NMIndexStoreSvr.exe Error Message

By | March 10, 2009

Have you had it too? An error message telling you NMIndexStoreSvr.exe must close? Probably you have had your computer graphics freezing up also? I kept having the same problem on a rebuilt computer when trying to watch BBC iPlayer.

Well, the good news is that you do not have a virus. The bad news is that you will most likely have to ditch one of your programmes altogether. The problem stems from Nero Essentials CD and DVD writing software. You most likely got it free in a bundle or with a disc drive you bought. You got what you paid for.

Nero has a few elements that run in the background. One such element is something called “Nero Scout” that trawls around your machine looking for media files. A quite unnecessary little bugger, which uses vast quantities of your processor capacity.

You can turn Nero Scout off by doing this: Start>All Programmes>Nero>Options. Then uncheck the option for Enable Nero Scout. You may find that this doesn’t work as it should. Your next step is to click on the Start button and choose “Run”. Type the following line exactly as it appears:

regsvr32 /u “%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Ahead\Lib\MediaLibraryNSE.dll”

Then click OK and reboot your PC. This might stop some of the Nero drain on your resources. Nero also adds several entries to your Windows startup, including NmBgMonitor.exe and NMFirstStart.exe which can hog your system resources as well.

I messed around with Nero and still was not happy that it had sly programs lurking on my machine, hogging my resources. In the end I uninstalled it altogether and hey presto, all the system drain stopped and BBC iPlayer worked again.

Nero used to be quite a decent program. I was happy to get the latest version for free. Well as they say up North, “You don’t get owt for nowt” and I lost many, many hours with thinking my new upgraded computer was knackered. I wrote this in order that you can get straight to the info you need. If you are getting the NMIndexStoreSvr.exe error – Ditch Nero.

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2 thoughts on “NMIndexStoreSvr.exe Error Message

  1. Uzi

    Well written!
    Thank you for the information. I looked around the web until I found your article.
    Nero is giving a big headack… erasing Nero and will choose another tool!

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