Parcel2go and Hermes (Evri) Overweight Parcel “Extra Payment Required” Rip Off.

By | December 18, 2015

Have you had the “Extra Payment Required” email from Parcel2Go or Evri?

As online sellers, we access the services of Hermes/myHermes (2022 edit – now Evri) sometimes direct, and sometimes through – depending on which platform we are booking from.

Years ago, everyone used to book everything at 0.99kgs and anything up to about 3kgs would go through without a hitch. That was never going to last.

In the last 18 months, Hermes has started routinely weighing everything, so weights must be accurate. No big deal and not rocket science to make sure which band your parcel falls into, right?

We only use Parcel2Go/Hermes for low-value parcels (things you can afford to lose) under two kilos. So there are two bands: 0 – 1kg and 1 – 2kg.

We use digital mail scales, so we know our weights are right. Thus we know that we are booking the correct weight band.

So here is what happens. About once a week, sometimes twice a week, we get this email:

Dear [customer name],Thank you for booking with us and using Hermes to send your parcel.

Unfortunately, Hermes have informed us that your parcel weighed/measured more than was declared when it was booked on our website. The parcel was declared as 1.00kg (20 x 20 x 20), however the actual weight/dimensions are 1.10kg (20 x 20 x 20).

We understand mistakes can be made and we operate tolerances to allow for small mistakes, however due to the size of this discrepancy, we unfortunately need to charge for this misdeclaration.

Also, due to the increased cost in processing misdeclarations, which include identifying and weighing the parcel, an additional handling charge of £2.50 is included in the underpayment total.

The total underpayment due is £ 3.49 + VAT. You can pay this charge now via the link below or find it in your basket and pay it the next time you check out with us.

Occasionally human error happens, so those of us who send many parcels will expect to make the odd mistake and have this bite us in the arse.

However, I have noticed a pattern here.

It only seems to happen with the under 1kg band with parcels that are over 900g in weight but under the 1kg threshold. The weight they say they are is always 1.1kgs.

If your parcel was not in fact overweight, how can you prove it? The answer is you can’t, because they have your parcel, and Parcel2Go/Hermes have you over a barrel here.

We got another one of these a few days ago, so on the basis that the staff will start having deductions for these “errors” if they continue, I decided to investigate this one.

Using the P2G number, I traced the order, looked at what the item sent was (an item in standard retail packaging that we sell), and weighed another one. Better than that, I took another from our pending orders, taped it myself, and added a label. The weight? 975g. I checked the weight stored on our system: 975g. I checked the manufacturer’s declared weight: 950g. So the 25g is tape and label.

The staff routinely weigh each and every Parcel2Go item because they are aware of this issue. On the day in question, everything that went out was checked.

This means our parcel was NOT overweight.


This probably means none of our parcels were ever overweight since the “Extra Payment Required” emails started arriving.

This smells to me like a quiet little scam by either Parcel2Go or Hermes.

But as we also use Hermes directly, and don’t get these penalties from Hermes directly, it would appear that this is generated at Parcel2Go – but we cannot be sure.

What I can be sure of is Parcel2Go has extracted by now several hundred pounds out of me with this little scam.

For “overweight” parcels that I reckon were nothing of the sort.


So what to do?

Well, here is the problem with Parcel2Go and Hermes. You get what you pay for. It’s a cheap service. This means zero competent customer service of any description.

Both organisations are set up to dissuade you from contacting anyone if something goes wrong. Daft email support (copy and paste replies) and dire “live help” that will have you dripping in cobwebs by the time you get anywhere.

Try and do a claim for a lost/stolen/misdelivered/undelivered item and you will see what I mean. If you have a spare few hours, you may eventually get your money back. The system is designed so you can’t be bothered and will write their mistakes off.

Sure you can email “” but nothing will happen. When faced with facts and logic, they will simply stop replying.

Customer service is not a hallmark of either Parcel2Go or Hermes – both are totally chronic in this regard. The fact is they simply don’t give a shit – they only want your money.

I estimate that between this “Extra Payment Required” scam and the few items that are stolen, lost, delivered wrongly, or not at all, we will have issues with up to 5% of Hermes bookings.

It’s probably time for us to start using a better courier or continue to self-indemnify against their mistakes as there are not enough hours in the day to chase them for losses and dishonesty.

So why is this out here?

I wanted to get this out here because I want to see if anyone else has had enough of being overcharged in this way by Parcel2Go and how big a scale this is happening on.

Parcel2Go and/or Hermes might be clawing quite a lot of money in from this little racket. And a racket is what I believe it is.

Parcel2Go will not even engage with us on the subject of the “Extra Payment Required” subject – despite our trying – they just keep charging us for it. 

I suspect it isn’t only happening to us. I suspect there are other sellers out there writing off a fiver once or twice a week, assuming they or their staff made a mistake. Again. But deep down they cannot see how. And they will Google and land here……..

2022 Update: As we all probably know, Hermes is now Evri, but not much else has changed since this was written, and people still find it. For this class of parcel, we are now back with Royal Mail. Tracked 48 is a superior service at a similar price. Talk to your Royal Mail account manager if you have one about a deal. You are charged on averages so you can have an average of say 2kg, so if lots are 1.5kg, you can send the odd 5kg, 10kg, etc. Way better than Evri.

If this is happening to you, please use the comment box below to say so. thumbs


120 thoughts on “Parcel2go and Hermes (Evri) Overweight Parcel “Extra Payment Required” Rip Off.

  1. Debra

    Yes this happens to me every week!

    I too paid immediately when invoice came in, then thought it was becoming too regular. I weigh my parcels and I’ve still had invoices to say they are overweight!

  2. Editor Post author

    Since I wrote this, I successfully challenged the last one Debra. I sent them a photo of the same item on digital scales. We got a refund. It hasn’t happened since.

    However, to remove the possibility, everything that is over 925g goes with Royal Mail now to avoid it. At least they don’t lose as much as Hermes do.

    I am absolutely convinced this is a scam.

    Keep pressing them on the concerns@parcel2go email address, do what I did and see if it stops.

    Please share the post on any platforms other sellers may be on to see if we can flush anyone else out.

  3. Martin

    Yes I have had same over weight tariff request once with Parcel2go / Myhermes, parcel not over weight.

    Five times direct with Myhermes.

    I have never had a problem with Inpost Locker.

    I suspect scam or inaccurate weighing scales at Myhermes.

  4. Editor Post author

    We have just had it with parcel2go again, this time with UPS. As usual, no reply from the concerns@ email.

  5. Andrew

    We have dumped parcel2go and Hermes altogether now due to this scam.

    I also challenged the last one – I linked them to this topic – you can email directly with evidence. I got this back:

    I appreciate that you state there is a discrepancy between your declared weight of the items and that which Hermes has provided to ourselves and from the photos provided, do agree with yourself. I’ll take this matter up with the courier for you and would ask that if you receive any further charges, that you don’t pay them and instead contact me directly at this email address so I can sort this for you.

    With regards to the payment made against the underpayment on P2GXXXXX, we have processed a refund for you.

    So I should email them every time they rip me off? Who has time for that?

    This week Hermes direct also did it to us. Parcel was 60cm x 38cm x 38cm, 7kgs. I paid for up to 10kgs. I got this:

    Our courier has been unable to deliver your parcel as it exceeds the maximum size (225cm combined volume, 120cm length or 15kg) authorised in the myHermes network. Please see our terms and conditions for further details (section 1.1.12

    Your parcel is currently being held at our depot. We will shortly be sending you an invoice via email to make an additional payment, please select the ‘View & pay invoice’ button within the email to do so.

    The total payment required is £10.80 (£9.00 overweight parcel fee + 20% VAT.)

    Once we are in receipt of this payment your parcel will be released for delivery. Please pay this amount within 7 days of this email or your parcel may be disposed of.

    Kind regards,

    myHermes Customer Services

    Except weight was under 10kgs and combined volume was 212cms. I took the pragmatic view, paid it and vowed never to use Parcel2go or Hermes again. I guess I have outgrown them and their dishonesty was the staw that broke the camels back. Enjoy the £10.80 guys, it has just cost you many thousands of pounds a year.

    We just opened an account with DPD direct. One price up to 20kgs, next day delivery, proper customer service, proper tracking, less than UPS via P2G, a bit more than Hermes but who needs all that crap and dishonesty? Or deliveries tossed over fences or left in the rain by some geezer with the arse hanging out of his pants in a clapped out old car?

    DPD project the right image for our business. Using them is like a breath of fresh air compared to Hermes and P2G.

  6. Ian Leonard

    I posted a guitar which was 4.5 kg but they slapped £10.80 byb email that I could only pay via paypal. As it was an ebay sale I had to pay. This was 2 moths ago. Posted another guitar today but used the 5 – 10kg service. Same again slapped £10.80 charge which I have paid (ebay sale again) Now the guitar was a Stratocaster which weighs in at between 4 and 4.5 kilos so my cardboard packaging must have weighed in at 5kg+….NOT. I paid with credit card so I’ll be raising a query through my credit card supplier and we’ll see what happens. Oh, and I’ve asked the buyer to weigh the packge when it arrives as well so fingers crossed I’ll hve some ammo. I’m not a business user so don’t make frequent use of courier services but I expect thisntrend is affecting many others

  7. Editor Post author

    The charge will be volumetric for a guitar Ian. Because they are long and oddly shaped. They will have taken the length and added the widths at the widest points to come up with a large volumetric weight.

    Personally, for a guitar, as a one off, I would use these:

    But hover over the sizes to see the maximum dimensions pop up to get the right service.

    ipost smash way less up than Hermes too.

  8. Dave

    Got my first “over-weight parcel – extra payment required” notifications recently for a suit/clothes carrier. I did put it in a box and I may have underestimated the weight slightly (I booked it at 1kg) but they reckon it weighs 3kg….I think that’s 3 bags of sugar!! Not a chance!!

  9. Ray

    This has happened to me too, twice now, getting tired of these p1ss taking companies, how do we bring them to their knees, hack their website, set up a national boycott?? People need to know that their goods aren’t safe with these people.


    I too have been a victim of this scam! Having received requests for extra payments over the past year I thought that maybe it was my fault. However, I can say without doubt my last parcel for which I was billed extra was not over the intended weight. What to do now?!

  11. Han

    It has happened to me a few times.
    When I was sent an email at first time I was very anxious if my parcel would not be delivered on time to my customer or lose it on the way so I paid it immediately. after that incident it has happened to me few times. I have sent same items under 1kg to various customers without any issue but only one requiring an extra payment by Parcel2go. By then I realised that something was going on with either Parcel2go or myHermes. Also, at one point, the parcel was delivered by myhermes and one month later,I got an email from Parcel2go, saying that they need an extra payment because there was a discrepancy so I contact the concerns team at Parcel2go. I told them about the extra payment although the parcel was delivered to my customer on time by myhermes. Parcel2go said they received an discrepancy invoice from myhermes. So I asked them why they would not notify me immediately when there was an overweight extra payment. They said they get invoice sometimes weekly or monthly from myHermes. I thought that sounds very strange as they must be a big client to myHermes, Surely they must get a discrepancy invoice regularly. I have to prove that the extra payment was not needed as my parcel was well under 1kg with my previous record and product details with weight on website link.
    I managed to get the extra payment request off from my invoice at that time.
    However, It has happened to me again with under 1kg same as last time. I have sent few same items to various customer, which weighing at around 800g. I got an email from Parcel2go, requesting an extra payment. I have checked Parcel2go website to find out if my parcel is at the hub. I got the requesting email at 7:30am and at 9:50am, it shows that my parcel is at the sorting out hub.
    I thought that is very strange. This has to be a kind of scam. I have contact the concern team and Now I am waiting to hear from them what’s going on with my parcel.
    It looks like the parcel is going to be delivered anyway so This got to be something to do with Parcel2go.
    I am aware of that anyone using parcel2go service they can not deal with courier company directly to find out any problems.
    I think they are using this situation to bullying the customer like me and anyone to pay the extra for nothing.
    This must have been going on for long time. They must be profiting from this. Otherwise why they charge £2.50 for handling fee on the top of extra payment for postage. It is disgusting that the way they do the business. I also noticed that on their price quote they charge same price with £20 loss and breakage insurance, which is £5 less than if you are going with these courier company directly(£25). I know they give you 5% back if you top up £100 but at the end of day you do not gain any if the item is more valuable than £20.
    I am angry that most people would not bother to rectify the problem because people do not realise that they are bullied or scammed. They are assuming that they made a mistake by paying the extra payment request. I wonder Why myHermes do not provide the scale at the collection point so people can check the weight at the dropping point. Surely they can provide a simple digital scale but I do think they would excuse themselves to avoid it in order to make more profit.

  12. john

    same scam happened to me. parcel was under 2kg they said it was 2.5kg.
    eventually got the email address from the online chat service, although apart from giving me the email address the chat service was a waste of time.definitely not going to use them again, they couldn’t even wait until i was a regular customer before trying to rip me off, it was my first parcel using hermes.i emailed stating i would claim it back from paypal if they didn’t refund me.received an email still not accepting liability but offering to refund me.i’ll have to see if that actually happens or not, and if not i’ll claim it back if possible through paypal.

  13. KJ

    They do it to me regularly, I now take a quick pic on my iPhone of anything over 900grammes showing the label and the weight on the scales and then when the fraudulent demand comes in I reply with the photo and they delete the charge every time. It is 100% a scam, I am convinced it is parcel2go and not myHermes as once they even sent me the fraudulent demand before the parcel had reached the myHermes sorting hub so it couldn’t have been weighed at that point. The only question is who is going to be the first to report this to Trading Standards, I have about 7 examples of this on my email trails but who has the time?

  14. Shirley

    Just received email from Hermes PayPal asking for 5.00 don’t know what is for my parcel wNt overweight or anything beware I won’t be paying it

  15. Robertas Kindurys

    I’m not using parcel2Go very often but booked my two parcels through this company this year and for bouth was overcharged, and the lastone dropped off in post office the wheit was 3.648kg on receipt, paid as 4.7kg and the sent me email with the wheight of 5.7kg… that’s unbelievable!!!

  16. Thomas Jones

    Parcel2Go and myHermes, lost me £600 3 years ago, thought I would give them another go. 5 parcels in, one of these emails, stating a parcel I sent was 2.5KG, when I know it was 1.97KG, I know this as I checked it 3 times.

    I should have used Royal Mail, it would have been cheaper!

    I am going to pay then complain, requesting a copy of their complaints procedure.

    I am going to issue a complaint to their regulator.

    To be honest as myHermes is in the press for mistreatment of their own employees, I doubt it will come to anything, but if enough people shout someone will listen.

  17. luke ryan

    got burnt on this one, I put in the collect and send postcodes and weight, 1.5kg and hit go on the parcel to go website, the next page had all the regular details but didnt show anywhere to input the actual parcel size, ok I thought the parcel, some 43cm diameter x 4cm deep (three small bike tyres) wasnt large so we are ok here, the only details I could find is that the parcel shouldnt be over 1m and there some notes to right saying it shouldnt be 45x35x16cm so thats a volumetric weight of 25k cm3, my parcel being 6k cm3

    so I sent it off and was surprised when I got an extra charge to pay, apparrantly I put in the parcel as 10x10x10cm!!! no I didnt there wasnt an option to put in a size so this must be the default, i am well and truly conned, I tried to complain to parcel to go on thier livechat but no use, their operatives just didnt get it or were told to fend off the complaints – time for the ombudsman if I can

  18. Dave Langley

    They have burnt me too many times!… my latest was because the box I had used was 3cm too big on one side, yet 17cm and 15cm smaller than the maximum for this new smaller parcels deal, yet they say this…”We understand that mistakes can be made, and that’s why we operate tolerances to allow for small mistakes.” So I believe it was a small mistake on my part, but their platinum lined pockets got another £4 from me. It’s a scam this particular deal, designed to fleece the poor man and the cheek of them, they never revealed how big the discrepancy was in the automated email, I had to hit twitter to find out! Once myhermes left my parcel in a shed apparently, well my customer didn’t have a shed, so I lost over £100 in one fell swoop because I took a risk and did not insure.

    Also like Luke Ryan above, apparently I put in 10x10x10cm as dimensions! I didnt, it was entered by default

  19. Mark

    This is a scam….. They are doing it random to see who pays. I have photographic evidence to bring this company down. Watch this blog as you will witness their downfall. I posted two identical parcels…Sony speakers in their original brand-new factory packaging weighing 16kg as shown on box. Both where sent on different days to different customers at the cost of just over £20 as I wanted the full insurance cover. I have since had the email that states the items weigh more than stated. One claims the item weighs 27kg the other email states the identical item weighs 28.5kg….this isn’t a genuine weighing error….this is a dishonest company trying to con people of their money…whilst hoping to escape under the “Genuine error excuse” Do not use this service….pay a little extra and use a courier that has moral busines ethics. They messed up with me I can tell you as I have contacts in the retail policing networks which are already looking at this company. Watch this space….and goodbye parcel to go….you had your day.

  20. Mark

    Hi Lesley

    This information was provided in the previous emails you sent. If you don’t believe this then you will need to look up Sony GTX-X1BT. The packaging dimensions and shipping weight will be shown there.

    The more important issue here is that I sold two of these via ebay and you have claimed that these items both weighed more that I stated. These items are shipped by Sony and by law have to show the handling weight on the boxes.. which is 16kg…… Your email stated that one of them weighed 27kg and the other 28.5kg …a staggering 10+ kilos per item. I now formally request a full explanation on how your service providers have made such ridiculous weighing errors not only on one item but two identical ones. Further more I am aware of the blog about the so called Parcel 2 Go scam.

    I now request £10 in compensation due to the time your error has cost me. I am listing my costs clearly below so you as an agent of Parcels 2 Go are fully aware of the charges you will incur.

    Administrations Cost Charges

    Emails £10 each
    Letters £15 + recorded delivery charges
    Phone calls £1 per min minimum charge £5


    Mark Jeffery

  21. Phil

    Same here, always the under 1Kg, underpaid because 1.1Kg ,and the charge penalty is greater than the original postage cost, even though I weigh on a very accurate digital scale before posting.
    I would feel so bad about it had I known in the past you could get away with sending upto 3Kg and declaring it as 0.99Kg, I’m far too honest and have always weighed everything, down to removing bits of packaging to get it under a certain weight, and if I use Royal Mail, i can take these parcels to the post office and their digital scale agrees with my digital scale exactly.
    Parcel2go did send me one of these notices once stating that UPS had weghed my parcel at 41Kg, which was ridiculous as the item was in the manufacturers original box and the net and gross weight 9.7Kg was written on the side, they droppedthe charge after I sent them photos. I also had to show the ebay listing to prove the box contained the original item.
    Hermes and P2G have raised the 1Kg limit to 2Kg now i think, you need to check, as I don’t use either anymore.

  22. Mark

    this has also happened too me twice this week. Once on weight and one on size. No evidence was provided or offered. I used a tape measure and scales before sending both my parcels. I wish I used another company now. Trading Standards need to be looking into this.

  23. nick

    Parcel2go have just sent me an extra invoice for dimensions that should have been medium rather than small.I know the measured dimensions they quote are inaccurate
    Checking on tracking it was delivered a while back so not even held up
    I agree with comments above that I think a scam is going on and will not be using parcel2go again

  24. Emma

    I have just had one of these from Parcel2go / UPS.
    My parcels are always the same weight and I know they are under 2kg. I always weight them and sure enough it was 1.8kg.
    They are saying it was 6kg!!!! bollocks it was. Anyway I checked the tracking and it has already been delivered. It’s a scam, why would they deliver it?
    I’m totally fed up with Parcel2go. I use them because they are cheap, but recently I used Hermes international with P2G…what a mistake. DON’t DO IT!
    They took three months to loose a parcel to Finland and then basically lied about it being delivered back to me. The tracking says it’d been delivered back here, what a laugh. Where’s the parcel? where’s the signature? Where’s the paper note through the door? £350 worth of artwork lost.
    I must have spent hours and hours and hours on ‘chat’ NOT ANY MORE!!!
    I’m going to try somewhere else.

  25. Caroline

    I just received the same message because I’d apparently said my parcel was small and not medium. But the website is so misleading: when you put in your details for a quote it only gives you a button to click if your parcel measures over 1 meter. Mine didn’t so I assumed I didn’t have to worry about size. I spent ages trying to find a way to get in contact. Once I found the chat I asked if she could cancel the charge as the parcel was already delivered and the website was misleading Her response was: ‘No way’.

    So has anyone not paid and what was the outcome?

  26. Editor Post author

    It depends how you paid. If a card they may try to recharge it – you can then dispute the second charge as unauthorised. If Paypal they cannot charge that afterwards. If pre-paid account they will take it from your balance. If you dont plan to use them again, ignore the charge and dispute any second payment they may take from your card.

  27. Gary

    I received this email yesterday for the first time. I had a suspicious feeling it was a “scam” because I had already weighed my parcel on Royal Mail calibrated scales. My package was 1.940 kg so I declared 2kg. Yesterday I was told by Parcel2go that it was 2.3kg. Initially I was going to pay then I thought better of it. I decided to wait and see what happened. I made no contact with Parcel2go regarding the matter. I simply watched the tracking and today my parcel was delivered with no additional “charges” paid!!

    I only Googled this topic out of curiosity just to see if anyone else had a similar experience. Now that my suspicions have been confirmed I can safely say that Parcel2go have lost me as a future customer. Lucky for me I didn’t get ripped off.

    The fact the parcel was delivered might in someways suggest Parcel2go are breaking the law? Receiving money through deception is theft. Any legal bods about to confirm? Perhaps they need properly exposing…..

  28. Editor Post author

    Gary, if you paid by card, they will suck it from that I expect.

  29. Gary

    Editor, I paid by debit card. I don’t think they get away with any unauthorised charges. I’ll keep an eye on my account and inform the bank if they try.

  30. Tom

    I’ve had this a few times, I’ve only got them when it’s been just shy of 2kg. I never pay their charge, they always deliver it so far. I just buy again with a different email address. UKmail incidentally have never tried to charge extra (even when booked through parcels2go). Hope that helps.

  31. Anthony

    I had one a month ago. Urgent Action required.
    Declared weight of 13.5 kg for a parcel 46cmx46cmx32cm to Australia.
    1 or 2 and this was the smaller, but heavier parcel. Weight verified on delivery by video with a girl standing on scales.
    They said the actual weight was 35.5kg !!!! for clothes ?????
    Getting no where with the dumb ass customer service team as they are requesting a tape be put across the delivered parcel, a month later ??!!!
    They say an additional £80 is required — like that will happen !
    If your parcel is delivered, screw ’em and use someone else next time.
    They are also saying something about volumetric weight, if thats the case, the larger box which was lighter should be the problem, but its not.
    Basically they screwed up somewhere but won’t admit it, each box cost nearly £100 to send.
    DONT USE P2GO for anything, i think they are scammers….!!!!!!

  32. Anthony

    Just to add a family member used to be in the Fraud squad and they are looking into this company and my complaint………

  33. Anthony

    ….And this was using DPD not Hermes….so P2go are scamming everyone they can.

  34. D. S

    This just happened to me except it was the dimensions of the parcel they claimed were outside the limits, not the weight. Luckily I am anal enough to photograph all my parcels and the recipient also took photos of him measuring the parcel upon receipt, which disproved their fraudulent claims. Getting redress was another matter altogether, though I have instituted a claim for reimbursement of the original transaction via Paypal. Disgusting company which I shall AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE from hereon.

  35. Steffi

    I had the same happen to me 3 times now. All times with UPS, Parcel2Go claims that UPS is requesting an extra charge because the measures were larger than I stated. The first time they said they’d wave it for goodwill. The second time they wanted about 4 pounds and I thought I had made a mistake and payed. Today I received another and this time I know that they are definitely wrong. I sent a tube of 140cm and UPS/P2G claims that it exceeded 150cm which is not true. I certainly won’t pay the £9.50 they are asking for. My friend who received the parcel is documenting its length as proof and from now on I will document every bloody parcel I send out with them.
    Don’t pay the charge if you know that you gave the right weight and measure, it’s 100% SCAM.

  36. Cle

    So I’ve just had this exact scam tried on me by P2G also. I normally send around 40 parcels a month with this company, all weighing between 0.2KG and 0.5KG and 90% being sent via myHermes. Took a break this month from work and only ended up sending around 3-4 parcels. Just got an email saying that one of the parcels I sent via Landmark Collection has been undervalued by me to the tune of £5.60+ VAT with no option of non payment as the charge will be added on to the next parcel I send if I don’t pay now. I know for a fact that the parcel was 0.24kg and not the ridiculous 1.47kg they claim as I have never sent a parcel that large and if anything overestimate the weights of my parcels when I send them just to be on the safe side.
    Have had some dodgy dealings with this company in the past but considering the number of packages I send with them I brushed them off as minor inconveniences. However it seems that Parcel2Go has been ramping up this scam charge recently as can be seen from recent the comments here. Won’t be paying the charge as the parcel seems to be tracking fine and others have been delivered with no problems, so well done P2G, you tried to scam me for £6 and have now lost the hundreds of quid I would have continued to spend with you in the future!

  37. Kurtis

    I just got this:

    –“Unfortunately, MyHermes have informed us that your parcel weighed/measured more than was declared when it was booked on our website. The parcel was declared as 3.30kg, however the actual weight is 3.30kg.”–

    And it seems that they want to charge me an extra £11:50 + VAT on top of what I have already paid:

    –“Also, due to the increased cost in processing misdeclarations, which include identifying and weighing the parcel, an additional handling charge of £2.50 is included in the underpayment total.

    The total underpayment due is £11.50 + VAT. You can pay this charge now via the link below or find it in your basket and pay it the next time you check out with us. ”

    Totally confused and annoyed, and complete shocked that this is an ongoing, largescale issue. Anyone know if this is a matter that can be handled by Trading Standards, etc???

  38. Vanessa

    I have also received two messages from parcel2go on this matter.
    I purchased a prom dress for my daughter from China. It dually arrived but she didn’t like it, surprise surprise!!
    I used parcel2go to return the item, I paid about £26 plus some insurance of about £4 as the dress was £100
    I chose to drop the item at a local shop. I then informed the dress seller of the items return and proof of postage and luckily for me they have refunded me on the dress with just proof of postage.
    Then a few days after I got the email, as shown in the original post, that I owed in excess of £!2 for the postage as instead of being 2kg it was apparently 5.8kg.
    As i am a little dim, I now realise that I was checking the lbs on the scales and not the kg. Therefore my 2kg parcel was in fact a little under 2 lbs and definitely under 1kg which as it was a dress is hardly surprising.
    I have now received a follow up reminder email.
    I am planning to speak to the fraud action line and trading standards.

  39. Marianne

    I send approx 150 parcels a week with Hermes, they have tried the same thing a few times, the first couple of times I paid up, even though I knew they were incorrect, last week got the generic mail about out of tariff blah blah, and I thought no way am I paying this time, so I kicked up hell, on their Facebook Page on Twitter and everywhere I could, I told them I had photographic evidence, which I did ( i printed off the label again and put the same item in the bag), eventually they crawled and apologised and cancelled it, for overseas parcels I use basically whichever my customer wants to use, so today I get a email from Parcel 2 Go, using Landmark, saying your parcel ( which was well under 1KG) has weighed 1.46kg.. I dont think so! So again put the same item in a bag, label on and have submitted the evidence, they have a nice little scam going here, everything is weighed before it leaves here, and they are NOT going to rip me off, I have already spoken to the regulator about this and every time they try and rip me off I will contact the regulator, with hermes there seems to be a coincidence that if a parcel goes missing, you can bet within 48 hours of me putting in a claim , i will get an out of tariff notice from them!

  40. Vanessa

    I have reported them to the Fraud Action Line. The Ref No. is NFRC170501842539.
    Anyone else wishing to report the scam can quote this number and it will be cross referenced.

  41. Steve Harrison

    Today I received an email from underpayments@upstoday (powered by parcel2go)stating a parcel I had sent was more than declared size and weight and a due invoice for over £20. No parcel I have sent matched either the alleged dimensions or the declared ones so this is obviously a scam. If generated by parcel2go then it is criminal fraud and a matter for the police and law courts.

  42. Marianne

    You should contact ActionFraud online, I did this and got a reference number, if enough people do this then maybe some action will be taken.

  43. kim

    Can anyone recommend a good courier with P2G prices? Same thing has happened to me this week with P2go. I had 4 items weighing approx. 900 grams which they claimed weighed: 1.49, 1.89, 1.15, etc . I disputed this, sent photos of the same item on the scale. They waived the so-called extra weight fees which were over £40.00 in total. The dispute/ customer service system is maddening and designed for you to give up and eat the extra fees.

  44. Marianne

    So this morning a mail pops in my inbox, this time its dimensions out of tariff, have sent again photo evidence onto their facebook page and told them to stop trying to rip me off again! I will once again be reporting them to Action Fraud!

  45. Marianne

    NFRC170501841375 This is my crime reference number that I have updated again with todays incident.

  46. Stephen

    Another “you have outstanding charges you need to pay” from parcel2go. This was for a bespoke item for which the exact dimensions are known. Their claim that the pack was 13cm larger is an absolute lie as it wouldn’t have fitted in the packaging used. They are asking me to supply a photograph from the receiver of the pack along side a tape measure as evidence in the dispute. The pack was delivered a month ago to my customer so they know I can’t provide this. They have not provided any evidence that the pack is oversize,…Why?…don’t they laser scan everything?…surely they’d record anything that was disputable? Absolutely disgraceful criminality.

  47. Suzanne

    I’m also disputing 7 claims for parcel weight under declaration. I have asked for proof of their claims. They won’t have any as the parcels were weighed and declared honestly and correctly. I don’t like being accused of incompetence or dishonesty. I don’t believe for a minute that the claims are actually from the courier company as they state. I think the courier companies should be made aware of what is going on with P2G.

  48. bob

    I have all ways used collect plus and have never had this problem even when I know the parcel is over the limit

  49. Dave

    Just had my 3rd one of these. I sent an empty flightcase in a strong plastic bag plus some bubble wrap. The manufacturer’s website quotes a net weight of approx 5kg, which is what I declared to parcel2go…..they now claim it weighed 6.1kg so it must have been very heavy bubble wrap that I used!! I smell a scam myself to generate additional revenue…

  50. Lucy

    Totally agree. Using parcel2go and shipping via Landmark, I posted item weighing less than 2lbs and they sent me letter that it weighed 2kgs!!! Disputed and they are letting me off as a gesture of goodwill. What a scam.

  51. Cavey

    How did you dispute this? They don’t have an email address and I refuse to do this via fbook. As the email they sent can’t be replied to I am ignoring them. Anyone been taken to court by them?

  52. Editor Post author

    They’ll not take you to court. Just dont use the same email/log in with them again.

  53. Andrew Jones

    I have used Hermes directly 14 times with no problem, this week I sold a small thin item, I know it was close to the length limit of 45cms, but by careful packing I got it down to 42cms, but they claim it was 50cms!, their measurement is very suspect as I also know the width was less than 20, but they claim 35cms. Clearly a complete scam. I keep photo’s of what I have sent. I will now keep photo’s of parcel against tape measure.
    Clearly a scam.
    Not sure they have anyway of taking the money directly from my Paypal, or do they?

  54. Amjad Hadadi

    Andrew Jones I feel for you mate…I am in exactly the situation as yourself. Have used myhermes for 4 years… Never had a problem… Twice this week the have imposed a £4.20 penalty ontop of what I have already paid per parcel. I have remeasured the item and it nowhere near the sizes they have stated. Help! This is bang out of order… Can anything be done about this?

  55. Mark

    I get these emails direct from Hermes, everytime I send parcels out, usually once a week, I get at least 1in every 4 parcels, after being very annoyed I weighed everything twice and even wrote the exact weight on the box in big writing, how odd that the next day I get an email from Hermes saying your parcel was overweight, the item in question weighed 3.7kg and they are saying it was 6.1kg, that’s one hell of an error on my part when everything is weighed twice.
    I won’t be using them again and I won’t be paying them either.

  56. Louise Cubbage

    I have just had the same october 31 2017 and I think it is a scam will be calling weights and measures because I know it was not over weight ! cant prove it but will not use parcel to go any more and I suggest we all do the same

  57. James Halliday

    It’s just started happening with my account too. Twice in about 4 weeks. I am 100% the dimensions and weight were accurate, I err on the side of caution and over state all the figures anyway so I am not having it. This week’s excess charge is £9.50 plus VAT. I‎t is outrageous.

  58. Amjad Hadadi

    Hi Guys

    After many correspondences and inconvenience caused and time wasted I managed to get a response saying they have cancelled a £4.20 invoice and refunded me £4.20 and have accepted these invoices were incorrect.Will advise if they are sending you pentaly charges for being overweight when you are not it’s a ‘contract breach’ from hermes. I was fortunate to have evidence to prove them wrong. This definitely needs to brought to light with watch dog and trading standards and everyone should stop using fraud Hermes service.

    Hope everyone in this situation has courage to reclaim their money back.

    I have gone back to using Royal Mail as there no overweight issues as all parcels are weighed before you pay.

  59. Katrina

    Sent a parcel to the USA with these jokers, weight was 2.85kg, just had an underpayment email for £42.45 as they claim the parcel weighs 8.65kg! We use digital scales so know we was right but can’t prove it. The email says you can click link to pay it or next time you log in it will be in your basket. Thinking it was a scam I logged in separately rather than clicking link and nothing in basket? Is it a scam? Worried parcel maybe held even though the tracking says it’s in transit. What would you do? Thanks

  60. Paul Seymour

    Just had one of my own. Its been 10 months or so since the last one.
    The item was a book to the US. Sent via P2G.
    0.99 Kilos. OCS via P2G supposedly claims it weighs 1.66 kilos?
    Its a book the size of a modern hardback.
    We have postal calibrated scales here. No way is the parcel over weight.
    It amounts to extortion.

  61. Steve

    Hmm, I suspected mine may be overweight 2.5k instead of 2kg and fined 2.5 x the original cost…..Now I could do the honorable thing and just pay up but they have already delivered it, so what they gonna do, bring it back?

  62. Andrew

    Interesting reading. Here’s my recent experience with Parcel2Go.

    I sent a parcel to Japan. Fully insured the cost was pretty steep at £129 but this was an expensive guitar. The delivery went well and arrived it safely. I then get a request for an additional £74 as my parcel was “significantly” overweight.

    I had weighed it myself at 11.2Kg and rounded it up to 12Kg for the quote.

    UPS apparently said it weighed 30.5Kg. Yep, 2.7 times the actual weight.

    I asked for evidence as this was impossible but was told by Parcel2Go that unfortunately I was guilty as charged and the onus was on me to prove it was the weight I quoted.

    When I challenged further they came back and said actually it was a sizing issue and that I had declared incorrect measurements: I had measured it at 138cm x 61cm x 16cm but UPS had measured the box now it was suddenly 138cm x 61cm x 18cm and they looked forward to receiving my £74.00 unless I had photographic evidence to the contrary.

    I know what I weighed and I know what what I measured [I ship guitars all the time] and this just feels like a huge scam where Parcel2Go can send an invoice for 58% of the value of the shipment with absolutely no substantiating evidence whatsoever.

    I haven’t paid and will happily present my side of events in any Court.

    It’s a Net Recommender score on -10 from me, I’m afraid!

  63. Antony

    I have had the same as most that P2G say “my dimensions were wrong” I owe them £40 plus £2.50 admin cost. The parcel has been delivered so they can go whistle. Totally illegal sending invoices with no hard evidence of the “new dimensions” BYE BYE P2G!

  64. Alex

    I have just had a request for ‘overweight’ surcharge from P2G/Hermes.
    I send very few parcels but I think the last but one that I sent also attracted a surcharge for allegedly being over-dimensioned.
    I know how to use a tape measure and usually over estimate on the weight to be on the safe side, so I certainly smell a rat.
    I won’t be use P2G or Hermes again, that’s for sure, and will let them know in no uncertain terms.

  65. Nicola

    They want an extra £49.20+vat for a parcel I declared at 4kgamf they’ve weighed it at just under 10kg!! I’m furious but I don’t know what to do about it

  66. Rich

    Just happened to me with a shipment weighing 2.3kg sent by UPS and booked through P2Go. Over a week after parcel was safely delivered, P2G sent an email requesting additional payment of £4.00 as UPS had informed them parcel weighed 24kg (!!). Still in email correspondence with them but spoke to UPS who categorically denied sending them an overweight demand and parcel was logged in their system as 2.3kg. Obvious scam.

  67. anonymous

    I am in an ongoing dispute with UPSToday – part of Parcel2Go. This issue started happening about 5 months ago – I weigh and measure everything we send and yet these underpayment charges keep coming through – about 20% of what we ship are now being charged underpayments. Its a total scam by Parcel 2 Go / UPS (unsure) – some of the weights they say the parcels are just totally crazy – i have evidenced the item I sold but they ask for the parcel photographs – how can you get them when they have been opened by the customer!

  68. Dan

    Just received an ‘underpayment request’ which baffled me -when we put it on the scales before sending it came in at 3.2kg but the underpayment request says it was 24kg – its a total scam and a really bold one at that! I wont be paying nor using them again.

  69. EG

    Sent about 15 ebay parcels to save a few pence vs Royal Mail recently. Got charged for item they said was 2cm too deep, 4.20 surcharge, I know I measure items before posting to avoid this. How do you prove it as they had delivered item and they know it – trouble is there is incentive for scamming as couriers get paid more for bigger parcels, furthermore as they had delivered it how do you prove it??? In addition, first item arrived smashed – here’s another scam, only when I looked at small print did I realise that NO breakables covered……and I had paid insurance on all parcels, so they had sold me invalid insurance!! Back to Royal Mail for me……………you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

  70. Mr D

    I am having the same problem with UPS today, they sent an underpayment charge of £4.50 for a fishing rod I sent in a tube.
    I always state the tube as 2cm longer than it is and the weight heavier than it is.
    The tube in question was entered as 190cm x 11cm x 11cm and UPS said it was 188cm x 11cm x 13cm! how can a tube be measured differently side to side!
    I know I am correct as all the tubes are the same width and always check the measurements carefully.
    Customer service is non existent and I wont be using UPS today again or Parcel2go.


    Used parcel2go for years without any problem, I always over state the weight to be sure and use plastic post bags, thus week I have had two emails claiming wrong sizes given. The first parcel was folded fabric so I thought maybe it’s slipped about during transport and paid up, but then I sent another much smaller parcel in a small size plastic post bag, and I’ve received an email saying the size is twice the size of the bag I used! I’m not paying it as the p2go site states it’s been deleivered!!

  72. Nico

    Well, I totally agree with the complaints. It is not only Parcel2go but also UPStoday which is run by the same people. At one parcel to the US they tried to charge £ 18 extra +vat.
    They said it had been reported by ups … etc. When I went to the UPS deport which was not that far away I found that there was no record whatsoever on their computers of an overweight. It was just a fake.
    I have had overcharge claimes by Parcel2go on the following carriers, MyHermes ( of course) UPS, DPD, Hermes Int.,Landmark, TNT, Asendia and even Parcelforce where I dropped it off at the local post office and where I got a weight receipt of the post office scales.
    It is a scam. They just try it on. Your parcel does not get destroyed. They deliver it irrespective.

    I have enough evidence to go to the police fraud section. Next time they try on me that is precisely what will happen. meanwhile we photograph every parcel on the scales and dimensions. It is the only way.

  73. Maria Johnson

    I am sending a jigsaw puzzle to Australia. The weight is just under 2 kg but got a surcharge demand for £37.00 + VAT with the explanation that my parcel weighed 12.39 kg – over 10kg more than the actual parcel!!!!!!!!! I filled in a form disputing the weight and their reply was

    “Unfortunately the weight confirmed by Landmark is in fact volumetric and to calculate this the courier uses the dimensions of your Parcel”

    P2G suggest that I ask the recipient to photograph it upon receipt with a tape measure next to it. I am very reluctant to do this as the customer will think me unprofessional. I have sent an email asking them to prove to me that I was wrong. I am determined to keep fighting.

  74. Dick Turpin

    These jokers need stopping now!!! Ppl need to start contacting trading standards to get them investigated this is totally illegal and there lies are beyond. If you still use them attatch photographic evidence to the parcel and keep a duplicate yourself and state this on the parcel to cover yourself .

  75. Pete B

    Received the same: Thank you for booking with us and using MyHermes to send your parcel.
    Unfortunately, MyHermes have informed us that your parcel measured more than was declared when it was booked on our website. The parcel was declared as “Small” – however, the actual dimensions exceed the maximum for the MyHermes Small service ( 45 X 35 X 16 cm).
    MyHermes have measured your parcel as 52 X 19 X 8 cm
    Since your parcel is in fact larger than these maximum restrictions, your parcel falls into the “Medium” pricing bracket
    We understand that mistakes can be made, and that’s why we operate tolerances to allow for small mistakes. However, due to the size of this particular discrepancy, MyHermes have issued an additional charge for this misdeclaration.
    Please also note that due to the increased cost in processing misdeclarations, which include identifying and weighing the parcel, an additional handling charge of £2.50 is included in the underpayment total.
    The total underpayment due is £3.40 + VAT. You can pay this charge now via the link below or find it in your basket and pay it the next time you check out with us.

  76. Jarek

    Just received email from Parcel2Go, my parcel has been wider by 1cm only. 42.50£ to pay. I will never use them, bye bye






  78. Allie

    I received one of these “underpaid” emails today. I almost paid it, but alarm bells started to ring and I decided to dig around first. Glad I did. Based on the comments above, it looks like P2G are operating a massive scam and, as already suggested, should be reported to Trading Standards or whatever they call themselves these days. There certainly seems to be enough evidence. I won’t be using them again.

  79. chris Rawlings

    Yes!!!!Yes!!!!! Have I had problems like this. I once weighed my parcel on a baby scale at work in the NHS (It has to be accurate and is calibrated every week or so), I’ve had lots of parcels overweight over the years (when they were not) so now i photograph each parcel on the scale and photograph the measurement too. One day, with lots of evidence I will take them to Court… One receiver said the parcel was wet (which may have added weight, and then misshapen (probably due to being under a ton of other parcels. I have also been shown a photograph of the house to prove the item was delivered (It was the wrong house), then one occasion the expensive delivery was made to a farm in winter (they said at 8pm) the owners said there is no way it could have been delivered then because their farm is surrounded by guard dogs at night. I have had my problems over the years.I like the good old Post Office, they are great even if dearer.

  80. mike

    It does happen with parcels right on the limit, but very recently I have posted small parcel 380 grams with myHermes (I sent up to 20 exactly like this every day), received email from Hermes saying it was overweigh, and found to be 2.4 kg parcel. Two days later another parcel, exactly the same, was found to weight 3.9 kg!!!. They must have some issue with scales or making this up. Right now looking for another carrier , it costs too much to post with myHermes, you save on postage price but amount of parcels not delivered, lost, claimed as delivered but never received by customers, will set your savings back and in long run it costs more 🙁

  81. Lisa

    Myhermes have contacted me saying I owe them for 45 unpaid invoices!!! They say it totals £205! I randomly picked a parcel which I booked st under 1kg is weighed just under 350 grand I the jiffy envelope and they say it weighed 2+ kgs’
    What do I do! I don’t want a red mark against my name! I have emailed them my views and told them I’m not paying they have said they do not need to provide evidence and action will be tsken

  82. Editor Post author

    Just ignore them and dont use them again.

  83. Lee

    Dear lee,

    Thank you for booking with us and using Landmark to send your parcel.

    Unfortunately, Landmark have informed us that your parcel weighed more than was declared when it was booked on our website. The parcel was declared as 0.90kg, however the actual weight is 6.70kg.

    We understand mistakes can be made and we operate tolerances to allow for small mistakes, however due to the size of this discrepancy, we unfortunately need to charge for this misdeclaration.

    Also, due to the increased cost the courier incurs in processing misdeclarations, which include identifying and weighing the parcel, an additional handling charge of £2.50 is included in the underpayment total.

    The total underpayment due is £18.15 + VAT. You can pay this charge now via the link below or find it in your basket and pay it the next time you check out with us.

    I photograph everything on scales and next to a ruler to see size. It was 879g, not even near 6.7kg. All I can think of is that I have claimed from them recently for loosing a £50 parcel and so now are trying to scrape their money back.

  84. rusty

    If any one bought their hermes postage through parcel2go, and got the underpayment charge email from P2G, ask parcel2go for the photographic evidence of the package that they are acussing you of sending, showing its size and newly gained weight. If like me, you do that, they said, we don’t have any evidence from hermes. Then go to hermes, and contact them by online chat, and ask them for the evidence, using the Hermes long tracking number (not the P2G number) for them to check… and if like me.. they said,, we have never issued an underpayment request for that package. (you do the math… as they say)
    On telling P2G this info from hermes directly, and copy & pasting them the chat from Hermes, they emailed back to say they were launching an internal enquiry whilst also showing me a screencapture of an apparent request from hermes (with P2G branding) for said parcel, and its apparent new weight, but absolutely no evidence whatsoever still to substantiate their over weighing, in my case, of 1 x vinyl record in cardboard envelope.. 750grams.. at the very most, which had miraculously gained weight to become a monster record of 5.35kgs.
    I am now trying to get the funds back from my prepay Parcel 2 Go account, as i will never use P2G again, as they appear to blatantly scam theirs and hermes customers.

  85. Mullen

    Absolutely right. It happens to me occasionally. When it does it’s absolutely ridiculous. Like an item I know weighs maybe 500grams, they will have it down for 6kg, so not human error, simply incompetence. I can almost forgive landmark, yes it is a very cheap service and the parcels must be whizzing by at some rate, automation is inevitable.
    What I can’t stand is the p2g customer experience. Yes they make everything as difficult as possible to challenge the claim. The webform does not work (for me anyway), details entered become inaccessible on dispute items, you get passed from email address to email address, replies are painfully slow, all designed to make it not worth your while.

    Here’s the best one I have just experienced. Email says you owe us some more money, your parcel was 5.55kg and you declared 1.6kg.
    Well I know that’s rubbish but I need evidence right? So I contact my customer and she kindly photographs the parcel on a weigh scale, validating my declaration. Woohoo, money back time!!! But no, after I provide the evidence they tell me it’s not a weight problem but a dimensions problem. Ok, nice moving of the goalposts there…. thanks to the time delays and being passed around, the parcel is not well recycled, so no chance of measuring it, even if I did want to inconvenience my customer for a second time.

    Right now I’m just keeping the claim open and sending them daily rants. It’s therapy for me really, not that anyone is really listening. I’ve drawn the conclusion it’s definitely a quiet scam.

  86. Alberto

    Same experience here. Parcel weighed less than a kilo but they claim it was 2.2.
    I complained but to no avail. They want extra £6.70 and threaten with court.
    I am considering Action Fraud. Seeing how many people have commented here, I think we should start action.

  87. Steve

    Sent a makita hand drill I’d sold carefully sized (w38, h 12, l 45)and weighed 6.5kg so I rounded it up to 7kg . Parcel was delivered fine Parcel2go and Ups . But then got the email saying Ups sized my item was not as I declared , they wanted £49.00+vat . Seems my hand drill had grown to a massive w76, h24, l 148 weighing 54kg !! Have to be beefy to use a hand drill like that.
    I filled out dispute and sent photo of my packaged parcel ( only took pic coz they’d claimed a previous parcel was over weight and I’d just paid it even though knew they were wrong)
    They came back and said that wasn’t enough evidence , even though pic clearly shows their parcel label on it and sheer ratio of parcel size to label shows their claim is wrong. They wanted recipient to photo with tape measure in pic . The recipient very kindly supplied these and I’ve duly uploaded them.
    Got same standard reply as last time about needing evidence !
    What to do ? Clearly not wanting to pay approx £60 with the vat for a drill I sold for £15
    Certainly won’t be using parcel2go to go again .

  88. Editor Post author

    Just ignore them and pay them nothing, Steve. And dont use the same email address if you use them again. There is nothing they can do.

  89. Phil

    happened to me 20 times inside a week, all items booked on their home page which asks weight (1 kilo) and is your parcel over 1 meter (no ) price £2.09

    days later after the parcels have long gone after extra payments .I am reporting them to trading standards .I suggest everyone else here does the same

  90. Emma

    Just had the same:

    “Thank you for booking with us and using Landmark to send your parcel.

    Unfortunately, Landmark have informed us that your parcel weighed more than was declared when it was booked on our website. The parcel was declared as 1.40kg, however the actual weight is 5.69kg.

    We understand mistakes can be made and we operate tolerances to allow for small mistakes, however due to the size of this discrepancy, we unfortunately need to charge for this misdeclaration.

    Also, due to the increased cost the courier incurs in processing misdeclarations, which include identifying and weighing the parcel, an additional handling charge of £2.50 is included in the underpayment total.

    The total underpayment due is £9.00 + VAT. You can pay this charge now via the link below or find it in your basket and pay it the next time you check out with us.”

    This is a yarn kit with 10 x 100g balls of wool and an aluminium hook and paper pattern. I overestimated it as weighing 1.4 because I always build in a margin for error to avoid this kind of nonsense. No way in the world it weighs 5.69kg. I tried to dispute the overcharge but couldn’t get the form to work either. Told them in live chat I consider this a scam. I shall demand photographic proof from them that the parcel weighs what they claim. Fortunately I have the Etsy order sheet and listing that will easily prove to a court that they are making this up.

    They need reporting

  91. Emma

    I’ve reported P2G to Watchdog, Trading Standards and ActionFraud. I recommend others do the same.

  92. Jo Clayton

    We had the same issue with a uk parcel. Fortunately as we sold on Ebay we had loads of photos prior to posting. We use Interparcel now and *touch wood* haven’t had any issues, at least if we do have a problem we can pick up the phone and call them and speak to a human. P2g seem to have a contract with Mi5 as it’s impossible to talk to them!

  93. Javaid Iqbal

    I’ve had this same issue twice in 1 week now.

    I sell on ebay and have a weight range of 400g up to around 700g all in for each parcel, so book under the 1kg parcel price band.

    The one parcel they claimed to be 1.95kg and today another one they to be 1.4kg.

    This is why I’ve done a google search to see if anyone else was having problems.

    I challenged the first one and got that in my favour, will be doing the same for this parcel.

    This is sending parcels through P2G and myHermes, not had any issues previously and been sending parcels for around 2 years now.

  94. Kath

    Post anything over 1″ thick with hermes , just posted 3 pairs of tights and received a invoice for overweight parcel from them, sent out as a l kg package and item weighs approx 250g but according to them it’s over the 1kg, first problem I’ve had regarding weight , do weigh items before posting with either Royal Mail or hermes and the tights were knitted not steel toe capped. What are they playing at? Thought at first it was a email scam was asking me to click and pay by PayPal nothing appears on my hermes account, sent over 400 over around 5 years with hermes with no problem before and what seems odd is that I used to pay by credit card and only over the last few months been paying by PayPal to pay for postage. If they do weigh them I suggest they get their scales checked as mine are spot on with royal mails weighing and also my cakes and buns also come out lovely.

  95. Ant McFarlane

    I Have just received a invoice from hermes requesting payment for an over weight item, item posted was 980g so was jut below 1kg, but when they weighted it it was 1.5kg and wanted an extra £4.20, there was no way this item was 1.5kg as i weighted it twice it was for a small travel size kettle, on there my hermes site it says they have delivered it, so i will not be paying it and have e-mailed them to tell them that i am disputing it and want proof, i have sent well over 40 parcels with them without problems, i wonder why now?, i just will be sending all my parcels with royal mail from now on

  96. Dave Heywood

    Just had my second demand for an overweight item in the space of 2 weeks,,,,,,,,the courier was Hermes booked via Interparcel.The first one I paid, although I had my doubts about it……they claimed 4 empty storage jars weighed almost 4kg, which I doubted,
    The second one states that I declared the package weighed 1.5kg but Hermes claim it was 3.2kg. This time I was able to get the actual item specifications from the manufacturer’s website… weighs 1.6kg! So, some very heavy cardboard and bubble wrap I must’ve used there. I think I smell a revenue-raising scam………

  97. Mary

    Had a request for extra £34.53 from Parcel2Go for a Parcelforce parcel to Australia. It was a print rolled in a tube weighing .5kg and they say it weighs 8kg!!!!!
    Rang Parcelforce who say the item has been delivered and no charge is outstanding. If there was a charge the parcel would not have been delivered and the recipient would be the one to pay.
    I will not be paying.


    TWO of these in 6 days … 1 from Hermes claiming a 565g game was 2.5kg and 1 from parcel2go claiming over stated size ( I have photo evidence on my ebay listing to disprove this one ) .
    This is a massive con involving BOTH companies ans I have some spare time on my hands so it’s time to make a few calls ….
    F..king hate being ripped off .

  99. J Hawkins

    Have been using My Hermes via P2G for several years. This issue is a regular occurance for us. Live help is of no help at all as they ask you send photos of the parcel on some scales several days after the item has been delivered to the customer. If anyone is tempted to organise a class action against P2G then let everyone else know.

  100. Friend

    Use this email address to contact parcel2go. I paid the “underpayment” and then challenged it. They (say) are refunding me the surcharge as a “gesture of goodwill” They reconned my parcel was oversize and i had booked a hermes small parcel service. There is no option to do this!
    Anyway, email them here with your original P2G tracking number and state your case.

  101. Steve Late

    I work for Hermes. When a parcel is oversize or overweight the delivery courier has to fill an online form. When the form is accepted the courier will get about 20p extra. Hermes make no checks whatsoever, couriers want to send these parcels back for checking but Hermes insist the parcel be posted. As a result Hermes send out an automated e-mail demanding your money. This is known within the Industry as the packet racket. On the face of it you may blame the courier but when he/she has to cope with the rain/heat/pressure of work some make guesstimates. The fault is with Hermes they do not invest in parcel checking

  102. Mike

    I just had one of these from Parcel2Go (via Hermes). Not overweight, oversize!

    “the actual dimensions exceed the maximum for the MyHermes Small service
    ( 45 X 35 X 16 cm). MyHermes have measured your parcel as 50 X 33 X 6 cm”

    Physically impossible. The item was in Jiffy Airkraft, Size 7 (W) envelope
    (when *flat* at their largest 36.5 x 45.5 cm), and I cut down the excess
    size by cutting/tucking the back panel in and around, because the item was
    a block of A4 pads (21×29.7cm), packed it comes out around 33 x 26 x 6cm.

    Hermes can’t measure, or are on the scam. Either way, it’s not worth the
    small saving using them, so I won’t any more.

  103. Emma H

    Just happened to me again. A parcel weighing under 4kg, but we rounded it up to four just to be on the safe side, that DPD/Parcel2Go are claiming was actually 7kg. As usual no evidence to back this up, just a demand to hand over £8.54. How is this still allowed to go on? In what other industry can you just demand more money without actually providing any evidence that they have a right to ask for it???

  104. Emma H

    I’d happily join a class action suit against P2G over this. It’s scandalous that they’re getting away with it.

  105. Oliver

    Having previously used Parcel2Go in the past with no issues, I was surprised to receive one of these emails today asking for £72.98, and claiming that a T Shirt that I sent to Australia via DPD (weighing approximately 230g) was weighed by DPD at a little over 20kg!

    It goes without saying that this is blatant nonsense, given the dimensions of the small padded envelope that the shirt was sent in, it would have to have a density slightly higher than that of cast bronze to weigh anything close to their supposed “measurement”. I sent an initial email (out of panic) disputing this charge, to which I received a very generic stock reply, but having now realised that I have no Paypal billing agreement with Parcel2Go, I intend to totally ignore their fee, and use a different service next time. DPD tracking shows that the parcel was delivered in Australia close to a week ago, and I’ve had no contact at all from DPD with regards to the weight or dimensions of the parcel. Parcel2Go clearly have no evidence to support their insane (fraudulent) fee, and are therefore reduced to begging for extra cash via emails which I’ll subsequently block.

    It seems that this company is definitely best avoided. Probably a safer bet to arrange courier delivery directly with the couriers themselves, instead of via this shoddy service.

  106. Editor Post author

    We just had it again with them, this from a non reply email:

    Thank you for booking with us and using UPS to send you parcel.

    Unfortunately, we’ve received notification from your chosen courier UPS that your recent parcel order(s) have incurred an additional charge. Please see details below

    UPS have therefore issued you an additional charge to cover the full cost of delivery. You can learn more about additional charges…… blah blah

    To reply, forward it to with your added comments.

    Here was our reply:

    Our parcels are all correctly declared.

    Your underpayments scam is well documented:

    Observe the 108 replies.

    I invite you to cancel the fraudulent “charge”, or like others, I will pass it through to trading standards.

    Kind regards.

    Their reply:

    Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for your email relating to your underpayment on P2GXXXXXXXX.

    The weight confirmed by UPS is generally charged volumetrically, and to calculate this the courier uses the dimensions of your parcel.

    Unfortunately, UPS have advised of a discrepancy with your declared details, which I’m afraid led to an increase in the parcels volumetric weight.

    I appreciate that you have been using our services for some time now and that you are a loyal customer. Due to this,, in this instance, have decided to make a goodwill, without prejudice decision to write off the difference. I must advise however, that going forward you will need to ensure that the weights and dimensions you provide are accurate, as further charges will be forwarded on to you. We cannot incur further charges from the courier on your behalf and the charges we requested you pay would have been to simply cover our losses with the courier.

    I have therefore removed the charges from your account and you shall now be able to place further orders without these in your basket.

    I do hope this helps.

    My apologies for any inconvenience which may have been caused to you on this occasion.


  107. Paul Allan

    Couple of issues here:

    1 I tried to copy your response and received a snotty message that you are copywright protected etc.

    2 We received the surcharge from P2G for Hermes. Stated we were over size for the small parcel service. However, P2G do NOT give the option to declare properly only ask if it is bigger than 1metre (70cmx6cmx7cm), which our package wasn’t and that it was (under) 1kg.

    3 P2G forced payment of the surcharge whilst it is in dispute. Robber Dogs!

    Their Customer service Chatline is a platitude filled waste of time.

  108. Allan

    I’ve had the same with Hermes and challenged it. I also mentioned that this was a weights and measure issue. I think what happens is that two parcels cross the scales at the same time so both become overweight and consanguinity both customers will get a extra charge!
    Anyway they cancelled two invoices for extra weight and two more invoices came through in the next couple of days by email and then within a minute another email came through saying your invoices had been cancelled. It’s clear they know what’s happening and should be investigated by weights and measures!

  109. Charlie Eades

    This happened this week to me i sent a parcel out with parcel2go using UPS and they said i owe £57 extra on top of the £32 i paid and it was a garden strimmer i sent it only weighs 7kg i told them i wont be paying it so take me to court,parcel2go or UPS are scamming people left right and centre i wont be using parcel2go no more.This is the first and last time i will use them.

  110. John Lannigan

    Yes, i had three parcels last week but all of mine were over the 5Kg weight limit. All three parcels had identical contents and weighed in at 4.6Kgs. I spoke to my local Hermes guy about this and he seemed to think it was odd to say the least. I contacted all three customers and asked them to weigh their parcels, two kindly did so, one didnt reply. The two that did reply confirmed the weights were under 5Kg., however, according to Parcel2Go, one of my ‘5Kg’ parcels was check weighed and was supposed to be 7.1Kgs

  111. BigDicky


  112. KJ

    I just had the same email stating my surcharge was £40 from parcels2go . A surcharge from parcelforce . They stated the weight of my item was not 12kg but was intact 44kg

    So I called parcelforce that checked their systems and no charge had been applied to my item . My item had been delivered a week ago too.

    He said that their is no way they would even put a 44kg item on a van and no one would even be able to lift it on their own . He laughed and thought it was ridiculous and definitely a scam .
    He advised me just to ignore the emails and nothing was wanted their end .
    So thankful I called and tbh the service I had from p2go was awful .

  113. Patricia Clark

    I received an item from a well known shopping channel which I unfortunately had to return .On return label the company always a shows the weight of the return I resealed parcel then contacted Hermes.I asked for courier service which didn’t arrived then took parcel to a collection point and it was collected. Parcel weighed 00.850 so paid for under 1kg .Have now received an invoice claiming an extra £4.65 as parcel now weighs 1.4kg .After reading others comments I wonder if this is some sort of scan so have decided to ignore.

  114. Neil Buchanan

    Yes overcharging is common we are photographing packets before we send out terrible and not legal We send 150 + units a week We are looking at other couriers

  115. Editor Post author

    We’ve gone back to Royal Mail now. Tracked 48 is a comparable price if you do it through your account manager. And a far better service.

  116. Paula Jane

    Sent a parcel with Evri. Same thing happened, I got a fine . I know I measured it properly and weighed it.
    I did get through to someone at Ervi and they said just refuse to pay and say they’re wrong and they’ll cancel it.
    I watched a man on YouTube do exactly the same when it was Hermes .
    I did get my fine cancelled but they said it’s a good will gesture and my box was 50x 25. On the shortest sides. I know it wasn’t this size as the end of it was square.
    I asked who is measuring these boxes? And said I’d make sure people know of their “trick” I didn’t say “scam” but it is.
    This is obviously how they keep the price down, they fine enough people to make it viable!

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