Russian Ukrainian Adventures Forum Newsletter – Summer 2015

By | August 27, 2015

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Forum Newsletter – Summer 2015.


It has been over a year since we sent out a newsletter, so we thought one was long overdue.

We would like to bring you up-to-date on the changes at RUA the last year.

The Forum Has Changed Direction a Little to Include More Travel, Culture, News and Politics.

The site was stuck in what is a dying and declining niche. When the site first started back in the mid naughties, it was firmly aimed at what some termed the “mail-order bride” niche. The FSU dating scene was then – although slowing down – still a vibrant industry. It was mostly centred on Ukraine the last decade or so, and most of those travelling there to meet women were from the US.

However, as you will know, a year and a half ago, there was a western-backed coup d’etat in Ukraine that saw the overthrow of the elected president and the installation of a new regime in Kiev. Subsequently, Crimea reunified with Russia and the east of Ukraine broke away into independent regions. Since then, civil war has raged in Ukraine while the new borders are being defined.

Against a backdrop of significantly reduced dating-related travel to the region, Crimea reunifying with Russia, increased American aggression against Russia, US/EU sanctions against Russia, counter sanctions from Russia, civil war in Ukraine and the MH17 crash, it isn’t hard to see why the forum became quickly dominated by these topics of discussion. So we decided to roll with it and reorganise the site somewhat.

If you take a fresh look at the placement of the forum rooms, you will find the dating and marriage sections have been condensed and moved further down the page. Up closer to the top you will find Cyrillic & Language, FSU News & Politics, Visas, Travel Discussion, Travel Reports, Culinary, Culture, Russian/Ukrainian Media and Expat Chat closer to the top. While we still have a lot of chat pertaining to dating in the former Soviet Union, you will find it isn’t as dominant as it once was.

Guys, if you are already married and haven’t visited us in a while, you can tell your wife it is a political, news and travel forum more than a dating forum nowadays. We know we lost a few of the married guys as their wives objected to them participating in what they saw as a ‘dating forum’. Yes, we still have some dating ads along with other types of ads, but like any site, we have to pay the bills. There is a topic on that here: Site Funding. Supporting Members. Q&A.

We would like to give you a few links to, and a little background about some of the recent popular topics.

Current Popular Topics

A new idea we tried out on this one topic only: This is a topic where one can post a small synopsis together with a link to a useful media article on the subject of the troubles in Ukraine. The topic is ONLY for links. Replies are deleted or moved to the nearby discussion topic. Here is the link: Media Article Links on the Troubles in Ukraine, Novorossiya/NAF, DPR, LPR/LNR. This format makes for one place where people can find interesting media resources that will allow them to make their own mind up without having to wade through white noise, arguing and bickering. There is a side topic for that…….

Russian and Ukrainian Languages: Is Ukrainian a sub-dialect of Russian or a language all on its own? It can be a contentious issue, but for once, this time, most of our members are in agreement. You can find the topic here: The difference Between Russian and Ukrainian Language. Guys, if you are married to a woman from the FSU, or are a Russian/Ukrainian speaking lady, please chip in. We want your opinion!

If you are a consumer of western media, you will be very familiar with the term “Russian aggression”. But are you aware of how much the western media blatantly lies, obfuscates and tries to mislead you? Are you aware of the outright lies they tell you? See what you think, have a read of this topic: How the Western Media Portrays Putin & Russia – And What Actually Happened

If you are British and have travelled to Russia recently, you will know of the silly biometric system (involving mandatory travel to London or Edinburgh) now in place to get a Russian visa. One of our admins is compiling a report for the Russian Embassy in London of the inconveniences of the new system, and how it might be improved. Please add your opinion on this topic: Brits: Suggestions for changes to visa system for Russia?. The final report is guaranteed to get up to the ‘top table’ in Moscow. So if you have an opinion on this subject, put it there.

Political cartoons: We see them daily in our local papers. Here you can take a look at ones from Russia and elsewhere and look at another point of view. Most of the Russian language ones have an English translation: Political Cartoons. A light-hearted topic that lasts about as long as a cup of coffee.

Remember when Canada was thought of as a neutral country? Not any more! Canada has joined in with the American aggression on Russia: Canada now interfering in Ukraine.

One of our forum admins recently had an article published on Russia Insider entitled Two for the Price of One: De-dollarise and Reduce American Hegemony. We know many countries including Russia and China are now seeking to de-dollarise and reduce the influence of America and the dollar on the world. You can discuss that on this topic: De-Dollarisation.

If you have kids with a woman from the FSU or are planning to, you will want to read this. Back in 2008 we had a topic called Children: Learn Russian & English together from birth, or learn Russian later?. That topic was a parent asking about a (then) unborn child. Seven years later, we now have the sister topic: Looks like our daughter has just hit Russian fluency at age 6.

Are you a visitor to Ukraine? Do you say Kiev or Kyiv? Which one is correct? This one has lots of reads but not many answers. What is your opinion? Kiev or Kyiv? Киев или Київ?

Want to open a bank account in Russia? No problem. Sberbank will open accounts for foreigners nowadays. See the topic here: Opening a bank account in Russia.

Are you Anti-Russian or Pro-Russian? We have a poll where currently a majority of 34.4% say Pro-Russia. Read it here: Do you Consider Yourself Anti-Russian or Pro-Russian?

Off Topic Subjects

Over in our Off Topic room (only visible when logged in) you will find the usual debates about Obama, Trump, Muslims and anything else you may care to mention.

What else is going on?

We had a bit of an amnesty recently for previously banned members that wanted to come back who felt they could be a benefit to the forum and contribute constructively. As a result, about half a dozen have come back including some well-known old faces like Moby and Wiz. If this is you, or you have a friend who genuinely wants to come back to RUA, get in touch, and we will look at it on a case by case basis.

Anything Else?

Our advertisers have changed again in recent months as the old contracts expired, so some will welcome the return of Elena’s Models, Cute Only and AFA ads down the side of the page. We also have a few newer site sponsors such as stoс and a couple of news channels.

If you haven’t dropped by RUA for a while, we would love to see you. Why not stop by and say hello and join in the discussion?


The Team.

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