving, tsdw, tsonka123, ukmustang47, wet52, yl549947d, yoshmak, 163488379@deleted, 164068292@deleted, 201518312@deleted

You are welcome to name and shame eBayers you have had problems with below. You can also post your blocked list below for others to block.

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  1. Shane

    Ebay seller clow_6886 Advertised and acepted payment for matrox dualhead2go x5 units won for £21-48 SINCE 14JULY2019 Paid immediately… Told would send , never replied to messages , the said would send on 6 august 2019 no communication and never sent… Ebay not much help THIS PERSON WAS PAID FOR ITEMS AND NEVER SENT , NO APPOLOGY NO RESPONSE NOTHING … DONOT USE OOR BUY FROM THIS PERSON …..

  2. Barry

    Beware oldgolfuk I purchased i cant type but this site prevents me from cutting and pasting info. i am going to publicly expose oldgolfuk from defrauding the disabled war veterans

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