Russian Ukrainian Adventures Forum Newsletter – Autumn/Winter 2019

By | November 13, 2019

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Forum Newsletter – Autumn/Winter 2019.

This is our first newsletter in quite some time, and first we want to take a moment to welcome again our many new members to the conversation forums who perhaps never had a newsletter from us before.

So What’s Happening?

Our forum is now twelve years old, and we have just passed our half millionth post milestone. That’s a lot of people doing a lot of talking the last decade or so!

The forum was started back in the tail end of the Russian and Ukrainian so-called ‘mail order bride’ phenomenon, and our subject matter was a one-trick pony in that regard back then. Times have changed in a decade. Russian and Ukrainian women are not relocating like they once were. Indeed, since Crimea reunified with Russia and the eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk broke away to become independent, the Ukrainian bride industry [as it mostly was] has withered on the vine.

The ‘mail order bride’ industry has adapted, and much of it has relocated to South America, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and China. The reputable among those that still operate in Russia and Ukraine encourage men to have realistic expectations. Brides & Lovers is such a site. Their MD, Steveboy is a regular contributor to our site and is well-known to tell it like it is.

New Directions

If you have not visited us for a while, when you do drop by, you will notice the conversation isn’t strictly limited to overseas dating as it once was. You will find lively banter on all manner of subjects……

Current Popular Topics

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What Else Is Going On?

The chat room is now working again thanks to Herrie. Check it out this weekend here: RUA Chat Room and following some member donations, the site is now in the black again, the server has been updated and uploading of photos has been restored.

Social Media

You can still find us on Twitter at RUAdventures

Anything Else?

If you are a low, zero post or inactive member who just drops by to read the site occasionally (and we know there are a lot of you out there), we encourage you to join in the conversation and banter. Like many forums, over time we have suffered the the usual trolls who want to make the site all about them, and we understand that this often puts people off contributing. In recent weeks we have listened to our members, and we have taken steps to curtail the constant disruption caused by one or two particularly troublesome posters. That should make a better forum experience for all of us. Welcome back to RUA.

The Team.