Name and Shame Bad eBayers

By | August 1, 2010

Since eBay made the feedback system a one way street, it added yet another level to the disadvantages that must be endured by eBay sellers. Buyers (even the ones that don’t pay) now operate with impunity on eBay. Sellers are unable to leave anything other than positive feedback for buyers. This assumes all buyers are without blemish and in possession of a clean set of morals and ethics. All very well if you live in The Night Garden, but not entirely realistic in the real world.

The Paypal scammer is the worst of these. The Paypal scammer buys an item, receives it, then pretends he hasn’t. He then files an “item not received” claim with eBay/Paypal. Paypal immediately remove the money from your account — you get no say in that. Unless you are able to prove, with tracking data (or occasionally they will accept documentation such as proof of posting if a Power Seller), that the item was mailed, you have effectively been charged to give it away.

You paid eBay listing fees, eBay final value fees, Paypal fees and then mailed the item. The Paypal Scammer gets a full refund — including postage — from your account. Often times, he leaves you negative or perhaps neutral feedback like this star did for us today:

Paypal Scammer
Buyer: Member ID joey-tribiani-67

Another type we encounter is the one who is a slow paying eBayer, who waits until the day before he gets a non payment strike to pay. Very often, this type start bombarding you with emails asking when it is going to be shipped. “Well, it could have been a week ago if you could have been bothered to pay” is my usual reply. This type then receive the item and immediately ask to return it for spurious reasons. They usually want you to pay. After return and refund, then they often leave you negative or neutral feedback. Why? Because you correctly filed an unpaid item claim. That pissed them off and they had to pay. Of course, you cant leave them bad feedback either.

Some buy the wrong item and want you to take responsibility for it. Another star we encountered was documented here: Ian Kowalski — (ian_ski). He left us this little gem simply because he was stupid and unable to look at a picture:

Poor comms. Doesn’t state that part will not fit all models

Those who argue about postage costs are another breed. Often, they wait until they have actually “bought” something to start with this. One such gem was documented here: Janet Bailey aka jsb190854

Anyone with half a brain, when buying from eBay, checks the postage and handling price, and weighs up the total cost to determine if they are getting value for money. If a sensible person wants to ask about combined postage charges, they do it before the auction ends, not after.

There are always the non payers. We documented one who was too gormless to work out how to pay here: 2009kclarke — another who simply didn’t respond to payment requests is here: leeseat123We have many like them.

None of these people received negative feedback from us — because eBay doesn’t offer that functionality. Many of them left us negative feedback though.

As a seller, what can you do about this? Well, often times, it seems to be the same miscreants over and over again who are stiffing sellers. I think it must be a hobby for some of them. Google is your friend, and sellers are starting to Google. Many sellers are incorporating the blocked bidder lists of others to prevent these people from stiffing them over too. Block them before they bid.

Did you know you can block people buying or bidding on your eBay auctions? eBay do not trumpet the facility but after a dozen or so clicks in the help pages you might find the page. Here, let me make it easy for you, it is here: Block eBay Bidders (You may be prompted to log in to see the page).

Here is the list of people we have had problems with from two of our accounts you may want to block using the link above and the copy/paste facility:

10chloe01, 2009kclarke, 393.eva, 6136shaun, abby1767, alexisgraham1984, ashoksood, becky2370_0, bluebiffo, brooman123, buying-genesis-by-the-pound, chimeracovenant, d-miah-0163, daemonworld, dawn6478, dezdd, doradoormouse, elephantstone1903, foxy20040, fungalfootinfection, gretchdrummer, hollymag, ian_ski, joey-tribiani-67, jsb190854,, kealey39, knightboat1, langmedas, leeseat123, lil_fame4life, lost_cause257, m_s_mawdsley, marcelopgil, matt_the_hat_82, milliskirt, missteacher24, moonpiermotor, mowerman1990, nasauk, olymbiak, phase.2, pirateblocker, poposopawel, redcathollya, reject88, richarde9525, rubobbymoore, sambaboon, spelio79, stills_springfield, sunshinerust_bucket, susi70_1, tepecikliyim, terribletooooo, theevilgenius666999, tomos321, toyin_ola001, tracy37_scubadiving, tsdw, tsonka123, ukmustang47, wet52, yl549947d, yoshmak, 163488379@deleted, 164068292@deleted, 201518312@deleted

You are welcome to name and shame eBayers you have had problems with below. You can also post your blocked list below for others to block.

202 thoughts on “Name and Shame Bad eBayers

  1. Plasma Spares

    I too have dealt with many clowns over the years on eBay; the place is full of them and now we cant even leave a truthful negative feedback anymore. They tend to take the piss royal style!!

    Sellers: No negative feedback/crap “Paypal only” or you dont sell, excessive fees. Lose…lose….lose.

    Buyers: Exchange faulty goods for good sent items then claim off Paypal. “Oh yes sir you can have all your money back, just send the seller your faulty crap!!”

    Leave till the last minute to pay, then leave you a negative because you open a dispute! Lose…lose….lose… yet again.

    eBay sort your heads out before its too late and protect the people that that earn your income for you…. the sellers!!!!!!!!!!

  2. David O

    roun-to-it he bid on item, won. I realized I had significant mistake in the description, cancelled and immediately refunded his money. He never responded, just left a negative- has a track record of the same type of foolishness.

  3. Tracey Howes

    I bought an ite for £1 plus £1 postage and after paying he delayed for a few days thne demaned more money. I said no and he posted but then a few days later started getting harrasing emails asking for more money and then asking me to help him get out of his ebay fees by cancelling the transaction.

    New problem with ebay. I left a negative feedback but there is now a way of removing negative feedback (I know as I did it when I got a neg from one of those people who just buy and leave a neg with no intention of paying) so he just removed it. Maybe he does this to everyone and those who complain and neg he just removes it?

    Had me in tears because some of his emails were so bad! – ebay werent much help stopping him and although I can block direct emails I cant block ones sent through ebay.

  4. bob

    divinityarthouse do not sell to this ebay user. He has a habit of buying then compaining. Also if the item is not brilliant he expects a refund and lies.

  5. Ian

    thecheetahexpress a massive company trading world wide run by SAURABH CHAWALA.I bought a Nikon lens from them and I found it was faulty on recipet.It was put together wrong and was not worth £50 let alone the £1300 I paid.I asked for a refund within an hour of receiving it and he told me to “send it back to Nikon under warranty”.I insited on a refund which he gave on returning the lens.I then asked for the return postage to be refunded and he ignored my emails.I stated on Ebay feedback.”Faulty lens,told me to send back to Nikon,did not pay return postage”.He emailed me within 4rhs and said he would pay my return postage if I removed the negative feedback.I removed the negative feedback and he DID NOT PAY THE RETURN POSTAGE.He says he is a reputable trader!

  6. Dyson Advice Forums

    w197411 is a maniac that buys a *USED* domestic appliance part for less than £5 then complains that we should have cleaned it?? WTF??

    He buys an item for under a fiver that costs over £20 usually. It is used, he knows that, he saved £15 and he wants us to lovingly polish it for him before sending it? What type of drugs are these people on that they leave neutral feedback for stuff like this?

    Here is the losers info:

    wayne critchley
    39 brandhill approach
    West Yorkshire
    wf4 1pe

    Of course, he is another one of those eBayers who don’t know how to use capital letters too. I pasted his name and address as he wrote it. Clearly, he is barely literate too.

  7. Dyson Forums

    Seller schiller4399 steals copyrighted text from the listings of others. He is not original enough to write his own sales copy.

  8. Alex

    Dear Ebay! Thank you for supporting swindlers and nonpayers. Due to your generous support to dimwits and open abusers I have a buyer at the moment with the 100% of positive score of 6. Out of the six “positives” 4 are repoted by sellers as a nonpaid. And the rest 2 are obviously some problematic deals with very strange wordings.
    It is too late to ban the buyer as he is obviously going to be a winning bidder in a couple of hours. I want to avoid the hassle, but there is no way.
    It all looks lke the ebay policy makers are deliberately abusing sellers. Shame on you.

  9. Editor Post author

    You should still be able to cancel his bids and then block him?

  10. Alex

    To Editor.

    Nope. Somehow the cancelling script didn’t work, probably because it was less than 12 hours before the end of the auction.
    The fun of it is that now almost 4 days later, I’m still waiting to hear from him. Luckily, as it is over 4 days I can open a non-payer claim to avoid the 8% ebay commission.. I must say the ebay was very quick to charge me with their share of the bear which is not killed yet.
    I doubt if I’m going to sell anything on ebay again.

  11. Alex

    Added later
    Luckily ebay allowed me to cancel the dispute and refunded my fee.
    So, it takes exactly 4 days to be able to open a non-payer dispute. Another 4 days to wait for payment – if the payment not received within those exra 4 days you are allowed to close the case and the final fee is returned.
    I noticed that the buyer tried to leave me a negative, but the system prevented the attempt and left a notice in my account that the nonpayer tried to do it but was refused because of the open dispute.
    I wanted to leave him a feedback, but ebay informed me I couldn’t do it since the “buyer” was no longer a registered user. Weird..
    Looks like he reregistered himself under some other nickname to be able to carry on pestering other sellers.

  12. Mythered by luckings123*123

    luckings123*123 is one to block. He will myther the arse off you for feedback before he has left yours. Really, like two emails a day! Has he nothing better to do?

    This type collect your good feedback then typically leave you negative or neutral. Don’t fall for it. Leave feedback on a reciprocal basis only and make them leave yours before you leave theirs.

    This is what we did with this spanner. See here.

  13. wes

    old*country*roses should be banned from ebay, she knows how to play the system. She returned an item, saying it was damaged, and wanted a full refund including postage both ways. when i received it back, she’d damaged it herself (i had photos of the item showing no damage)
    she then opened a dispute on instead of so it didnt show up in my resolution centre. ebay refunded her the item cost plus postage.
    feedback she’d left for others show she does it all the time, as shown below-
    “”Item was bobbly smelt funny and postage was high
    Tablecloth Napkins badly stained refused refund denied stains told 2 wash them
    Dress has some stains p+p £2.14 over actual 4 2nd hand wrapping tried 2 rectify

    Bowl broken seller sent numerous abusive emails phone calls from day 1 NastyLady
    Reply by patsyb57
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    Rubbish sent bk in original wrapping just shows how poor her packing is!! NASTY
    Reply by patsyb57

    Bag had several stains not mentioned refunded but had to wait 2 weeks for it
    Items badly stained but partial refund given thank you much appreciated
    Unfortunately arrived smashed but refund was promptly given upon communication
    Sadly due to poor packaging it arrived broken but seller did refund me in full
    Package damaged + only 12 mags arrived not 13 but seller refunded the missing 1
    Excellent seller honest reliable would highly recommend thank u 4 the refund 5*
    Items badly stained but partial refund given thank you much appreciated
    Thank you fault with shoes but prompt refund given upon return 5*

    Bad packing bowls broken Said return 4 refund returned no refund or reply 2email
    Reply by jennycharlie2003
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    Received bowls Back 6 days ago ignored all emails till now and still NO REFUND

    Not as described cant alter straps without unpicking + re sewing refused refund
    Reply by beckhams_bird
    Refund Was Not Refused…Return Postage Was Refused…Please Read Other Feedback
    Follow up by old*country*roses

    Dress was stained seller had bad attitude refunded but I had 2 pay return costs

    Never arrived then seller said gold not green colour promised refund took 3 days
    Reply by joyce1317
    I should have just sent it either way some people are never happy!
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    Ignored emails 4 a week say gold not green take 3 days 2 refund NO NOT HAPPY

    p+p £2.50 over actual he rather I return it at his cost than refund me £1.50??
    Reply by pchrist123
    Bid and won the item and upon receipt demanded £1.50 refund. FULL REFUND REFUSED
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    Charges excessive amounts over actual p+p costs bad sellers need to be exposed!!

    Very worn refused full refund I returned claimed not received bk pp refunded me
    Reply by sbouamra
    Refund offered, items never returned, refund still given. customer has conned me
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    U did not offer refund have recorded proof of return sent to pp paypal refunded

    Item never arrived ignored all emails and paypal dispute paypal refunded me
    Pattern wasnt size stated but gave me a refund after reminding 3 times for it

    Seller made mistake in auction gave partial refund not happy 2 pay 4 her mistake
    Reply by joybubble1
    Full refund made but not prepared to pay price of a recorded delivery return
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    So full refund wasnt paid y should I b out of pocket by any amount 4 yr mistake!

    Dvd never arrived seller didnt want 2 know then asked 4 Feedback so here it is !
    Reply by entertainment-2-go
    we dont know if you have got it or not unless you contact us
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    I did contact u was told 2 wait 14 days waited still no dvd or refund Bad seller

    Not Mint Condition Very Scratched Ignored all emails and pp dispute pp refunded

    Kit never arrived missing in post seller gave full refund thank you recommended

    Item was faulty but seller refunded on return thank you

    Badly packaged phone arrived smashed to pieces seller denies any responsibility
    Reply by helensk9
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    Plastic tesco bags r no protection for a china phone buyers beware bad attitude

    Buyers Beware Charges £7 4 special delivery sends recorded £2.88 refuses refund

    sold a badly stained dress refunded cost but not the £3 to send it back disgrace

    CONMERCHANT Listed as EU 39 actual boot and box EU 40 seller refuses to refund
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    £44 refunded from paypal seller ignores all emails to pay the rest of the money
    Reply by purpletigerlilith
    answere all emails after 2 days; I promised to pay 1 shipping costs and not 2!!!

    Rip off seller charges £9.50 p+p actual cost £5.18 refuses to rectify just negs
    Reply by alanb950
    has changed ident many times. Nuff said!!!
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    The actions of a guilty conmerchant to neg when questioned about p+p charges

    Rip off p+p charged £3.49 actual 47p seller refused to rectify when emailed
    Reply by kc*tattoo
    offerd this idiot full refund but they wouldnt send item back didnt rip them off
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    Liar ever offered any refund else it would have been sent back and poss fb given

    Foul mouthed abusive emails when questioned about p+p overcharges
    Reply by ndmzb
    liar ,liar ,liar, this obnoxious arrogant woman should be banned from ebay!
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    I have the foul mouthed emails stored to prove it email me for viewing

    Arrived safely does have a pink stain on the bottom though new?

    excellent product but would suggest a spray of fabreeze as stank of stale smoke
    Reply by katz39
    Unsure how as comes from smoke free environment ,stored in warehouse in wrapper

    item not mint disc dirty, 34p stamp and brown envelope not jiffy paid £1.50 p+p
    Follow up by old*country*roses
    Reply by chatty83
    if you didnt want to pay the postage you shouldnt of bid if £1.50 is to much

    lovely item pity it wasnt mentioned stitching was coming away in 2 places””

  14. dust

    some girl just left me a bad feedback ,i was packing a garment and noticed whole got in touch with her gave her money back and with in 3 hours she has left me a bad feedback
    her name is

    Member ID hazzabateson

  15. Holly

    THIS PAGE IS EXACTLY WHAT SELLERS NEED TO GET TOGETHER ON! KUDOS to the creator. I won’t beat the dead horse on ebay’s new “we love douchebags campaign”… we all know what is up. We are a hobby dealer that is raped on a regular basis by unscrupulous buyers that destroy new items & cry defect later. We are more than willing to work w/ any buyer that has a legitimate issue..we maintain platinum power seller status & have for some time so we are far from new at this.. We will happily share our loser hall of fame in hopes that some of you may tell these buyers to “pack sand”….IN ADVANCE!
    Liars, non-paying bidders, scammers, and just general piles of assorted feces-

    00silvergt, 0707frank, 2010*greenman, 260rob, 562ralph877, 602catbob0007, 605les, 9069edward, achapman1964, airmax58, alex_lap12, alshebliabdulla, amemma1, aq1056, barestl123, benbengal, billw_2360, blehsboss, bottino09, boxcar_pc, bruntjr, brypointrox, butterballbabyglenda, captibrahim, cashproc, ceazer2301, chbdu91, chgen, cman_25, creek17, danielryanwest, darsh_mall111, ddpc45, dirdredd374508, disp1442, djshermoan, dostontos, dwain7998, edwardmccarthy, everlastingfunk, fourjpetree, g555500, garyhud124, gegeklekle, ghostsailor, harnt2n5, headhunter1491, horse_photo, hunter_may, id, ismailmert, jasprs, josephlombardo, joshwat1, jschmidt66, juanluispelaezz, justajaguar, kidfreeze13, knighttwister, ladrerox, laopera, lisa46146, lovetobuy62, macz636, markdesigns1, mcain6, meliheran, member11222010, meysamjigar, mgondim2008,, mmccoy2007, mr2t298, mynevtech, mytoby30, nashwin80, nativecolo73, nova383lr, pathums, perptr8, peterwoo66, poantonio, pudell1977, racala01, rbald1, rccrazy06, riegs41, rowdyjoes, rubi01010, russman7109, skymac2009, snappleman75, softex100, swazi5056146, tchello-77, tecwolf99, tflpaul, thelokester, thomas74bradley, tinkthumper269, trapshooterck, trueblucobra, tvictvic, warez314r8, warranty0_1, wolfeantrob925, www-tune-up-parts-com, yeogav, zyeboy08

  16. morrisminor10

    One way of getting a non-paying bidder to pay up, and this nearly always works, is to either use a friends account (with their permission ofcourse) or set up another account. Then email the winning bidder soon after the auction end stating that you really wanted the item and where surprised you didn’t win it as you had placed a bid for (winning price plus 50 – 100% or so) but something must have messed up as obviously you didn’t win. Ask the winning bidder if they would sell it on to you for the amount you said you wfhere willing to pay.
    Most of the time they pay up thinking they can turn a quick profit….of course, the contact from your mates accopunt/other account changes his mind once the npwb pays up.

  17. Editor Post author

    So based on the above, and some of the recent idiots we have encountered, here is the updated list to copy and paste into your “block” list:

    00silvergt, gingerbears, 0707frank, tomr10, british_guy, 10chloe01, 2009kclarke, 2010*greenman, 2010shanas1961, 260rob, 393.eva, 562ralph877, 602catbob0007, 605les, 6136shaun, 9069edward, abby1767, achapman1964, airmax58, alex_lap12, alexisgraham1984, alshebliabdulla, amemma1, aq1056, ashoksood, barestl123, becky2370_0, benbengal, billw_2360, blehsboss, bluebiffo, bottino09, boxcar_pc, brooman123, bruntjr, brypointrox, butterballbabyglenda, buying-genesis-by-the-pound, captibrahim, cashproc, ceazer2301, chbdu91, chgen, chimeracovenant, cman_25, creek17, d-miah-0163, daemonworld, danielryanwest, darsh_mall111, dawn6478, ddpc45, dezdd, dirdredd374508, disp1442, divinityarthouse, djshermoan, doradoormouse, dostontos, dwain7998, edwardmccarthy, elephantstone1903, everlastingfunk, fourjpetree, foxy20040, fungalfootinfection, g555500, garyhud124, gegeklekle, ghostsailor, gretchdrummer, harnt2n5, hazzabateson, headhunter1491, hollymag, horse_photo, hunter_may, ian_ski, id, ismailmert, jasprs, joey-tribiani-67, josephlombardo, joshwat1, jsb190854, jschmidt66,, juanluispelaezz, justajaguar, kealey39, kidfreeze13, knightboat1, knighttwister, ladrerox, langmedas, laopera, leeseat123, lil_fame4life, lisa46146, lombardy3456, lost_cause257, lovetobuy62, luckings123*123, m_s_mawdsley, macz636, marcelopgil, markdesigns1, matt_the_hat_82, mcain6, meliheran, meysamjigar, mgondim2008, milliskirt, missteacher24,, mmccoy2007, moonpiermotor, mowerman1990, mr2t298, mynevtech, mytoby30, nasauk, nashwin80, nativecolo73, nova383lr, olymbiak, pathums, patsyb57, perptr8, peterwoo66, phase.2, pirateblocker, poantonio, poposopawel, pudell1977, racala01, rbald1, rccrazy06, redcathollya, reject88, richarde9525, riegs41, roun-to-it, rowdyjoes, rubi01010, rubobbymoore, russman7109, sambaboon, schiller4399, scottish-boutique, skymac2009, snappleman75, softex100, spelio79, stills_springfield, sunshinerust_bucket, susi70_1, swazi5056146, tchello-77, tecwolf99, tepecikliyim, terribletooooo, tflpaul, theevilgenius666999, thelokester, thomas74bradley, tiaanamusanhi, tinkthumper269, tomos321, toyin_ola001, tracy37_scubadiving, trapshooterck, trueblucobra, tsdw, tsonka123, tvictvic, ukmustang47, w197411, warez314r8, warranty0_1, wet52, wolfeantrob925, www-tune-up-parts-com, yeogav, yl549947d, yoshmak, zyeboy08, 163488379@deleted, 164068292@deleted, 201518312@deleted

  18. Recon Dysons

    bam3130 is another one to block.

    Has the stuff delivered by DHL, signs in a moody name, then tries to pretend DHL made a mistake and it never arrived etc. You get the idea.

  19. Dangandblastit

    Griffiths179 (now no longer a registered user, undoubtedly has a new ID) (23, down street clydach swansea, sa6 5ha)

    (Why do so many of these people not use capital letters or any punctuation?)

    Buys up all her Christmas stuff in September. Takes ages to pay, involving numerous emails begging seller not to raise NPB dispute because it is Ebay’s fault! Waits 100 days and then opens a heap of Bank reversals with Paypal. Invariably wins most of these disputes (not mine thankfully) because seller has disposed of or didn’t obtain proof of posting . Gets all her goodies and then in January gets all her money back too! A real scammer. I expect she has a new ID now and will start buying up for her summer holidays soon. So watch out!

  20. Angelamalt

    Ebay user “kbrewer1983”, email:

    Name: Kris Brewer Charles and also his girlfriend accomplice into whose account I transferred my $800, Sarah Jane O’Brien, both living in Queensland.

    They advertised a “Canon EOS 1000D / Digital Rebel XS Digital Camera with IS lens”. AFTER paying and not receiving my camera the sellers admitted they never had the goods to begin with as they themselves had been scammed and apologised. They promised to pay back my money but never did. I am pursuing civil action (which is taking a long time!!). What kind of low-life people like to scam and rip-off others and have the nerve to think they can get away with it? Criminals.

  21. HonestEbayer

    Ebay Seller: redpigeonbob aka Mr Robert Pickering

    I have had the great misfortune of dealing with Mr Robert Pickering who styles himself as “redpigeonbob” on Ebay. Status (16) as of this message and myself neraly 400 (100% feedback).

    I purchased a model locomotive which was described “AS NEW” on his listing. It was used, but nonetheless described as new and therefore my minimum expectation was that it would work.

    I should point out that I had already purchased some 100 locomotives for a software project I was carrying out.

    Upon arrival, it was found to be faulty, with the wheels stuck and the motor burned out. Surely the Sellet must have known this.

    In any event, what should have been a straightforward dialogue between buyer and seller descended into insults and accusations on his part when I was eventually forced to open a claim within Ebay.

    To this day he washes his hands of the matter and I would strongly urge people NOT to purchase from Mr Pickering as he sells goods which are mis-described and then has no desire to resolve the matter.

  22. mike swann

    hello, I buy and sell a lot from eBay I expect items I buy to be as good as I would sell, hence clean tidy and working if advertised, at lest washed clothing.

    Over the past few days I have had things that are smelly, faggy, dirty items, in this case a full bucket of bacteria!

    I have uploaded pictures on to my live account (copy the web address in to internet explorer) and it should take you there, this item although was 5 pounds cheaper than all the rest only mentiotned that it had a worn out button! (2.00 new from eBay) it did not mentioned that it was full of food and cat/dog or even human hairs, nor did it mention that I would more than likely catch a flue related desees form this product.

    Take a look and let me know you think.

    Seller: keefyno1
    Item number: 130490519625

    Spent an hour cleaning it I will unload the pictures of it cleaned later.

  23. MD Stacey

    swhitham90 – Avoid this jerk like the plague! He bid on and won our car. Called 2 days later at 7:50am (on a Saturday!!) and woke us up, wanting to know if we could collect him from the train station so he could come and collect the car, at 3:30pm.
    Odd request but,fair enough…. we agreed. My husband had to leave work 1 hour 30 min early to meet him. NO SHOW !! We called his moblie to see if he was running late etc, he sent the call to voice mail. Waited an hour and called back, same thing. Then called his house and his wife said that he was due home within the hour. Prat never intended to buy the car! I filed a non paying complaint against him & of course can’t leave bad feedback. Others have left positive feedback – but in the actual comments it’s BAD. He is a repeat offender, buys, calls and never turns up!

  24. Jo


    Just avoid the above. Massive theft, and massive dick head.

  25. Jesse88

    63rosebear-bids, doesn’t pay and threatens to leave a negative feedback if you report her to EBay.

  26. Liz

    I’m sick to death of ebay not allowing sellers to leave negative feedback. I’ve just had it out with ebay for this over the phone; but we all know this is not going to do any good!

    I listed something & clearly stated “local pickup only” in big capital letters & also included it in the postage section. vodice2011 bid & won the item. This person finally emailed me (after I emailed her as I had not heard from her)& it turns out she lives on the other side of the country! She wanted me to fragile freight it. I said no initially but then got back to her & said that she can organise & pay for this herself. I left numerous messages as I never heard back from her. I called her then & left a voice message. Finally “the boyfriend” called & gave me some sop story that their daughter was in hospital with cancer so they didn’t read the ad properly. I was sympathetic & we agreed over the phone that they were to make payment immediately & then they would arrange a courier.

    Well nothing ever happened did it! And they have been using their ebay as there was other activity & purchases going on. I have left emails to no reply. I opened an unpaid item case on them; & suprise suprise…no payment!

    POOR/NO communication
    DOESN’T pay

    This is my whinge to be able to leave some sort of negative comment for this person. I will feel better now that I have vented!!!

    vodice2011, you are pathetic!!

  27. louise cassie

    Member ID davew797 never replied to emails, never paid, all the time while I was waiting he was merrily purchasing items from other sellers

  28. DJ

    kraken212 Total thief. This seller takes my money, doesn’t ship, doesn’t repond to email, won’t respond to PayPal dispute. No onions. I don’t want to see anyone else get ripped off. Listed from Leesburg, Georgia. I see now he/she has removed all other listings from eBay, likely already set up shop under a different name. Item# 220767813240

  29. Minami Sumi

    thinkoutoftheboxuk sells home made anime posters which probably breach copyright. They are really bad quality looking almost grey while the ebay picture is in full bright colours. His rating is 98.5% and has sold 193 items. Every time someone gives negative feeback he swears at them telling them to grow a pair of balls even if he’s talking to a woman.

  30. fred-f

    john1050john Time waster came to see said he would have it, arranged time to collect next day – never showed up!!
    Did’nt tke deposit as he seamed so genuine. Caused me a lot of grief in the sale and having to arrange to be in for him.

  31. Cushing


    Thieving fraudulent ebayer.

    Bought Heroes season 1 – 4 from me and claims I sent the DVD’s instead. Wants a free upgrade to blu ray while sending me back DVD’s. I know they were bluray but he has sent spurious photos of a DVD set with the empty envelope that I sent the blu-rays in.

    Have checked the weight difference between the DVD box set and the Blu-Ray box set and it’s significamt enough that I have proof that what I sent was indeed the Blu-Ray set.

    Garry Langford

    That’s who you’re looking out for.

  32. Rosey


    I wish to name and shame this woman.
    She bought my car putting in a last minute winning bid of £1405
    There was no contact for 2 days, she then informed me she wanted a RAC check doing (after the listing had ended) and then told me she would not be able to pick the car up until 16 days after the listing ended as she lives right down south … But this is the best part … The day before i told her she had to collect the car by she bails!! The pathetic excuse is her car didnt sell – i didnt even know this and het communications have been disgusting.
    So now the car has no tax and i have no way of reselling it for any decent amount of money.
    She is a total time waster – avoid at all costs

  33. poppy2charlie

    i put my bsa bantam on ebay clearly stated collect with in 7 days this idiot ramsay2552 bid at the last seconds on checking is details he was over 200 miles away i thought he aint going to collect sent email no response.i phoned him said he collect 28 days later so i said will you send cheque he agreed it never arrived so after 7 days i reported it as non payment it seems he just bid for the sake of it ebay need to do more about these non payers heres the doppy idiots full details so every one esle can block him
    stuart ramsay
    orchilmore farm house
    pitlochry perthshire
    ph16 5lp
    01796 470048

  34. Olga

    One to block here: vikki30uk

    Victoria Goodman
    49 Centurion Way
    East Riding of Yorkshire (Hull to the rest of us).
    HU15 1DF

    Buys a brand new boxed item; one of hundreds, sourced direct from the manufacturer. Then leaves negative feedback claiming it is used (which it wasn’t of course). Why? Not happy? Dishonest? Stupid? Who knows or cares?

    Just another to avoid and block.

  35. Olga

    Mohd Anas Ismail
    G1, House 40, Stag Hill Court
    GU2 7JG

    This one buys something which apparently arrived damaged. His English is so bad that his point is hard to grasp. He is also rude and bad mannered.

    However, after returning the item and getting a prompt refund, he then leaves negative feedback saying “poor communication” – well, duh! If you don’t speak English, what kind of communication do you expect?

  36. Mary

    Her ebay user id is delysperfumes. Total scammer.


    Block her IMMEDIATELY if you sell children’s clothes and shoes. She constantly emailed me, pressuring me to refund her after she didn’t get her packages to Brazil. Well Brazil as we know, has the most inefficient and slow customs processing ever. I was forced to refund her after 30 days out of fear of her leaving me a negative and damaging my feedback rating. Magically, her package arrives a few days after I refund her, after checking the tracking number, and it showed her packages were delivered. I contact her to get payment for the multiple packages worth over $200. She ignored all my emails. Total scammer. BEWARE.

  37. steve


    won the auction on a £1000 car i was selling, then didn’t get in contact. apart from to ask for my mobile number, then never got in touch. er, hang on, is this another kind of scam? anyway, none payer, do not have dealings with him (calls himself ‘johnny’.

  38. kowboi (the_7th_ken)

    Kudos to the creator of this page – its about time us sellers had a way to combat the wasters (of time, money and effort) of ebay since they decided to remove out facility to fight back by making it possible for us to only leave +ve feedback. Where is the logic… oh yeah – its in their business model, best to scare the sellers after all its the buyers that keep their world raking.

    Anywho – more ID’s to cut, paste and BLOCK, these are all either just plain thick as pig-s**t, or fall into one of the pain in the arse categories and are best avoided:

    1197andrew, beard1973, blink182-2007, chocolateinmotion, daletb1011, eckstronics, gareth7977, glynshore, iain.306, kaog210683, lister68, mj19, nikkinrick2004, oldgolfuk, patricialefat, riley1677, ritchie1230_0, siouxsie_n_dave1978, taylanewby

  39. Angry Boy

    fetish38 – his email:
    Dude is located in Laval, Quebec

    He is selling crappy SD cards.
    He asked me to return my SD card (I did immediatly) that didn’t work so he would send me a replacement.
    I NEVER got a replacement … now, he never replies my emails

  40. Editor Post author

    Here is a dreadful buyer to block:


    An idiot in Belgium who wants the world for £2.39, finds fault with the purchase, sends demanding emails – no manners or “lets try to work something out” with this one – and then tries to bully you into paying £8 return postage from BELGIUM – good luck with that! You tried to stiff the editor of this blog Miriam! Dark day for you honey. Now you will learn the hard way:

    Personal data:

    Miriam Rivera Sanchez
    Scheldestraat 76

    Only by publishing the personal data from the eBay “sales record” will we expose the real them to Google. This is the only way to discourage these people from douchebag behaviour. Let them, their friends and employers Google them and weep. These people wouldn’t try half of this stuff on if they knew the “real” them would be published.

    I guess Miriam can now be Googled and exposed as the douchebag she is.

    A screen name is nothing: publish personal information as well folks!

  41. danyboy

    total wanker has his feedback hiddon.i should of known from that..

    ba_cumi_dah_blart_yak …… thats him name ..after i delt with him ….he changed his name to that ….was something else before i rang ebay and complianed ..the idiot cant even speak properly..blood me breadwing thats all he says….all i did is google his name,and you can read his shit feedback left for others,even tho he has it set to private ..dont let him bid on your items ..youve been warned..

  42. angryseller

    sold a 100% Real brand new Designer T-shirt 2 seasons (2/3years) old to july742010 and herd nothing from them. no feedback no message nothing.
    Then they leave Negative Feedback claiming that they have been to the offical store and have been told that it is a Fake Item by HQ?? they then message me saying that they want a refund because its fake, (which its 100% Not) so i say ok have a refund il refund everything, postage the lot! just seems to be a mistake, but i want item back, they refuse to send item back, so ebay issues them with refund and they keep item.

    just before the refund i find out they just went into the store and the store assistant that probley hasnt worked there for 3 years didnt reqonise the T-shirt as there stock so they assumed it was fake, long story short Block this person july742010 they leave Bad feedback for 50% of there items bought, really bad ebayer!!!
    in 9 years of ebay never came across someone so bad!

    thats july742010

  43. michael

    I hate people that buy things on a buy it now or best offer and then dont pay for it!!! WE CAN NOT LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for said twats!! and it cost us money for 30 days untill a none paying bider file is made.

    some one after will be treated the same up to 10 people before ebay will do any thing about it.

    so in gerneral we can not warn other sellers that a prtentional buyer is a problem, this meens that ebay make money on top of money as for 30days they have there intrest on our fees untill its refuned, lets say if you can get £4000 intrest on every 1m in an account today just try and work out how much ebay can make just on none paying bidders fees!! in one month world wide in intrest only.

    that why we can not say anything about sellers any more!!!!! only good feedback!

  44. kal

    snoopy2011sarahlouise scams refunds from paypal for items ‘not received’. Also sends the seller abusive emails stating that she’s going to leave negative feedback AND alert the police for fraud if refund not immediate! lulz

  45. poppy2charlie

    Here’s one total time waster to block – tentwentyfour. they bid on my Raleigh chopper bike (Item No: 180742530100)and had a few emails from them promising to collect on the weekend. I was there waiting on the sunday when he promised to be there but he never turned up. He is a total idiot. I phoned up the number that was on his details and some dopey woman answered the phone and said “I know nothing about this, my ex husband has been using the account and I haven’t seen him for 18 months” – what pathetic liars!. I checked their details again and they had removed the phone number from the details within 20 minutes of me phoning but I had already written it down.

    Here are their full details: NAMED AND SHAMED!!!

    User name: tentwentyfour
    Tel No: 01495321752
    Address: Catherine Hopkins, Lincoln House, Abertillery, Blaneau, Gwent. NP13 1NR

    Ebay needs to do more about these people and clamp down on them hard


    Ebay seller listing fake pandora beads confirmed he told me there not real pandora!!…ebay number 180750334620 REPOT BUTTON ON EBAY PRESS IT

  47. Hannah

    Do not sell to or buy from 9666_dog. She threw a virtual fit when I would not accept Paypal and reported me to ebay and their computer generated system shut down my seller account. All this after I receive over 500 positive feedback ratings!


    Avoid seller valolita4455 at any cost!!. sold her a wonderfull little girls christmas dress for only £1.50 & asled only £2 postage to FRANCE! & yet she STILL refused to pay!! Refused to answer e mails, even e bay requested payment, no luck, should have account scrapped,,, gives e bay a bad rapp,, shame,,

  49. bob scam reporter

    Do not sell to chomptrip he will send you back bad items for good items the claim through paypal

  50. peanutte76

    HIGHFLYERS2011 – avoid any dealings with this ebayer – sells cars imported from japan – lists lower mileage and does not state KM’s on listing and embelishes on car extra’s and then even tho you have paid in cash but are unhappy with the vehicle to avoid bad feedback she raises an unpaid case against you and not only gets away with selling a vehicle not as described but also then avoids paying ebay seller fees – leaving a bad mark on your own ebay account which up to this point has had 100% positive feedback. Talk about finding loop holes in the system and ebay have let her get away with it!!

  51. SteveL

    I have also had many of these buyers. I have 100% feedback after over 1900 transactions and 7 years of trading on Ebay. The most regular at the moment are the ones that recieve the item then after a time sometimes a month, write and say that the item was damaged and want to return it for a full refund. I had one a few weeks ago with a laptop computer. It was perfect when leaving me, but the seller after a month wrote and said that is soon became unusable and that the backlight on the screen had gone. My reply was;
    “I am very surprised that you are having problems with the computer as it had been working fine while I had it and when it was despatched. I will refund you if you send it back to me at your cost, and if the security marks match the ones that I put on the computer before I mailed it to you” and what do you know, didn’t hear a thing after? Obviously a scammer. Buyer ‘spugglington’

  52. Warren
    Purchaesd item on Ebay, they send the wrong item, expected me to pay to have it shipped back, when I declined they stopped communicating, opened a dispute with PayPal, only way PayPal will give me my money back is if I pay to have it shipped back, it would cost $60 to post back, it costs $65, they admitted in sending wrong item, and refuse to give money back, and PayPal has closed case as I was seeking legal advice, now I am out $175.
    So NOTE, never deal with this Company, even give Dodgey brothers a bad name

  53. vbayt

    librarian121…she is an inferior person on earth..never sell to or buy from her…

  54. Jimmz


    Same old story lied about not receiving item, tried feedback bribery which failed. Currently being argued with ebay but judging by this article I am not hopeful.

  55. emsy202


    avoid selling to this guy at all costs!
    He opened a case against me claiming undisclosed damage, ebay told him to return the shoes for a refund, he returned a box of manky clothes and a pillow. He now has the shoes for sale on his account, reported and police called but not hopeful

  56. cocopops

    Don’t sell to shanes213 real name Shane Stallbaum – he’s dishonest. He bids on items, wins, then doesn’t pay up.

  57. Stan

    tabzjd – block him now – wish I had found this site ages ago, this guy will buy items then claim his son/daughter bid and he now does not want. What a child wants with a UPVC front door is beyond me. His feedback is now 100% but worth checking back through. he originally bought a car from me then communication stopped. After 2 weeks I had email sent saying the seller of this account is now dead and the account would be closed. Bidding continued with this account, he bought fridges, beds,lamps, some wannabe landlord in Birmingham? Perhaps he was being buried in a fridge to cut costs? If there was a death in your family would you be buying household items a few days later? I contacted the other sellers who had been scammed by him – same story, same excuses, my son/daughter bid for the item – I do not want. So tabzjd – a few years later and I found this site – NAMED & SHAMED – what goes around …comes around!

  58. scrixa

    Block her now before she gets you!! really horrible Ebayer!

  59. Laurie

    harlowhazel7 has an impecable record and 100% positive feedback as a buyer but she never paid for something she bid on. I sent multiple invoices and emails and opened an unpaid item case and nothing. Don’t trust her!

  60. The Stig

    dci-gene-hunt Don’t buy from this bloke he gets nasty and abusive if there are any problems. Ebay need to ban this idiot.

  61. poppy2charlie

    this dope kdcti bid on my item and won on getting item to pack i could see that it had got damaged. so emailed him telling him so we both agreed to cancel ebay transaction he hadnt paid either. then the then this pratt leaves me neutrel feed back what a fucking a cunt you stick to ebay rules and this is what happens iv blocked him from bidding on my items his details are
    keith dunderdale
    barnsely mobilty center
    19-25 doncaster road
    barnsely south yorkshire
    doncaster S70 1TH


  62. Super_Sheri

    Avoid jesus.shag2012 – bid late on an item to win auction. Later without explanation said they didn’t want it and when politely reminded of the rules decided to reply in a mature way telling us to ‘f off’, just the two words.

    Now reported and soon to be banned I hope – why bid when you don’t want something? Not to say what an offensive username.

    I have a nose for these things and thought they would be trouble when they won – avoid!

  63. Kay

    I have been selling on ebay for 12 years, way too long and I have had it with them. These buyers now that they can’t get negatives are running around like spoiled brats, demanding packages be sent immediately even though we just waited 8 days for them to pay, taking us to ebay when they haven’t got their package 2 days later, leaving neg feedback just because they can and ebay does nothing
    Buyer 12-1-80 is a scam artist and liar, she knows how to work the system so she can get her items for free and then leave you negative feedback

    Block this buyer before she scams you!

  64. Editor Post author

    Another one for the communal block list: costasv

    He starts sending messages about the price of shipping to Cyprus before he has even bid on a 99p start item! Doesn’t want to pay £15 shipping (and it must be signed-for with Paypal or the buyer can pull the “item not received” scam remember) on a heavy item and starts asking why it isn’t £6 because he had ‘something’ sent once before for £6 to Cyprus.

    Who cares what the shipping might actually cost? As I said to him……

    You see the shipping cost and you make your choice if to bid. As of yet, you haven’t bid at all so its not an issue is it?

    People who don’t understand that the TOTAL cost to them including delivery to their location is what matters; not what a seller *may* allocate as ‘shipping’ (usually to include greedy eBay and Paypal fees) on the eBay system are not worth bothering with.

    This bloke is crowing and agonising before he has bid even 99p – which if he did, would make his total cost including shipping from the UK to Cyprus £16 on an item that is probably worth £20 – £40 anyway.

    If you get any similar messages, just ignore them and block the potential bidder quietly. People like that are the ones who pull the ‘item not received’ scam and/or try to dictate shipping charges for you (untracked) so they can pull the Paypal chargeback gag later on.

    Do not fall for potential buyers dictating your terms. Charge what you like for P&P because you don’t pay eBay fees on that P&P charge. You do pay the greedy Paypal fee, and that is enough already…..

  65. Ramenkid

    Rude, abusive, fact-distorted buyer on ebay: vsemoe60. Based in Israel, name is Efim Melamed.

    Steer clear to avoid future hassles!!!

  66. linda

    Beware of the aussie buyers, they’ll screw you. 12hampden, alfaezv, benny311078, buckmiester23, bulldogs12gary, cbrwazza, divden46, itsokitsjustmeagain, jadynesnan, lgillis54478, maxdinodeb, qdaz, smartboy89

  67. Editor Post author

    Another one to block who doesn’t pay: next0510

    (Another one who hasn’t worked out capital letters yet – as posted)

    isaac barfi
    49 weedon road /flat1
    nn5 5be

  68. PlausibleFour

    Beware of these none payers,ignorant and/or scammers on Ebay. Here is the Block list :

    2011kingjosh, barclayrob, beardyface.2007, beatledave, c0a1a03a6e471705c342e91c58452bb6593377218, cheekychloe95, diamond.0188, gille972, gumball3000alex, jakigordon, katedababe1972, mpmilanb, nettismith, nova*1, parveen_2009, premethious44, pscs087, rainbow5578, shenz**, terry4clothes, tuckwoodl, ukfootballshirt1, yungdragon

    This has started since the summer of 2004 (ahh how i remember that day well) this block list, and is still going on strong 😀

  69. PlausibleFour

    Ps. yes c0a1a03a6e471705c342e91c58452bb6593377218 is a genuine ebayer …. and a very bad one at that !!

  70. dave



  71. jennywren


    this ebayer bought a high end perfume from me, claimed it was fake and demanded a refund. I said refund on return and she sent back a fake bottle not the one I’d sold her. Ebay refunded her and I’m over £80 out of pocket thanks to this scam buyer.

  72. poppy2charlie

    Here is a real bad ebayer, to block ( 0797jim ) scamer and liar. His name is Jim Newton – his address is:
    27 The Marsh,
    Bedfordshire MK4 37JU.
    01234 721570
    He bid at the last minute and wiped out all the other bids on my chopper bike. For three weeks he kept promising to collect and pay me cash on collection, he also wanted my bank details as well promising to pay me straight into my account which I did not give. His last excuse was that he was collecting on the Monday evening after work – I gave him a ring at 6.30 on his home number and his excuse was “Ive forgotten”! He is just one of those people who lie compulsively but sound so plausible. Avoid him and block him at all costs!

  73. John

    This is a bad one gkz5745

    Bought an item from me and said it was not as described (usual story).
    Got a Paypal refund – no surprises there and gets to keep item. After that he was really abusive.

    Threatened to visit me at home.

    All over a quid item

  74. Sandra

    Member ID highlama007

    Bought an item from me and said it was covered in mould. Got a refund through Paypal and kept item. Left bad feedback and DSRs. was totally unreasonable and would not let me refund him. When checking his feedback, seems he is a regular griper.

    Should be banned

  75. rare_bitz

    seller buyitnowshop2009 sells you something then does not send out the item, i contacted the seller after 1 month due to being based in china he had p&p upto 28 days so i asked how much longer he/she said can you wait 10-20 more days due to problem out of there control so i waited not noticing this would take me past the 45 day buyer protection deadline (so i cant put in a claim for my money back ebay or paypal dont care buyer protection is a joke) after i waited the extra 20 days the seller will not even get back to me totally ripped me off and there is nothing i can do about it thank you fleebay

  76. Stamp Seller

    This person opens multiple Item Not Received case either through ebay or paypal.

    Did it to 5 sellers including myself (that we know of – maybe others as well) so we all swapped notes and reported her together. ebay NARU’d her.

    Also has a habit of paying for an item three times, unsure of the purpose of this other than the possible hope of getting even more free items.


    Luxshana Murugathas
    19 Red Lane, Coventry, CV6 5EE

    e-mails used:

    e-bay IDs used that we know of:

  77. Steve

    2011srsautos – sells a lot of carp fishing items falsely described. Has a very bad attitude and cannot spell or string a sentence together at all.

    He is also reluctant to refund full amounts and blames the buyer for not realising an item is faulty!! According to him, an item listed as ‘very good condition’ means that it is actually broken rendering the item useless. He doesn’t state any defects and posts using mainly stock photos and stock descriptions.

    His communication is shocking, and uses a lot of threatening behaviour, yet he shirks away when talk of refunding comes up.

    Another thing is he charges for courier delivery, when the reality is he uses regular posting services which is half the price. Obviously pocketing the excess. Very dodgy. Avoid!!

  78. windydonn

    here’s one to put on your blocked list.

    ebay user:- dyrontor

    he bought car part from me then said it didn’t fit his car.
    i asked what car he had and it was a different car from the one i had listed, so totaly his fault.
    but i was nice about it and said never mind just send it back and i’ll refund you right away, so i took all the risk and refunded before i got the item back and sent a nice email saying i refunded you right away so you can put the money towards getting the part you need even quicker.

    the ass hole still left me negative blaming me and basically saying i didn’t know any thing about the items i was selling.

    i had a look at his feedback and he has left 19 negatives, at least 16 look like it was for nothing trivial. and i didn’t count the neutrals but there are a few..

    seems like this guy gets high on feedback power.

    he also sent an email laughing about the fact he can give me negative and i cant touch him, but i told him what goes around comes around kid.

    i’m so glad i found this site.

    this is who he is:

    ebay user name: dyrontor

    Victor Morton
    flat above Pottery Road Garage, Pottery Road,
    Bovey Tracey.
    Torbay, Devon, TQ13 9DS
    United Kingdom
    (01626) 835441
    01626 835441

  79. Paul


    Bad seller who says he will only give a refund if feedback is corrected. This is against ebays feedback extortion policy. Immature and poor communication, can’t spell and had to open a case for a refund. Sold a dirty and purposely bad described item. Avoid at all costs.

  80. Elaine


    He buys items then says he has never received them, we had to refund over £90 throught paypal and he has done it to quite a few others to.
    His name is Lee King and he lives in Southampton.

  81. wayne

    Robin Korn
    United States
    (937) 474-3592(5)

    bought and confirmed receipt of a $120 item, never paid and when i pursued her for the money i got blocked from ebay!?

  82. steveL

    Here is my latest blocked list. The latest name to be added is ‘GMG_logos’ who bought a printer from me and returned a damaged one after saying that the one I sent didn’t work. BLOCK NOW!!

    00silvergt, 0182soulboy45, 0707frank, 10chloe01, 11dave121, 2009kclarke, 2010*greenman, 2010shanas1961, 260rob, 393.eva, 562ralph877, 602catbob0007, 605les, 6136shaun, 9069edward, abby1767, achapman1964, airmax58, alex_lap12, alexisgraham1984, alshebliabdulla, aq1056, ashoksood, austeja1, barestl123, benbengal, billw_2360, blehsboss, bluebiffo, blueskyokay, bottino09, boxcar_pc, british_guy, brooman123, bruntjr, brypointrox, butterballbabyglenda, buying-genesis-by-the-pound, c48ae9a1ac77e57fc342e91c58452bb6549805374, captibrahim, cashproc, ceazer2301, chbdu91, chgen, chimeracovenant, cman_25, conmaninc, creek17, d-miah-0163, danielryanwest, darsh_mall111, davidcookdjmusic, dawn6478, ddpc45, dezdd, dirdredd374508, disp1442, divinityarthouse, djshermoan, doradoormouse, dostontos, dwain7998, edwardmccarthy, everlastingfunk, fourjpetree, foxy20040, fungalfootinfection, g555500, garyhud124, gegeklekle, ghostsailor, gingerbears, gmg_logos, gretchdrummer, hammer322, harnt2n5, hazzabateson, headhunter1491, hollymag, horse_photo, hunter_may, ian_ski, id, ismailmert, jasprs, jjmlxubbxi, joey-tribiani-67, josephlombardo, joshwat1, jsb190854, jschmidt66,, juanluispelaezz, justajaguar, kealey39, kidfreeze13, knightboat1, knighttwister, ladrerox, langmedas, laopera, leeseat123, lil_fame4life, lisa46146, lombardy3456, lost_cause257, lovetobuy62, luckings123*123, m_s_mawdsley, macz636, marcelopgil, markdesigns1, matt_the_hat_82, mcain6, meliheran, merseyparadise1977, mgondim2008, milliskirt, missteacher24,, mmccoy2007, mowerman1990, mr2t298, mynevtech, mytoby30, nasauk, nashwin80, nativecolo73, northamptonshop, nova383lr, olivermate, olymbiak, pathums, perptr8, peterwoo66, phase.2, pirateblocker, poantonio, poposopawel, pudell1977, racala01, rbald1, rccrazy06, redcathollya, reject88, richarde9525, riegs41, roun-to-it, rowdyjoe1, rubi01010, rubobbymoore, russman7109, sambaboon, schiller4399, scottish-boutique, skymac2009, snappleman75, softex100, spelio79, spugglington, stills_springfield, sunshinerust_bucket, susi70_1, swazi5056146, tchello-77, tecwolf99, tepecikliyim, terribletooooo, tflpaul, theevilgenius666999, thelokester, thomas74bradley, tiaanamusanhi, tinkthumper269, tomos321, tomr10, toyin_ola001, tracy37_scubadiving, trapshooterck, trueblucobra, tsdw, tsonka123, tvictvic, ukmustang47, w197411, warez314r8, warranty0_1, wet52, wolfeantrob925, yeogav, yl549947d, zyeboy08, 156330269@deleted, 180580432@deleted, 186629685@deleted

  83. Daniel Fitzpatrick

    Nonpaying buyer, who tries to argue details like shipping after winning an item:



  84. amy

    *auntie_m, 0e3ca448caddea2ec342e91c58452bb6765086039, 0ladyj07, 11samantha11, 1busysportsmom, 2010kate70, 2010rich11, 2011bulldog10, 215nicoledbeckham, 2nojacmrn, 540westastreet, 669doug, 678tori, 6871cathy, 770dracula, adeeb786hassan, aligogirl, alsb4me, amjive, ammeme4, amoulini1, amyhuon, angel70_4,, aokisayaka, aprilpril_new, auntee_m, babes-n-beads, babygirl32927, barginsdirect4, berner_sophie, bigballamj, blenjeremy, blizotte1, blondiepink, bowenchenyu, bronzemodena, c8bcbaa5ce2f51e851d8bf31a2992986771533219, caleesi, carmalchic1214, carojean2213, cassandra.johnston, castledragon3, cbs_29112004, cepigirl, cerezos, cherry11-1, chesnee47, chrisjameswalker82, chriswendy28, chuynh79, cindysweet818, clovis1958, criskatander407, cry884, cyberconnection, danger3030, danii-ell-2008, debtomaustin, derbwin, dfashion08, dibby2412, dragonshoard86, elaineabissett, elizabethburgess2008, elizabethseaton12, ernewein1231, eshopping1984, exquisitegoods4u, feliks1945, ffx_serah89, fksgoods, flurofloozy, friecars, frogbetty05, going2strawberryfields, grevillestar, grkchikadee03, groovyvintage, guccijs, gwynnethe, heavymetalloverx, hedblown, hesse32782, hrhheather17, icy_hot_fashions, ihavethehottesthusband, imaginekarla, imaree_taz, iris_2007, islandchicboutique, jadedmonkeyart, janjanyeo, jankerluce, janklaasdeduizendste, javajama, jenniferhuu, jettaf123, jfel3084, joanncyr, joanv829, joewdeal, johnjanet2005, jordansmom102894, juicygirldana, jus4u84, kamerynsmom, kathrinep8116, kevinhkq, kimt3695, kippi2006, kittyrie_shopper, kolich69, labanza, laurie8011, lauriedarrin11, lavish1530, lee930, leiaaurora, letsgotshoppin, lex_lee, lilfrankiesap0v8c, lisabass211, littlewing1975, living_dead_girl1408, lolosmith1980, loneal14, loveandpeace24, lozinhafamorais, luciam80, lum_gamun, luvdashooz, luxtonhouse, lyons2009, mai128170, marciemarcie3253, marcoserpa, mariaperez90, marlenesue63, mauselilli, mbaez88, melamescino, melodysunshine91, melwaugh05, mflemin8,, mille_masceras, minervamouse, missqueenc, mistishop, mmm_sprite, mmstar05, modvintagepickersisters, mrs.mb0, mrs.sparrow68, mushroombunny, mynameis79, mynewlife2, mz_tr1na, nfgirly0280, nickel_nickel25, nini2_2008, nodder999, pamelag2526, peggynew, pikayang, pinkberrycouture1, piz_liz, poinpie, pommymommy3, punkplaymate182, pvolpara, queencc16, renesmee06, rfrance2009, rkerkay, rochellerochelleshelly, rollingdeep11, rondaice123, rookain-wow, rubywizard24, saby69_2009, sacca33, san-x, sandunearch, sarahfreeh212, satc_2008, scandal-vogue-2011, seed1284, shawnshope, sherry4057, shopaholic45670, simba3071, sizukagambaten, sofia60077, sonrisasibe, spoko80, sumsumalon, suprina79, svaupair, sweetladyp11, tangdaimeinu, thehulk1234, thepinkzebrascloset, ticia3110, timetogo9943, tinataing, tinute17, trendystijl, trikkericnjo, twilight-wonderland, uhhaley, uneedaface, veelo4, vsahara, walletworld42038, weshopshopshop2010, wutipun, 600289168@deleted

  85. Editor Post author

    Had a result from this a few days ago. Some character messaged me asking why they were unable to bid on our auction. I Googled their name and landed here. hehe

    So time to update I thought.

    I have collated most from posts above, other topics around the site, and added a few recent late/non-payers we have encountered. Here is our new list:

    *auntie_m, 00silvergt, 0182soulboy45, 0707frank, 0797jim, 0e3ca448caddea2ec342e91c58452bb6765086039, 0ladyj07, 10chloe01, 10delly10, 1197andrew, 11dave121, 11samantha11, 1busysportsmom, 2009boywonder, 2009kclarke, 2010*greenman, 2010kate70, 2010rich11, 2010shanas1961, 2011bulldog10, 2011kingjosh, 2011vito801, 215nicoledbeckham, 260rob, 2nojacmrn, 393.eva, 3994jbrooks, 540westastreet, 562ralph877, 602catbob0007, 605les, 6136shaun, 63rosebear, 669doug, 678tori, 6871cathy, 770dracula, 9069edward, 9160steven, abby1767, abraxxious007, achapman1964, adeeb786hassan, airmax58, alex_lap12, alexisgraham1984, aligogirl, alsb4me, alshebliabdulla, amandaguy3, amjive, ammeme4, amoulini1, amyhuon, angel70_4,, angie_jayden_2009, aokisayaka, aprilpril_new, aq1056, ashoksood, auntee_m, austeja1, babes-n-beads, babygirl32927, badgermushroom49, bam3130, barclayrob, barestl123, barginsdirect4, beardyface.2007, beatledave, benbengal, berner_sophie, bigballamj, billw_2360, blehsboss, blenjeremy, blink182-2007, blizotte1, blondiepink, bluebiffo, blueskyokay, bottino09, bowenchenyu, boxcar_pc, british_guy, bronzemodena, brooman123, bruntjr, brypointrox, butterballbabyglenda, buying-genesis-by-the-pound, c0a1a03a6e471705c342e91c58452bb6593377218, c48ae9a1ac77e57fc342e91c58452bb6549805374, c8bcbaa5ce2f51e851d8bf31a2992986771533219, caleesi, captibrahim, carmalchic1214, carojean2213, cashproc, cassandra.johnston, castledragon3, cbs_29112004, ceazer2301, cepigirl, cerezos, chbdu91, cheekychloe95, cherry11-1, chesnee47, chgen, chimeracovenant, chocolateinmotion, chomptrip, chrisjameswalker82, chriswendy28, chuynh79, cindysweet818, clovis1958, cman_25, conmaninc, creek17, criskatander407, cry884, cyberconnection, cymby1209, d-miah-0163, daletb1011, danger3030, danielryanwest, danii-ell-2008, darsh_mall111, davew797, davidcookdjmusic, dawn6478, ddpc45, debtomaustin, derbwin, dezdd, dfashion08, diamond.0188, dibby2412, dirdredd374508, disp1442, divinityarthouse, djshermoan, doradoormouse, dostontos, dragonshoard86, dwain7998, dyrontor, eckstronics, edwardmccarthy, ef7fc57890345ea9178c44b43bb28306856130053, elaineabissett, elizabethburgess2008, elizabethseaton12, ernewein1231, eshopping1984, everlastingfunk, exquisitegoods4u, feliks1945, ffx_serah89, fksgoods, flurofloozy, fourjpetree, foxy20040, friecars, frogbetty05, fungalfootinfection, g555500, gandhiman72, gareth7977, garyhud124, gegeklekle, ghostsailor, gille972, gingerbears, gkz5745, glynshore, gmg_logos, going2strawberryfields, grandcars, gretchdrummer, grevillestar, grkchikadee03, groovyvintage, guccijs, gumball3000alex, gwynnethe, hammer322, harlowhazel7, harnt2n5, hazzabateson, headhunter1491, heavymetalloverx, hedblown, hesse32782, highlama007, hollymag, horse_photo, hrhheather17, hunter_may, iain.306, ian_ski, icy_hot_fashions, id, ihavethehottesthusband, imaginekarla, imaree_taz, iris_2007, islandchicboutique, ismailmert, jadedmonkeyart, jakigordon, janjanyeo, jankerluce, janklaasdeduizendste, jasprs, javajama, jenniferhuu, jettaf123, jfel3084, jjmlxubbxi, joanncyr, joanv829, joewdeal, joey-tribiani-67, john1050john, johnjanet2005, jordansmom102894, josephlombardo, joshwat1, jsb190854, jschmidt66,, juanluispelaezz, juicygirldana, july742010, jupanuq7vas, jus4u84, justajaguar, kamerynsmom, kaog210683, katedababe1972, kathrinep8116, kealey39, kevinhkq, kidfreeze13, kimt3695, kippi2006, kittyrie_shopper, knightboat1, knighttwister, kolich69, labanza, ladrerox, langmedas, laopera, laurie8011, lauriedarrin11, lavish1530, lee930, leiaaurora, letsgotshoppin, lex_lee, lexiot70, lil_fame4life, lilfrankiesap0v8c, lisa46146, lisabass211, lister68, littlewing1975, living_dead_girl1408, lolosmith1980, lombardy3456, loneal14, lost_cause257, loveandpeace24, lovetobuy62, lozinhafamorais, luciam80, luckings123*123, lum_gamun, luvdashooz, luxtonhouse, lyons2009, m_s_mawdsley, macz636, mai128170, marcelopgil, marciemarcie3253, marcoserpa, mariaperez90, markdesigns1, marlenesue63, matt_the_hat_82, mauselilli, mbaez88, mcain6, melamescino, meliheran, melodysunshine91, melwaugh05, merseyparadise1977, mflemin8, mgondim2008,, mille_masceras, milliskirt, minervamouse, missqueenc, missteacher24,, mistishop, mj19, mmccoy2007, mmm_sprite, mmstar05, modvintagepickersisters, mohdanas77, mowerman1990, mpmilanb, mr2t298, mrs.mb0, mrs.sparrow68, mushroombunny, mynameis79, mynevtech, mynewlife2, mytoby30, mz_tr1na, nasauk, nashwin80, nativecolo73, nettismith, next0510, nfgirly0280, nickel_nickel25, nikkinrick2004, nini2_2008, nodder999, northamptonshop, nova*1, nova383lr, oldgolfuk, olivermate, olymbiak, pamelag2526, parveen_2009, pathums, patricialefat, peggynew, perptr8, pete_raw, peterwoo66, phase.2, pikayang, pinkberrycouture1, pirateblocker, piz_liz, poantonio, poinpie, pommymommy3, poposopawel, premethious44, pscs087, pudell1977, punkplaymate182, pvolpara, queencc16, racala01, rainbow5578, ramsay2552, rbald1, rccrazy06, redcathollya, reject88, renesmee06, rfrance2009, richarde9525, riegs41, riley1677, ritchie1230_0, rivaslasvegas, rkerkay, rochellerochelleshelly, rollingdeep11, rondaice123, rookain-wow, roun-to-it, rowdyjoe1, rubi01010, rubobbymoore, rubywizard24, russman7109, saby69_2009, sacca33, sambaboon, san-x, sandunearch, sarahfreeh212, satc_2008, scandal-vogue-2011, schiller4399, scottish-boutique, scrixa, seed1284, shaunyboi2, shawnshope, shenz**, sherry4057, shopaholic45670, simba3071, siouxsie_n_dave1978, sizukagambaten, skymac2009, smokinvt, snappleman75, snoopy2011sarahlouise, sofia60077, softex100, sonrisasibe, spelio79, spoko80, spugglington, stills_springfield, sumsumalon, sunshinerust_bucket, superhomer92, suprina79, susi70_1, svaupair, swazi5056146, sweetladyp11, swhitham90, tabzjd, tangdaimeinu, taylanewby, tchello-77, tecwolf99, tentwentyfour, tepecikliyim, terribletooooo, terry4clothes, tflpaul, theevilgenius666999, thehulk1234, thelokester, thepinkzebrascloset, thomas74bradley, tiaanamusanhi, ticia3110, timetogo9943, tinataing, tinkthumper269, tinute17, tomos321, tomr10, toyin_ola001, tracy37_scubadiving, trapshooterck, trendystijl, trikkericnjo, trueblucobra, tsdw, tsonka123, tuckwoodl, tvictvic, twilight-wonderland, uhhaley, uk.alternative.stuff, ukfootballshirt1, ukmustang47, uneedaface, veelo4, vh308ss, vodice2011, vsahara, w197411, walletworld42038, warez314r8, warranty0_1, weshopshopshop2010, wet52, wmd_1, wolfeantrob925, wutipun, wyrdsquig, yeogav, yl549947d, yungdragon, zyeboy08, 156330269@deleted, 163488379@deleted, 164068292@deleted, 180580432@deleted, 186629685@deleted, 201518312@deleted, 600289168@deleted

  86. sparkle

    wayne-o09 demands delivery to totally different address then unnecessarily abusive when not accommodated, ebay removed fb, beware

  87. redfred

    Has anyone had problems with dejajazz? Would also like to know if there is a way of finding out this person’s selling account ID so we can track the items concerned down. They apparently have an Edinburgh address.

  88. Gavin

    sold damaged faulty goods to me and stalled till the deadline passed for me to do anything about it. Surprisingly he has seased coms now.
    A con man and to be avoided

  89. Elizabeth

    Ebay User Name fashionestaflair
    sandy wicken
    6 Sea Acres Drive
    Long Beach.Batemans Bay., New South Wales 2536

    Bought item, complained it was not shipped next day (listing said shiping with in 3 days, shipped 2nd working day, 2 days to get to her. Item described as second hand working (tested prior and used by us) put paypal dispute in saying missing items, then said does not work, then said it cant be used in Australia, then said it was going to be sent overseas and then said she was a policeman when she previously said she was a pensioner. Left abusive phone message. A Total nutcase, probably going to lose money as Paypal always favours buyers. First bad feedback we have ever had. Am taking it further.

  90. Cmob

    Ommzaza very bad ebayer. If you look on the profile they are constantly having comments removed, why? They are a buyer and not allowed negative comments. This buyer is from the US and constantly bids on items only for the UK and then when you say you can’t send theys say what a good buyer. If you don’t agree they leave a very harsh negative comment and that there is bad communication. Big eBay bully

  91. Mel

    Well well,well.
    Am I glad to have Googled this inherent problem.
    I don’t sell much and I had no problems until now this week. I had two morons who bid on my items and haven’t paid fron Europe.
    “lasquaddra” and “odadhd”. I have other expletives for them too.
    The first one has bought other items from other sellers and paid tout suite! I sent several reminders and opened an unpaid case to no avail.I have also blocked them. I have now put them on my favourtes list and am waiting for them to sell something,.. anything. I WILL get my revenge. Served cold!!Can’t beat them ,join them!! Heh,heh.
    Thanks to your site.

  92. david

    online-pearl is a online scammer on e-bay. this guy ripped me off and refuses to refund my money. I bought some batteries from him and he said that the reason i did not receive them was a shipping problem from hong patient..well 90 days came and went and now i can not file a complaint. do not us this guys he is a criminal.

  93. wayne

    ebay user name justmo484 Morag Bennett Alexander House,Pannal Road Follifoot Harrogate Hg3 1dp .Bought some mesh sheets off this seller and they got rid off them.I then asked for refund and they replied saying nothing left to refund.Total thief they own a company RMB AUTOMOTIVE LTD so no need to rip people off.Dont buy off Justmo 484 total rip off merchant.

  94. OCon

    Just want to list it here as l have been scammed also l reported to paypal and Ebay but still lost over £600 for cameras that l did not receive but they said they sent it with DHL, but DHL have not help with this and say we do not have the item and can not help you so get in contact with the seller.





    “world zon”




  95. Mo

    Just to let you know this cheat Luxshana Murugathas
    19 Red Lane, Coventry, CV6 5EE has just skanked me as well under the ebay id walk2uk Ebay just refunded her today from me.
    Has private feed back so if you give her positive feedback which is all you can give her as a seller trying to alert others of her cheating ways then it appears as positive but no one can see what you have written.
    Just saw what stamp seller had written previously and decided that you should all know about and report this cheat.

    Stamp Seller on June 8th, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    This person opens multiple Item Not Received case either through ebay or paypal.

    Did it to 5 sellers including myself (that we know of – maybe others as well) so we all swapped notes and reported her together. ebay NARU’d her.

    Also has a habit of paying for an item three times, unsure of the purpose of this other than the possible hope of getting even more free items.


    Luxshana Murugathas
    19 Red Lane, Coventry, CV6 5EE

    e-mails used:

    e-bay IDs used that we know of:
    walk2uk most recent

  96. A

    Just a warning to anyone who is considering trading with eBay user chaser480 ( Don’t! I had the misfortune of dealing with his very rude and aggressive seller, who would only accept my ‘best offer’ off site (to avoid seller fees, a clear eBay violation). An seller unworthy of your business!

  97. lukemills0114

    well this guy sold us a xbox which he didnt tell us he had repaired with the xclamp fix. the item was a xmas present so was purchased 6 weeks before christmas but when opened lasted 5 days. he denied having fixed it even though on his feed back there was a purchase for a xclamp kit. asked for a refund due to not telling us this info but basically just said “you can try a dispute you aint getting a refund”. beware this guy is fraudulent ebayer and a just completely lies dont make the mistake we made. remember his name lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114

  98. ebayblocklist

    I thoroughly agree with naming and shaming those who make Ebay difficult.
    I have started a blog where I also encourage people to report the idiots of the Ebay world., I would be happy to link this page to it.

  99. historianmarina

    CALLING users – read here how sellers are getting screwed on ebay. Having already lost money with a buyer in USA who only paid under threat of item strike, then immediately claimed not to have received it [refund issued two weeks later, though I had explained it went by surface and would take 6 weeks!] I decided to no longer offer cheap p & p but would use International Signed for Service which I assumed protected me – not so. Buyer in Germany was away when delivery was made, then posted a case on which I could not contest cos all in GERMAN, and got full refund AND gave me negative feedback. This guy’s id is tronjehagen – BLOCK THIS BUYER AND SEND HIM A MESSAGE!

  100. Chris Cuniah

    Another nasty new character on ebay for everyone to beware of and block.

    Sold a great book worth much more for only 99p to this person who promptly left negative feedback on the basis that she found some underlinings in it! What does she expect for 99p?!? Did not even give me a chance to offer to refund the item. Usual ditzy new ebayer with a bad case of itchy finger for the feedback button

  101. bookznprintz

    Listed a pamphlet on ebay for 99p. Quite a rare item, although it was a freeby which came with a newspaper; there is a market for these items. The airhead buyer lycan_nic outbid the others, and then decided to leave negative feedback on discovering what the item was. No effort made to contact me first so that I could have refunded the buyer and offered the item to some of the other bidders who DID bother to check my description and knew what they were bidding on.
    AVOID buyers like lycan_nic who bid without carefully checking what they are getting, and are then trigger happy on feedback.
    lycan_nic is a BAD EBAYER and needs to be BLOCKED BY SELLERS!
    Lost my 100% rating due to this airhead.

  102. annie

    I would also avoide lyn1811
    bought three reborn dummys from myself for 3.00 plus p&p after having them had an email saying wanted full refund, when i asked why she started being SO abusive swearing threatening all sorts, to be honest quite scary, then ebay looked at her feed back and left it there even though none of it was true…also she left me terrible feed back and score which ment with in only two months i’d lost my chance to sell as they had stopped me from selling, i didn’t have to send her money by she did get the money back off ebay and kept the dummys, i believed because she makes reborns herself that she thought i was compition, when the truth is i’d made them for my reborn and had a few left over.. nightmear buyer after reading her feedback she’s done it to many people, a 100% feedback means nothing as a buyer they could be a nightmear

  103. Abigai

    I would like to name and shame eBay seller l-u-s-h for bad conduct. I bought a pair of boots from this company, but accidentally bought two pairs. I immediately messaged the seller and explained and they were more than happy to refund me – which they did. A couple days later I received my shoes in the post as expected. A couple more days later I received the canceled pair! I checked again and they had somehow gone back and taken the money for both pairs even though they originally refunded me for one pair. I messaged them again and they apologised, said it was completely their fault and all I had to do was send the shoes back and they would completely refund me, including postage. That was back in November 2012. It is now February 2013 and despite countless emails, threats of contacting eBay (which I did whom were of no help to me because it was past 45 days.) they still have not refunded me. They have clearly received the shoes on that space of time but still refuse to give me my money. They have been extremely rude and unprofessional towards me. I have given up trying to get my money back, for their mistake. So now I am just trying to warn others against being scammed by them too.

  104. Editor Post author

    One to block:

    User: nadhowkins (changed to niseni2013)

    Feedback: 8


    Nadine Howkins
    The Peppermill Pub
    Westerburg Square
    Daventry, Northamptonshire
    NN11 4TG

    Telephone: 01327 706322

    The Nadine woman, a bit thick, disclaims responsibility onto her husband: some bloke called “Becks” or is it “Bexx”? What the hell type of name is that?

    A total messer who bids on stuff and then doesn’t pay. Four days later, after “selling” them a car, calling them several times, I got this ridiculous reply.


    Typical eBay non-paying wanker.

    Why do these people not know what title caps are? Too stupid because!

    Google the “The Peppermill Pub” in NN11 and Google Maps takes you to some 70’s shithole on some god-forsaken council estate that would be more at home on “Shameless”.

    These people are messers and time wasters. Block the user nadhowkins and niseni2013 today!

  105. Paul Littlebury

    teunjacobmax – an ebayer based in holland, who I sent a pair of Chanel sunglasses. After stating he went in Chanel shop who told him they were fake, he initiated paypal hold, then demanded return of payment, but unwilling to send return. Asides from fact no shop would ever do that casually, for fear of litigation.

    I asked for proof of his assertion which two weeks later he never provided. He then gave some bull about his wife returning the wrong item. he said he could prove delivery. Again nothing provided. He is playing a delaying game as well as hoping he will get to keep the glasses for free. Too much behaviour like this on ebay.

  106. Kaylee

    I thought you should know about terrytibbs-2009 he bought 2 pairs of trousers from me in Sept last year and insisted he didn’t receive them…. Ebay made me refund him and funnily enough, even though he never got them, hes managed to sell them again on ebay! He must be magical! Made sure he left it long enough before reselling that I couldn’t get what he owes me though…. Really nice guy. Just look at negative feedback he’s left for quite alot of people… Must of done it loads but is still allowed to be on ebay!! Terrible terrible immoral ‘person’.

  107. Aaron


  108. megan

    seller sells rubbish items. brought item when recived was cheap and never worked. so due to this and as had lost this money I left negative feedback then find out its been removed, by e bay? and to why? did not return as would cost me half the purchase price.

  109. Adonis

    Ladies and gentleman, beware of walshydon1987 (97.9%) who’s name is Mr Beau Walsh, living on 20 Highstone Lane, Wardgreen, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S706sw. He bidded on my car from day one, obviously looking at my car everyday as he outbid everyone day by day. Yet, when he became the winner, he vanished or died (I hope he did). No replies to any of my messages; I checked his feedback, he seems like a low life chav who buys everything under the £0.99 margin. AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS! Now I need to wait for 4 days until I can file an unpaid item against the idiot. I hope he dies of cancer, and I hope everyone else who bid with no intention on buying a vehicle, dies in the worst possible way!

  110. eBayedout

    Rachel Gillespie
    16 falconer rise, dedridge,
    livingston West Lothian EH54 6JE
    United Kingdom

    Avoid! 100% positive feedback, but many comments left about non-payment. She won a number of my items and I contacted her about combining postage. She replied and agreed to the new price, then has disappeared. She’s also got bids on two other items of mine. I don’t suppose I’ll get the cash for them either.

    Why do they bid on things they have no intention of buying? 🙁

  111. Manchester Vacs

    UK buyer patcoote2010

    May be genuine, but we had an ‘item not received’ issue and had to send another with tracking.

    To be on the safe side, we recommend sellers use only tracked delivery with this buyer. Or simply block to err on the side of caution.

  112. dave kilner

    Hello Everyone— BEWARE OF EBAY PURCHASER CALLED STUCKIN55 AND HIS NAME IS RON HATCHER FROM TENNESSEE. He marks down that he purchased an item from you and never pays for it.

  113. LOL

    Hi all,

    This must be one of the best excuses I have ever seen in my time on eBay.

    I am so sorry but I am not going to be able to pay for this item, I had my purse stolen this afternoon complete with cards and all my money has been taken out of my bank account 🙁 it is going to take a week or so to sort it all out so could you possibly relist the item so sorry for messing you around.
    Kind regards
    – aquarium6364

    My Reply:


    Sorry to hear about this unfortunate event.

    It isn’t a problem for me to save this dress until you get sorted out. I don’t mind waiting for you to get sorted, and when you do you can pay me then.

    Just email me when you have the funds to pay.

    Kind regards

    Her Reply:

    Thank you for the kind offer, but it is going to be a few weeks and I purchased the skirt to wear for a christening on Sunday, I would be grateful if you could possibly relist the item so sorry.

    – aquarium6364

    My final Reply:

    Consider it done.

    Don’t forget to check out this website:

    This is quite a good site.

    As polite as you have been, your excuse is still one of the best I’ve heard in a long time.

    Enjoy your Christening – I guess you’ll be welching out of buying a round in the pub afterwards.


  114. MR.IMPALA


    hello, please send your name and address so i can send a us postal money order out asap !i just got out the hospital fighting cancer , so working on my car is going to be fun with your new parts . i don’t do paypal because they still owe me $3700.00 on a car deal threw ebay .

    – 2muchmoneysteve

    steve matric
    68 lake st
    pontiac, MI 48341 United States.


  115. MR.IMPALA

    I’m getting tired of dealing with ebay and these non-paying bidders, I always pay ASAP when I buy something.

    Another non-paying bidder.

    jdm-ownz (
    Ana Iglesias / Alex Moreno
    8231 NW 8th St
    Apt 309
    Miami, FL 33126-3942 United States

  116. Mr Grump

    Just had a case opened against me on eBay, wants refund, from our friends at 19 Red Lane Coventry CV6 5EE.

    Latest eBay ID used is: let2it.


    After free stamps again!

  117. Stamp Seller

    Just a bit of extra info on this character, he/she is now also using the shortened name Lux M at the same address.

    The next time I come across this thief there will be a report made to Coventry Police, since ebay seem unable or unwilling to keep them off the site.

    Mr Grump on May 21st, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    Just had a case opened against me on eBay, wants refund, from our friends at 19 Red Lane Coventry CV6 5EE.

    Latest eBay ID used is: let2it.


    After free stamps again!

  118. Christopher

    Buyer Id 2013macmuse needs to be thrown off ebay.
    Buys expensive speakers and amplifiers, but rarely pays.has upset at lease 7 other sellers this year, that I know of…They left positive feedback with all their negative comments about this seller in the feedback…some of their feedback comments were censored by ebay, but not before i saw some of them..
    In short this person or persons (as I have had correspondance from mother,son and I think the account owner name is the father, but thet say the son’s friend is the one who wants the amps…so says the son…but who really knows who wants what as their emails are a confusing mess)
    Anyway this account bought 2 power amps off me for $3000 total,said they’d pay for one straight away and the other a few weeks later becuse money is tight… then they changed mind 3 days later and wanted a different intergrated amp model but only one of them for 1500..but hang on I’m going to get charged ebay fees at $3000 !!…and then I see they are buying 4 other amplifiers from other sellers in the same week!!!..needless to say i put in a non paying bidder form..avoid at all costs!!

  119. Peter

    Another star here:

    Chris Smelt
    14 New Atlas Wharf
    3 Arnhem Place
    London, London
    E14 3SS

    eBay name: chrissmelt

    Claimed non-receipt of goods but left it six weeks to mention it. Feedback only of 11.

    I hate giving stuff away to these try on merchants………

    They treat it like buy one get one free.

  120. Buddy Romo


    Non Paying Ebayers. Waste of my time. Hopefully not yours.

  121. Frankie

    Ommzaza – still up to the same tricks as someone has highlighted above a year ago. Won 2 of my items, didn’t pay or make contact, then I realised she’s in the US and I state clearly that I only ship to UK. She sent me messages slating my postage charges, trying to bully me into shipping to the US, aggressively pushing for ‘1 more good reason’ as to why I don’t. She then declined both my requests to cancel transaction. It then seemed like she had agreed to cancel transaction so I was relieved, until 1 day later I received another 3 messages harassing me and trying to get me to deliver to her. She hasn’t made any attempt to pay however. I see she does this regularly, specifically targeting uk sellers. If you study her positive feedback, the majority of UK feedback she has had deleted, the few that still exist highlight the same issue. I’m sure this isn’t over for me yet so would definitely recommend blocking her before you are on the receiving end of her bullying!!
    Her full details are:
    fifi bechara
    5059 E Fairfield St
    Anaheim, CA 92807-4668
    United States

  122. Mhai Tai


    Dont waste your time with this fucktard, bids on your auctions and doesnt send payment.

  123. Frankie

    Some more from just the last 2 weeks!!!
    daisy_mayx – No payment and no communication.
    malanierhodes77 – No payment and no communication.
    bbetty2012b – Ignores that you only ship to the UK and outbids genuine buyers anyway.
    Is there a way of blocking overseas bidders??

  124. Ebay user

    EBAY USERNAME: 58wedding-dress.

    This lady is a seller. She will send you an item that looks nothing like the picture and then when you send it back she will just say she hasn’t received it and doesn’t respond to your e-mails. She does not give you a refund, therefore takes your money! BEWARE. Her feedback is positive but it must be all fake. You will lose a lot of money!

  125. HANNAH


    Sold fake perfume offered refund and kept items and money. I lost 95.00. Then they sent a nasty email telling me not to contact the again. A true crook.

  126. Olyessa

    4catherine is one to block.

    VERY slow to pay, then leaves negative feedback saying “slow to post” – well, duh, of course slow to post if you are slow to pay you dumb bint!

    Naturally another one that hasn’t grasped capital letters and punctuation. Her pre-school version of her details are here:

    catherine cripps
    79 somerton rd
    gt yarmouth
    nr29 4qd

    Tel: 01493748770

  127. Steve

    This clown leaves negative feedback THREE months later with no contact!

    Simon Taylor
    Doric hotel 48-52
    Queens promenade
    FY2 9RP

    Tel: 07768440055

  128. Buddy Romo

    Markd4630 stole my ebay amplifier. Never returned it. He is trouble and knows ebay’s weakness in their policies. Avoid at all costs.

  129. Poppy


    after countless emails telling me she had not recieved my item, I tracked it for her only to find she had recieved it a day later than planned and therefore was demading a full refund.
    I read the rest of her feedbacks, ( better late than never ) to find she had done this with countless other sellers, and demanded full refunds, won the case and kept the item!!!!!!

  130. Sarah Cohen-Newman

    This buyer: “joycsells” bid on my gift card auction, she saw that I had made a shipping error, offered free shipping in the title, then $2 dollar shipping in the body of the auction. She bid anyway and admitted it, then she paid and saw the shipping charge and still paid. Not once did she message me, asking me a question. After the auction was closed she demanded that I email the code. When I said no, she asked for a shipping refund i said, but the main focus was getting the code emailed. I refunded her money and then after and only after she herself received a negative feedfback, did she leave me a negative feedback never mentioning that it was all over me not emailing the code.
    I have gotten a lawyer and reported buyer and Ebay to the BBB and consumer affairs

  131. Editor Post author

    Two more “item not received” ones:

    Adrian Whichello
    17 Kennerley St
    Australian Capital Territory


    This one *might* be genuine, but still needs all sales sent recorded or you might do the buy-one-get-one-free like we did.

    Steve Kearney
    Downholland Hall,
    Black-A-Moor Lane,
    L39 7HX
    0151 520 0668

  132. Had Enough

    This one is just plain horrible!


    Cara J. James

    41955 N River Dr Sweet Home, OR 97386-9758

  133. Jon

    I strongly suggesting keeping away from a seller called surplus14.
    He is selling stuff and not sending it but something much much cheaper, a fraction of the price, Not even the same product. He is also trying to get you to buy from him directly instead of using Ebay.
    Feedback is all positive to but all fake.

    I was extremely lucky and got refund from paypal

  134. ashleigh

    this Is a BAD EBAYER!!!!
    She recieves items then if they are.not tracked she pretends she did not recieve them!!!’!!!! No proof or.ecidence then she.happuly get hers money back thenn leaves bad feedback the cheeeeek!!!! Thieving witch

  135. jj

    Disobliging buyer: helloitsjerika
    Jerika Ortiz
    1074 Hermosa Way
    Kissimmee FL 34744
    United States

  136. bookznprintz

    Everyone block this ebay buyer:


    He buys a book from me – postage price clearly stated. Waits till the last minute to pay – under threat of unpaid item strike, then, after receiving the book complains that the postage was too high and tries to extort money from me FOR 60 Days – I refuse to give in to extortion, he keeps reminding me that he has yet to leave feedback, finally on the 60th day, leaves me negative feedback. Glad he didn’t get any refund; make sure he does not try the same trick on you!

  137. Stacy

    Biggest Crook of a Seller,

    dingjiantao 168 Sold beads as “Natural Mexican Black Opal” what I received was black fiber=optic beads. E-bay said I could get my money back if I paid for shipping to China! The seller lied, and I have to pay $$$ to return the fake bead, so they can fake out someone else.

    Great Deal!!! NOT!!!!

  138. Editor Post author

    Item not received fraudster:

    Mrs Paula Hannaby (Paula Farley)
    6 Birchview Close
    Belper Derbyshire DE56 1RS
    United Kingdom

    Phone number
    01773 823077

    eBay name: purplefroglove

  139. Buddy Romo

    Avoid Call469 like the plague. The account evidently compromised because I got a chargeback for unauthorized buyer. Yeah right. Brand new item too. I’m fighting it. Stay clear until this account is cleaned. I permanently banned this EBAY user id.

  140. Yan

    Item not received scammer and then tries to get a free one by using feedback extortion:

    Travis Draper
    324 Woodview Court
    Tahoe City CA 96145
    United States

  141. Brad

    laliamati2009 Is a total waste of time. waited till the last second to bid to take it from GOOD buyers that wanted the item. The price was $2925.00 She “decided” she paid to much. I told here I was going to open a claim but she knows that ebay doesn’t care about sellers.

  142. Editor Post author

    Another item not received scammer here. Splashing negative feedbacks about for items costing less than three quid:

    Paul Taylor
    15 Bellfield Road
    Tunbridge Wells, Kent
    TN2 4HN

    Tel: 07802 423801


    eBay user name: paul_at_31

  143. linda chadwick

    17th dec,2014 won auction, item no 121513567964 $161.49, from penelopecam{1}, korumburra vic, 24 bids were made on pendent, payed within 4mins of auction ending, on the 19th dec 2014 seller emailed me though ebay stating she cannot except my bid she will return my money, i stated that i payed for the item and that i want the item not a refund, that she has to take the good with the bad etc, etc. sellers can report buyers and shame them, so im reporting this seller PENELOECAM !!!!!!! shame on you .

  144. scammed @ eBay

    Another “item not received”.


    Tim Maguire
    ARGOS 4B Royalty Mall
    eCP:QFB326 The Arndale Ctre
    Morecambe, Lancashire
    LA4 5DH

    This one expects free expedited delivery and a customer service team on hand 24/7 to cater to his every whim over the festive season. Bought a few days before Xmas and was howling for refunds before new year. Certainly one to block.

  145. Idiots on eBay

    Another tosser who buys the wrong thing then returns it and negs you. Block this one:

    lewis trickey

    Lewis Trickey
    12,manor close
    Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
    PE6 9NB

  146. Victoria

    cjthomas3906 Tried to bully me into lowering the price on an item with name calling. Looked back at her feedback and took note she likes to give sellers negative. Probably another attempt to bully into a partial feedback situation!

  147. ripped off

    This guy Christopher Gaskin is a complete scammer looking for people to list his camera equipment on ebay. Doesnt want you to paypal him the money but do a direct deposit into his “accountants bank account”
    Then kindly sends parcel to hong kong & gues what all that is inside is a few sweets!!!!!!!

    He currently has an ad on freeindex for ebay lister and did have n advert on gumtree until they realised he was a scammer.
    I have further detail is people want & I am ok to post?

  148. Editor Post author

    Here is a star – buys something, then complains it doesn’t fit a given model, when the listing explicitly says it doesn’t. Leaves negative feedback, declines to revise it when shown her error. Dumb as a post. One to block.

    Excuse the primary school grammar – it is hers:

    lisa fern
    3 hardwick view close
    new houghton



  149. Ripped off

    Update on Christopher gaskin. He had an ad on gumtree and freeindex for eBay lister. Now been removed after being reported. His email is:

    I emailed him and he amazingly replied. Once I advised what he had done and that I now had massive eBay costs debt and account on hold and that I knew what he did I received nothing surprise surprise !

    I have an address for this person 3 dissolved company names as well.
    Any advice on reclaiming losses would be appreciated.

  150. B Integrity

    girard1222 (angela girard) received a return she never refunded me for. Paypal says that after a dispute times out the consumer gets the refund, but still, Girard LIED to me (the refund never happened) but worse, as with SO many ebayers, she does not communicate. No matter how little or many messages are politely sent to ‘please let me know’. I am a seller. I know what Customer Service IS and needs to be. You don’t cavalier attitude tell someone they’ll get a refund in two days, you SEND it NOW, and nowadays its done with a very simple click. Or call. Whatever. You DO it. And the refund wasn’t “given” anyway. The sale date was now almost two months ago. Per eBay’s policy 6 days after the merchant receives the return buyer should already have been refunded. I can say this: I’ve blocked girard1222.

  151. Idiots on eBay

    We got well shafted by this one. Lying to return stuff at our expense:

    mandy gilday
    mandy mchale
    18 east lea
    durham, Durham

  152. GALAX

    Bad buyer

    I sent 1 message 2 days after he did not pay simply asking for a reply (never asked for payment)
    He messaged me stating he will make me wait longer for payment and that he will leave me negative feedback.
    I canceled the order and explained to him i cannot do business with someone who threatens me
    he then paid for the order! i refunded immediately and he left me false negative feedback.
    he then proceeded to harass me by mail and wrote
    Can’t help to notice your rating went down to 99.3%. That’s just very unfortunate after he destroyed my perfect 100% on purpose.


  153. Editor Post author

    Taking into account some of those from above, and invalid user names weeded out, and having added some of our latest fraudsters to the list, here is our current list that encapsulates all the above:

    *auntie_m, 00silvergt, 0707frank, 0797jim, 0e3ca448caddea2ec342e91c58452bb6765086039, 0ladyj07, 10chloe01, 10delly10, 1197andrew, 11dave121, 11samantha11, 12-1-80, 1busysportsmom, 2009boywonder, 2009kclarke, 2010*greenman, 2010kate70, 2010rich11, corki_corki, 2010shanas1961, 2011bulldog10, 2011kingjosh, 2011vito801, 20karllucas1980, 215nicoledbeckham, 241161gl, 260rob, 262758c530cc6ee8601570, 393.eva, 3994jbrooks, 3ls1ps, 4catherine, 540westastreet, 562ralph877, 602catbob0007, 605les, 6136shaun, 63rosebear, 669doug, 678tori, 6871cathy, 770dracula, 8446fb4d1c4c48de391c898c04d00c33599812865, 9069edward, 9160steven, abby1767, abraxxious007, achapman1964, addoe77, jungjeehye518, adeeb786hassan, airmax58, alex_lap12, alexisgraham1984, ali_potters, alsb4me, alshebliabdulla, amandaguy3, amjive, ammeme4, amoulini1, amyhuon, andy*n, angel70_4,, angie_jayden_2009, anthonyjubilee, aokisayaka, aq1056, attardauctions, auntee_m, austeja1, babes-n-beads, babygirl32927, badgermushroom49, bam3130, barclayrob, barestl123, barginsdirect4, beard1973, beardyface.2007, beatledave, benbengal, berner_sophie, bernieblez2012, bigballamj, bigh2369, billw_2360, birogde, blazingblazing, blehsboss, blenjeremy, blink182-2007, blondiepink, bluebiffo, blueskyokay, bottino09, bowenchenyu, boxcar_pc, british_guy, bronzemodena, brooman123, bruntjr, brypointrox, butterballbabyglenda, c0a1a03a6e471705c342e91c58452bb6593377218, c48ae9a1ac77e57fc342e91c58452bb6549805374, c8bcbaa5ce2f51e851d8bf31a2992986771533219, caleesi, captibrahim, carlisle3400, carojean2213, carraccounting2012, cashproc, cassandra.johnston, castledragon3, ceazer2301, cepigirl, cerezos, chbdu91, cherry11-1, chesnee47, chgen, chimeracovenant, chocolateinmotion, chomptrip, chrisjameswalker82, chrissmelt, chriswendy28, chronaholic420, chuynh79, chy_carn, cindysweet818, cjthomas3906, clovis1958, cman_25, conmaninc, creek17, criskatander407, cry884, cyberconnection, cymby1209, d-miah-0163, d400516aa99f99735748fe882e0ced48902203511, dal11851, daletb1011, danger3030, danielryanwest, darsh_mall111, davew797, davidcookdjmusic, dawn6478, ddpc45, deadpeoplesthings-64, debtomaustin, derbwin, devlindowney2013, dezdd, diamond.0188, dibbydiesel, dirdredd374508, disp1442, divinityarthouse, djshermoan, doradoormouse, dostontos, dragonshoard86, drhooha, dwain7998, dyno1000, dyrontor, ebdog13, eckstronics, edwardmccarthy, ef7fc57890345ea9178c44b43bb28306856130053, elaineabissett, elizabethseaton12, ernewein1231, everlastingfunk, exquisitegoods4u, fashionestaflair, feliks1945, ffx_serah89, fksgoods, flurofloozy, fourjpetree, foxy20040, friecars, fuddyduddy10, fungalfootinfection, g555500, gandhiman72, gareth7977, garyhud124, gegeklekle, gemmapowell, geoff1269, ghostsailor, gibon1977leszek, gille972, gingerbears, gkz5745, glenrider77, glynshore, gmg_logos, gnitch, godsellerkolich, gooseheader, gretchdrummer, grevillestar, grkchikadee03, groovyvintage, guccijs, gumball3000alex, guyver.123, gwynnethe, hammer322, happycanonman, harlowhazel7, harnt2n5, hazzabateson, headhunter1491, heavymetalloverx, hedblown, hesse32782, highlama007, hollymag, hooverman638, horse_photo, iain.306, ian.carey1, ian_ski, icy_hot_fashions, ihavethehottesthusband, imaginekarla, imaree_taz, iris_2007, irisheyes-2015, ismailmert, jadedmonkeyart, jakigordon, jamesmhaupert88, janjanyeo, jankerluce, janklaasdeduizendste, jasonjaycee, jasprs, javajama, jenniferhuu, jerrym-gr, jettaf123, jfel3084, jjmlxubbxi, joanncyr, joanv829, joewdeal, joey-tribiani-67, john1050john, johnjanet2005, jonaloumo, jordansmom102894, josephlombardo, joshwat1, jovanipetra, jsb190854, jschmidt66,, juanluispelaezz, juicygirldana, july742010, jupanuq7vas, jus4u84, just-ipods2009, justajaguar, kaczy-kaczy, kamerynsmom, kaog210683, kathrinep8116, kealey39, kenhg55, kidfreeze13, kimt3695, kingtin4, kippi2006, kittycats0121, kittyrie_shopper, knighttwister, kolich69, krullarry, la1autoparts, labanza, laopera, latvianconnection, laurie8011, lavish1530, lee930, leiaaurora, lela434, letsgotshoppin, lex_lee, lexiot70, lil_fame4life, lilfrankiesap0v8c, lisajordanlisa, lister68, littlewing1975, living_dead_girl1408, ljsmigger06, lladrer, lolosmith1980, lombardy3456, lost_cause257, loveandpeace24, lozinhafamorais, luciam80, luckings123*123, lum_gamun, lycan_nic, lyn1811, lyons2009, m_s_mawdsley, macz636, mai128170, mandy192mandy, marciemarcie3253, marcoserpa, mariaperez90, markdesigns1, markwilkinson4258, marlenesue63, matt_the_hat_82, mauselilli, mayurapaula, mbaez88, mcain6, mcx001, melamescino, meliheran, melodysunshine91, melton1011, melwaugh05, merseyparadise1977, mflemin8, mgondim2008, mi.mercado, mikehallows, milad510, militarymart2011, mille_masceras, milliskirt, minervamouse, miragenet29, missqueenc, missteacher24,, mistishop, mj19, mmccoy2007, mmm_sprite, mmstar05, modvintagepickersisters, mohdanas77, mowerman1990, mpmilanb, mr2t298, mrs.sparrow68, mushroombunny, mynameis79, mynevtech, mynewlife2, mytoby30, mz_tr1na, nasauk, nashwin80, nativecolo73, nettismith, newjalf, next0510, nfgirly0280, nickel_nickel25, nikkinrick2004, niseni2013, nodder999, northamptonshop, notts404, nova*1, nova383lr, nyhkq, oldgolfuk, olivermate, olymbiak, pamelag2526, parveen_2009, patcoote2010, pathums, patricialefat, patsyb57, paul_at_31, peggynew, peggypeggy62, pennylynter, perptr8, pete_raw, peterwoo66, phase.2, pikayang, pinkberrycouture1, pirateblocker, piz_liz, poantonio, poinpie, pommymommy3, pscs087, pudell1977, purplefroglove, pvolpara, queencc16, rabbit-6408, racala01, rainbow5578, ramsay2552, rbald1, rccrazy06, rea_mar, redcathollya, redresscollectv, reject88, renesmee06, rfrance2009, richarde9525, riegs41, riley1677, ritchie1230_0, rivaslasvegas, rjk1998, rkerkay, rockstarzboutique, rollingdeep11, rondaice123, roun-to-it, rowdyjoe1, rubi01010, rubobbymoore, rubywizard24, russman7109, saby69_2009, sacca33, sambaboon, san-x, sarahfreeh212, satc_2008, scandal-vogue-2011, scottish-boutique, scrixa, seed1284, selling-genesis-by-the-pound, sfudwin, sfxbuff9, shaunyboi2, shawnshope, shenz**, sherry4057, shopafrolixx, simba3071, siouxsie_n_dave1978, sizukagambaten, skymac2009, smokinvt, snappleman75, snoopy2011sarahlouise, sofia60077, softex100, sonrisasibe, spelio79, spugglington, stills_springfield, sumsumalon, sunshinerust_bucket, superhomer92, suprina79, susi70_1, svaupair, swazi5056146, sweetladyp11, swhitham90, tabzjd, tangdaimeinu, taylanewby, tchello-77, tecwolf99, tendances-chic-carbonne, tepecikliyim, terribletooooo, terry4clothes, terrytibbs-2009, tflpaul, theevilgenius666999, thefleamusketeers1, thehulk1234, thelokester, thepinkzebrascloset, thomas74bradley, tiaanamusanhi, timetogo9943, tinataing, tinkthumper269, tinute17, tlcworks4me2013, tomos321, tomr10, tonyhagg, toyin_ola001, tracy37_scubadiving, trapshooterck, trendystijl, trev19480, trikkericnjo, tronjehagen, trueblucobra, tsdw, tsonka123, tuckwoodl, tvictvic, twilight-wonderland, uk.alternative.stuff, ukfootballshirt1, ukmustang47, uneedaface, veelo4, vh308ss, vintiquitty, vodice2011, vsahara, vsemoe60, w197411, walk2uk, walletworld42038, walshydon1987, warez314r8, warranty0_1, webuyeverything-2013, weshopshopshop2010, williams.sarahj, wmd_1, wutipun, wyrdsquig, xena-the-dog, yeogav, zyeboy08

    Those with a UK eBay account can copy the list and then click this link to paste them into your blocked list.

  154. Idiots on eBay

    Shafted by another in the USA.
    Scott Boyle
    1531 Latona Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19146
    United States
    Tel: 484 431 4844

  155. Mark Jekabsons

    Buyer beware of Kris Brewer-Charles (or Kristopher Brewer-Charles) possibly living in Queensland or NSW, Australia. There is already one post about him, from angelamalt, listed here. As with the other complainant, he has scammed our family out of $820 that was paid for a camera that he never had any intention of sending and then kept the money. We have reported him through the ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) and I encourage others to do the same. I would also like to hear from others who have been scammed by him. He is now operating through Gumtree as well as Ebay.

  156. Claire Webster

    Avoid OLDKITTBAG like the plague. False claims of missing items which they clearly keep and then receive refund!

  157. Vivien Lapham

    This woman bought an item on ‘BUY it NOW’ and then did not pay ????!!! kathleens-gems13
    She is now on my blocked buyers list along with the rest
    12-12-2005, 1herethereneverywhere, 2013.vilhe, 211madalex211, 828_farley, a-goddard, aatar, abisalova, adilson18pepe, advertisingantiquesltd, alan_shearer2312, alphi365, anniet1386, archangelmichael, arilla7, aristoteplaton, auld-meg, b4bunty, bazwingrove, boutique*clothing_2007, branicarol, cafe-de-paris, cazjackie, cherokeec123, cheryyalpi, crdovicfann, dandandan80, dc8778, deminy*, dilbertbike, eb195d4c7a24620271fc088b01cf1c981082760184, energy-labs, fantasy-uk, fatihenes50, fontainemorgan, fulhamgirl1986, g_erope_4wiuh39fha, garnera3146, gggokhan61, goodapparel, harriet8180, hilary1181, horseloverdi, iandorcovert, image, jaguarknllucacara4v5, jesse-rees, jofu1975, johnm6268, k2hometextile, kamahama34, kathleens-gems13, l-enright-087, lagot61emirali, lilycarina2008, lilyjoi, lipstic78, lloydyboy69, lozyjane, lyndaa155, m, marylynnea2005, mikeetre, mill4423_o1ezz, mimmino.0558, mrgranda1, music80sbm, mystyleoxo8, nanabarbora, nancy.2007, ncc1701jlp, nicpt77, ozzykingdom, paddy6536, pamela610_5, peter7711, petrol-in-my-veins, pinetea, pinkanglz, potmarin, psychedelax, qingyayuan463, roberclub, scouserann, scrabble1982, sensibel100, shoeflowerpink, stevecg1, sweeper*123, theb17s, theresalyne, tina6629, togieuk, tryork5ifp, w.sam.w, zsozso2010, 清雅苑, 174060806@deleted, 278072990@deleted,

  158. Jon Charles

    154-hn, 2013vinny2013, 31endless61, adtx81, andreas-patras, aoboco, apokalips_ryder, billie9706, cacmyworld, cc71bbod, coinfan31, debir1953, eamthomas, eawill6582, eightofus06, fayenphillip, fl_surf7, gardengategreenhouse, greenwonders77, gregs2021, hdefreitas73, istriabella, itsyourluckydaytoday, jeepluck13, jusmfdc1y4jpr, lizalikesgarfield, love2bechic, lqdawg1, maceyma2009, mansioncove, mfp9194, mhakprang, nbur1460, nicolej455-us, okutk_okutk, phil_ash, pigletblueeyes, pitvandong, popatlal1000, ralphh101007, ripperweld, ritchiez26bb, sdog4105, southern_fried_creations, talasecret, westernduds, z282fastcar, zepesh, zipperlicious

  159. Yan

    Shafted by this Aussie – item not received fraud.


    John Lee
    Level 38
    2 Chifley Square
    Sydney, New South Wales 2000

  160. Idiots on eBay


    Buyer in US orders item 21st December from the UK. On 13th January, he charges back as “item not received” hoping to get some free stuff from the Brit.

    He commits this item not received fraud only 11 WORKING days after dispatch KNOWING as there has been a holiday week and two weekends over Xmas and New Year. He knows the item will be late due ti international mail plus Xmas/new Year delays, but still CHOOSES to defraud us.

    Here are his details.

    Robert Denton

    eBay ID: rock007_1

    Robert Denton
    4901 W 93rd Ave
    Apt 1614
    Westminster, CO 80031-6332
    United States

  161. buzzard

    ebay user ukjam_awvcr cancels auctions over and over again then relists the same item. wife won item waited a week for it to arrive and then auction was canceled and the item relisted 2 days later. same items relisted over 8 times. user is a complete timewaster

  162. Andrew

    Shafted by a Kraut:

    Frank Döllinger
    Frank Döllinger
    im Hinterhof
    41542 Dormagen

    Item not received fraud.

  163. David

    SELLER buyitnowshop2009 – Yet Another Liar and scammer

    Purchased an iphone 6 screen, when it turned up I immediately noticed there was something wrong with it, the frame and LCD didn’t line up, the glass was also so badly twisted you couldnt fit to the phone. Messaged the seller who didnt want me to send the faulty one back but promised to send a replacement, that was back in January?? Logged a PayPal claim and PayPal asked me to send it back? The screen wasn’t any good to any one, I even took pictures but didnt have the screen, after 4 months and the seller telling me he didnt want it, I threw it away…..still out of pocket $100 and no screen (SO MUCH FOR BUYER PROTECTION & PAYPAL’S PROTECTION POLICY)

  164. Olga


    Brian Chickloski c/o Cantex Trading
    1399 SW 30th Ave
    Ste 5
    BOYNTON BEACH, FL 33426-9031 United States

    This dreadful little man tried to get free stuff using feedback extortion. He then sent rude and threatening emails calling me names like “trailer trash”.

    Please block him.

  165. Damian

    This person has been harrasing my mate on eBay. he hasn’t even bought anything from this idiot, or sold anything to this idiot. He/she has been reported to eBay for harrassment and this is the response.
    Beware, this seller is nuts and does everything they can to harrass other innocent sellers. eBay is doing nothing to help.

    New message from: yipkiaye (504Purple Star)
    :))))) ebays response to your complaint – ‘ Although eBay maintains a neutral position regarding this complaint, we want you to know that a complaint was received. ‘

  166. Ian


    this persistent non payer trashes your feedback when you open NPB procedure on ebay. I advise all to add it to blocked bidder list.

  167. Ian

    grahame4321uk Another persistant nonpayer to add to your bb list.

  168. BRUNO





  169. Joe

    bobnostroclom – Rude, time waster, doesnt pay, wont collect, should you get chance go and read his feedback left for others. What a door knob!

  170. Ian


    unregistered business seller, buys your stuff to examine if they can make a profit then does return with bullshit excuses. Usually daughter “doesn’t like it”. Block this time waster. Makes thousands on ebay without registering as a business.

  171. MAC

    Luan Tran of 5814 S. Bell Street, Tacoma, WA 98408 (253-279-4005) bid aggressively throughout my auction. Auction had a reserve placed on it. Luan had high bid a few days before the auction was scheduled to end, but had yet to crack the reserve. The day before the auction was to end, Luan bid against himself to bump the price up to the point where he finally cracked the reserve. When nobody else bid, he wound up winning the auction. The next morning I received a message from him via eBay’s message system that he would not pay. Here was his exact message: “Sorry, but i think im going to back out on this. Please cancel for me as im not going to make this purchase. Thanks and sorry for all the problem.” I knew that he also sold video games as well as purchased, but it was the morning after that I found out he placed his own copy of the SAME game up for sale on eBay. This constitutes auction tampering. This man made certain to end my auction with him being the winner so that he could take me out of the running and give his game a better chance of selling.

  172. Jonathan Quick

    If you value your feedback block this member: luv2sell_uk

    This member has left me vindictive unfair negative feedback, destroying an unblemished record going back to 2001. Why? I advertised an old iPad (item 253197883569) as faulty for spares or repair, he won it but then asked a series of questions indicating he expected it to be either working or an easy fix. I tried to dissuade him from paying, but he went ahead anyway, then threatened feedback blackmail if it wasn’t as he expected, then warned me to “take care as I did not know who I was dealing with”. I returned his money and he then trashed my feedback. No response from eBay yet regarding the multiple breaches of policy.

    The member’s full details are:
    Hugo Conceicao (aka “Jason B”)
    24 South Street
    RG4 8HY

  173. jon White (jonny)

    Here’s a little story annoying but true – about a slimer of a seller who won’t pay his due!!! This has been listed so people can see that all supposedly good eBayers are not always what they seem. But saying that, there is always some risk whatever you buy. Just trying to ‘name and shame him’ as although he comes over as ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ is really a arrogant seller who couldn’t care less as long as he has your money!! Although by his feedback he is just mainly a buyer, and has not the brain to know what he should do when things go wrong. Except he sure knows how to keep his own ends good!!

    On the 4th July I won a Coopers cordless cylinder mower from ‘graykir’ (his username) and paid by paypal. I collected on the 6th July ( approx 53 miles each way as I really wanted this ) and saw the mower working for about five seconds and as it looked almost new so did not worry.

    When I tried it the next day it worked for around 2 minutes then stopped. Tried all manner of things but would not go. Battery was fully charged but no lights and totally dead. Seller replied to my email making excuses that his wife was ill and the mower was fine when he last used it! After numerous emails to him I heard nothing and he would not reply again. So I decided to escalate this to eBay’s resolution centre, but had to wait about 7 days I believe before I could use it. In the meantime the seller still would not reply to me.

    But, would you believe, this crafty scumbag of a seller had already beaten me to the resolution centre and somehow got the case voted in his favor. I contacted eBay who told me that because I had collected the item and seen it working there was nothing I could do. Well brilliant-I’ve just lost £60.00p. Would not even agree to a part refund at the outset to help put matters right. A real arrogant piece of work.

    So in anger and frustration I left him negative feedback and rightly deserved. but- again, low and behold this slimer after a few days managed to get this removed from his feedback! Don’t know how but obviously cringed to eBay who in their ultimate wisdom and and some unknown reason took it off as not to upset his ‘so -called’ unblemished record. This lowlife has ‘scammed’ me out of £60.00p, still sitting pretty and eBay could not give a toss.

    Paypal were more helpful as they granted me a full refund after I had explained what had happened, but it was going to cost me around £15.00p to ship it back to him – yes, I would have to pay the shipping costs!!! So either way I was still the looser!

    Now the moral of this tale is – if you collect any item, make damned sure that you give it a thorough checking and are satisfied all is working Ok as eBay will not refund for a collected item! If you pay with Paypal and the item is not as described etc you will have a big problem getting a refund especially if the seller is a ‘real slimer’ like this one!

    Although saying that, whatever method you choose to pay, a half decent seller would be only too pleased to put matters right!

    If you read this this ‘graykir’ you will know who you are, then maybe grow a pair and do the right thing!!

    To all other ‘honest’ eBayer’s I say again, be very careful if you collect and make sure you check the item fully. Don’t worry about taking your time as it is your prerogative and your right.

    As you can see in the photos, this has given me a bit of a headache and am quite screwed up about it as you can see, and by my wife’s ‘teeth gnashing’ expression you can tell what she would like to do to this slimeball!! Thinking of changing my username to ‘ever-been-had’.

    Please note that this is a eBay informative listing to help protect and inform genuine Ebayer’s from supposedly honest but devious sellers and of no sale value.
    Avoid this slimey seller at all costs. If things go wrong for you – he will worm his way out of putting it right! Remember the username ,graykir’ Address 25 Harters Close,
    Coxley, Wells, Somerset.
    Best regards to all genuine eBayer’s who read this – Jon.

  174. P Rose

    Karen-1965-store bought an item, called it dodgy, swore at my reasonable response and then said for a partial refund she’d not give me bad feedback. She then gave me bad feedback anyway before the case has even closed. Everyone else has been delighted with my similar items. She has opened a request refund case and yet said I can just send her the price for the postage only, which it appears I can not do. I seem only allowed to refund for the whole price. Her feedbacks include lots of negative feedback to sellers and their reasonable responses tell it all. She is bombarding me with offensive messages all night and day. I have reported her to ebay and Paypal as unethical and problematic buyer. I fear she was bullied at school…..

  175. scott miller

    Ben carpenter id carpb717 very very slow to pay won a auction from me and has not paid the item was won yesterday by him at 1 pm eastern our time I have sent him the invoice and message to pay I’am thinking about cancling his order and re listing it

  176. Matthew

    Watch out for keary1985. She will not follow any recognised return policy and will not send an item back to an address if she does not like it.

  177. Peter Young

    Please share and share and share you may save some one else being ripped of by these Non Australians. Thieves liars and cheats Feedback refers to the Sellers on Ebay these ones are the scum of the earth they steel from pensioners then ignore messages and it seems that they are supported by Ebay. I paid $260 for a lens within 5 mins of purchase waited for postage notification I had to ask 4 days later info sent 5 days later item was not sent only information. I am finding Many sellers on Ebay doing exactly this is it any wonder that sellers are all now branded as cheats and liars. If you don’t want your name shamed then do something about it help Ebay scour the scum from the bottom of the barrel and delete them.

  178. John

    Beware of house-of-pens trading as sec221 from 33 Manor Ave, Fulwood, Preston, Lancs PR28DN tel 07719 393088, email (which they dont answer)
    I payed for the goods have not received them despite them saying they sent them out twice.
    I cant believe that Royal Mail have lost 2 packages I note they have a number of negative feed backs for this reason. Luckily it was only a small amount (under £5) so no great loss, but its annoying that people like this are trading. I certainly wont be buying from them again

  179. J

    Careful of a guy called Boris (dr-burgiss) selling a Toyota Colorado. Looks great but he’s in London and the car in Bulgaria. The license plate is blurred. I finally got it from him 5 minutes before the auction ended PB0674AK then then said he doesn’t know how to check the history. He also called me on whatsapp, I tried using truecaller etc and there is zero info. He was trying to sell me a ton of stuff all from bulgaria that I had no interest in. He’s based in Greenford, Middlesex 07426825392

  180. Martin

    This is more to inform other buyers than anything else.


    Is selling bootlegged toys, I have purchased a few China copies if I cannot find my Anime Figurines original for decent prices or available. Some sellers perform quality checks. I have received a few fake collectable where the seller had a quality check sticker on the box, this is amazing and I can only praise them.

    I have also had boxes where the parts were missing, discoloured or same left side parts for right side. Basically no checks whatsoever done. Honestly, I don’t get it why they wouldn’t perform a quick check, considering the item is coming from such a distance and returns/replacements are hard. Win/Win for both buyers and sellers in my eyes. Bad item sent, buyers leaves negative feedback.

    Anyhow, their listings give the impression that they care and provide great aftercare, so I asked him if he did any quality checks to avoid missing or wrong parts.

    No answer but they did block me from buying from them. I just wanted other buyers to be aware since there isn’t much I can do. Sad thing is, I was going to buy from them 6 sets of figurines anyhow (response or not), I just wanted to make sure the transaction was as painless as possible for both sides. Plenty of other sellers selling the same bootlegged item.

    Anyone else buying from them, don’t bother messaging about quality or anything. Just buy and dispute if not satisfactory, great lesson learned.

    My plan was to buy one, see the quality, then buy the rest.

  181. Shane

    Ebay seller clow_6886 Advertised and acepted payment for matrox dualhead2go x5 units won for £21-48 SINCE 14JULY2019 Paid immediately… Told would send , never replied to messages , the said would send on 6 august 2019 no communication and never sent… Ebay not much help THIS PERSON WAS PAID FOR ITEMS AND NEVER SENT , NO APPOLOGY NO RESPONSE NOTHING … DONOT USE OOR BUY FROM THIS PERSON …..

  182. Barry

    Beware oldgolfuk I purchased i cant type but this site prevents me from cutting and pasting info. i am going to publicly expose oldgolfuk from defrauding the disabled war veterans

  183. Joe

    ebay is a playground for fraud/crime/scamming and the best part is that ebay themselves are complicit with their deliberately incompetent policies and poor customer sevice that fail to address any inappropriate behaviour , even when they are presented with clear evidence, they more often than not take no action whatsoever.The issue is they have a preference and skewed relationship with their buyers who line their pockets successfully, so will happily turn a blind eye to them as long as they are making profits.Dont take it lying down…name and shame them:

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