Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – November 2009

By | November 28, 2009

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – November 2009.

I want to take a moment to welcome again our many new members that we have gained recently. Some have arrived from other forums, some from US radio shows, some from Yahoo groups and others from the Russian Bride Guide. It’s good to have so many new members. Please do not be shy about jumping into any conversations on the forum that pique your interest.

So What’s Happening?

As the festive season approaches, it seems many of our members are choosing to spend the season in the FSU with family or their ladies. Are you in the FSU now? Why not say hello on the We’re off to Ukraine! topic? If you are in a festive mood, you might want to change your avatar for the season. There is a topic on that here: It’s Christmas Avatar time again

Two recent threads in our Train Wreck Room serve as cautionary tales; these are two prime examples of what NOT to do: I’m Pretty Sure I Was Scammed For a Good Time! and Nadezda Lyakhova, Russian ‘Pro Dater’ are “must reads” if you have the time (they are long). Both classic examples of men who do not do their homework and believe everything they read on agency and anti-scam websites.

Our member Shakespear has joined the mod group once again, Brasscasing has left the mod group and 2TallBill is our new moderator in the chat room. Since he brings so many single ladies into the chat room from the Myspace page, who better to make sure it all runs smoothly?

The Busiest  Russian Women Forum On The Net!

We remain the busiest Russian women information forum on the net by far. We have been breaking our own records recently. We now have over 1300 registered members, 134,000 posts in over 6000 topics, and on the 18th October we broke our “Users Online” record at a staggering 3198.

Current Popular Topics

Dating an FSUW is not much different to dating at home?

Do you believe FSU women have the entitlement attitude?

The Challenges of Post Marital Adaptation

Trip Report: Barnaul

A White Russian Christmas

Please google the girl & ID before you register on a site

Angela – Nice Russian Girl With a European Passport

The Springirl thread…

Men – Why a foreign Woman?

New Book: The Russian Bride Guide

Who has spent time in Kiev? And what is it like?

Romance Tours & Socials – Good experiences or bad?

Did any foreign men marry a woman from the FSU with 2 children ever???

What else is going on?

Our tech Herrie has replaced our chat software recently. The chat room is now cooler than ever and fully integrated into the forum. Check it out this weekend here: RUA Chat Room

Social Media

You can still find us on Twitter: RussianWomenHQ and on MySpace: RUA on MySpace

Anything Else?

That’s about it for now. This newsletter is a short one. We hope all our American members had a great Thanksgiving and as this is the last newsletter this year, we wish you all a great Christmas and good health, prosperity and the love of a good woman (or man if you are a lady) in 2010.

The Team.

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