Range Rover Sport Dash Non-Slip Mat fits under Sat Nav – No More Flying Keys!

By | February 12, 2023

Looking for a Range Rover Sport Dash non-slip mat fits under the Sat Nav?

You are in the right place (USA, Australia, NZ and Canada readers see >here< instead).

Range Rover Sport models produced between 2005 and 2009 don’t have too much storage space in the cabin. So one must utilise every little bit of space in there!

Under the navigation screen is a little shelf. That little shelf is normally smooth, which means if you put anything on it, it comes flying off.

However, Land Rover do make a little mat to go on there, it looks like this.

Range Rover Sport Dash Non-Slip Mat for 2005 - 2009 Cars

When fitted, it looks like this:

Range Rover Sport Dash Non-Slip Mat for 2005 - 2009 Cars

However, these mats do not come as standard.

And predictably, Land Rover are always out of stock of the Range Rover Sport non-slip dash mats. In fact, they are rumoured to have become obsolete.

If you had one, you could put your keys on it like so:

FAH500210 - Range Rover Sport Dash Mat

Or perhaps your sunglasses:

Range Rover Sport 2005 - 2009 dash mat FAH500210

From time to time, they do turn up on eBay, and are typically in the region of £20 because greedy eBay like to extract their 10% fee from sellers on both the item cost and the delivery charge.

However, the wily surfer knows that if he looks around he may well find the same item on a private site that is cheaper because there are no greedy eBay fees.

Let me save you the trouble. If you want one of these, use the button below:

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