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By | June 22, 2009

Looking for a Russian Marriage Forum? A message board, bulletin board, a discussion board or a conversation forum to discuss Russian women, Ukrainian women, Eastern European women and former Soviet Union women?

We can help you. There are many Russian women conversation and discussion (Russian marriage) forums out there, but which one is right for you?

You want one that is busy right? With experienced people able to answer all your queries? One that has no hidden agendas or back room smear campaigns going on?

There are three forums  that are considered “big” (having over 100k posts). One is run by a corrupt internet marketer and another one is more useful to Danish speakers and robot spammers. Both are replete with people seeking to sell you dodgy Russian women e-books and other stuff.

That leaves one: Russian Ukrainian Adventures. RUA is by far the busiest Russian marriage forum of the three mentioned, and certainly the most vibrant, most friendly and least regulated. Spammers and those with hidden agendas are shown the door pretty quickly and they are rated as the number one Russian women discussion forum by Jim’s Lists.

If you are familiar with the “Russian Marriage Forum” scene over the years, the Russian Ukrainian Adventures forums has tended to attract the cream of the cream members from the old St Johns list, the old Russian Women Guide and a few of the other well known forums of yore, most of which are abandoned or disbanded now.

Go and take a look and see for yourself by clicking the banner below:

The Leading Russian Marriage Forum
The Leading Russian Marriage Forum

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