Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Spring 2009

By | April 16, 2009

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Spring 2009.

We would like to bring you up-to-date on the happenings at RUA in recent months.

Almost at 100,000 Posts!

The forum is speeding toward the 100,000 post milestone. We just passed 92,000 posts and January to March were record months for us for traffic, page views and posts. RUA remains the busiest and most up-to-date Russian women information forum on the internet.

To celebrate the forthcoming 100,000th post milestone, we are offering a $50 prize to the author of the 100,000th post. See this topic for more information about how you might win fifty bucks, a copy of the Russian Bride Guide and some cash, or £50 ($70) of services at

Many More New Members

As RUA continues to grow, so does our membership. We have had many new members the last couple of months, and a very welcome increase in the number of single Russian ladies joining us too! If you are one of our low post members, then we say, “Come on over; join in a conversation or two”. A forum is only ever as good as the sum total of its member contributions. Zero/low post members can sometimes be shy to jump into the conversation. Don’t be – we don’t bite! (Well, not often!)

Review of Advertisers.

As you will know, RUA carries a few advertisements to offset our running costs. We strive to ensure we only carry advertisements for reputable sites and services. (Unlike some other sites who will take anyone’s money.) We remove sites that we find a problem with.

We have recently removed advertisements for “Elena’s Models” from the forums because they made their entire years old mailing list available to an unscrupulous internet marketer for the purposes of spamming. If you choose to use Elena’s Models, be sure to use a disposable e-mail address with them lest you be spammed for “surveys” and other similar nonsense for years to come. (We suggest avoiding their e-books as well as they are somewhat out-of-date and incomplete nowadays.)

We have also suspended advertisements for “Cute Only” recently. Our members identified that they were hosting profiles featuring photographs of celebrities. We tried to contact them about this several times but got no reply. Eventually we removed their advertisements and notified them we had done so. The same day, a representative from Cute Only joined the forum to explain their side of the situation. The topic can be read >>here<<. We would like the feedback of you – our members – on that topic. Read the evidence and tell us if their advertisements should be reinstated or not.

Current Hot Topics

Is a US$42k Salary Enough to Fund Marrying an FSU Girl with a Child?

How Women Present Themselves – Photos and Cosmetics

Would You Hire a Russian Woman?

Did She Ask You to Move To Her Country?

You finally see each other… and disappointed.

Am I being scammed? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ukrainian Culture by Mendeleyev – RUA’s Culture Vulture

Your lady and Chinese food?

How Russian women view COURTSHIP and Dating

Live Chat Room

Don’t forget our free Saturday and Sunday live chatroom – drop in and chat with old and new friends.

What else is going on?

Many of you will be familiar with Jim’s Lists and the Agency Scams website, the anti-scam resource and agency check-list. Jim has recently added a page on Forums You Can Trust and we are pleased to see he rated RUA at number one! Jim also rated our associated site Ladagirl and added it to his Whitelist of Trusted Agency Sites.

Many men use Jim’s Lists and the Agency Scams site as part of their routine due diligence when deciding who to spend money with. If you are using agencies, make sure Jim’s sites are in your bookmarks.

Anything else?

We recently switched on a feature of the site called Top Site. This is the place you can find all the sites that RUA recommend all in one place. So whether you want a translator, a visa for Russia or a reputable agency, you can always find the link to Top Site at the top of the forums, right below the banner. We will be continually expanding that section to include many reputable sites you may find useful.

Do You Use Blogs, Yahoo Groups or Newsgroups?

To help make RUA even better, we are always trying to improve our backlinks to the forum to help increase our Google rankings which in turn helps us attract new members. If you have a website or a blog, comment on blogs, newsgroups, Yahoo groups, etc., please consider adding a link to us (>>Click here to learn how<<). Any link anywhere helps us get indexed more often and ultimately helps us gain new members, each of whom have fresh ideas.

Are You a Reputable Service Provider?

If you are a service provider, consider hosting one of our banners in exchange for a signature link on RUA. If you are a service provider who seldom visits the forum, we have limited opportunities available for commercial advertising (subject to approval), which you can read about here.

If you simply wish to exchange banners with us, place ours on your site from here, and submit yours via this link afterwards.

Any Problems?

Should you encounter any log in problems or have some other problem with the site, you can e-mail us at and we will take a look and fix it for you immediately. And finally, please remember: RUA does not market, rent, share or sell your e-mail data (like some other forums and sites). You will get no spam, fake surveys or other internet marketing rubbish laden with affiliate links from us. The RUA newsletter is sent approximately four times a year; if you do not wish to receive it, you can adjust your preferences in your profile settings.

We look forward to seeing you again soon at the #1 Russian & Ukrainian women information forum:

The Team.

The Leading Russian Women Information Forum
The Leading Russian Women Information Forum

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