Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Summer 2009.

By | June 16, 2009

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Summer 2009.

The RUA Newsletter comes to you today from Tallinn, which is two hundred miles west of Saint Petersburg. There are white nights in Estonia at the moment, coupled with sunny days cooled by the breeze from the Baltic Sea. As with most places in the former Soviet Union at this time of year, Tallinn is replete with beautiful ladies.

We would like to bring you up-to-date on the happenings at RUA in recent months.


We have some great news to tell you about in this edition. A forum romance rapidly blossomed between our members TomT from the US and Nessibelle from Kazakhstan. You can read all about it on this topic.

We also send our congratulations to our technician Greyscales and his new wife Galina from Togliatti in Russia, who were married in Las Vegas recently (pictures are coming soon). We also congratulate Eduard and his wife on the arrival of their new daughter. Ed will have his hands full with another Russian female in his household.

We also welcome “Herrie” into our tech group joining Markje and Greyscales. He jumped right in at the deep end and fixed a few things around the site already.

We have passed 100,000 Posts!

Actually we are over 103,000 as I write this. On the 29th May, we passed our 100,000 post milestone. We had a $50 prize for the poster who made the landmark post; it was won by our member “Voyager”.

The forum continues to go from strength to strength. May was again a record month for forum traffic and posts, and we would like to thank all our contributing members for making us the busiest and most up-to-date forum of this nature around.

Many More New Members

As RUA continues to grow, so does our membership. We have had many new members the last couple of months, and a very welcome increase in the number of Russian and Eastern European ladies joining us too! Instrumental to this has been the RUA Myspace page run by 2TallBill. (Thanks Bill!) If you are on Myspace, come check us out.

If you are a new member who has recently found us from The Russian Bride Guide, the Russian Ukrainian Adventures Myspace page or from listening to the recent radio slots on “Sebastian in the Morning” or “The Mancow Muller Show” in the US, then an extra welcome to you guys. You found the best Russian women information forum out there!

Current Popular Topics

Putin’s Trip Report to Ukraine – No, not that Putin – our member Putin!

Fishing in the big pond: sixteen days in Nizhny Novgorod – A super trip report from 2BitBandit. (You must be signed in to read that.)

Do men avoid contacting women whose profile picture is in a bikini?

Are tattoos for FSU women becoming acceptable?

Is Speaking Russian an Advantage When Meeting FSU Women?

Politics and Religion: subjects to be avoided or embraced?

After the first email kiss…….

Age Question: Suitable Age Range of Russian Women for a 30 Year Old Guy

Russian words for food: More Learning Russian with Mendeleyev

The Chat Room is Working Again!

By popular demand, our free Saturday and Sunday live chatroom has been restored to the old software we used to use. It is becoming popular again for the weekend chat. Why not drop by?

What else is going on?

We recently switched on a feature of the site called Top Site. This is the place you can find all the sites that RUA recommend all in one place. So whether you want a translator, a visa for Russia or a reputable agency, you can always find the link to Top Site at the top of the forums, right below the banner. We will be continually expanding that section to include many reputable sites you may find useful. You can vote on the sites you rate there too.

We recently opened a new room entitled Women from the Eastern Bloc – Countries within the FSU Sphere of Influence. This room is for discussion about “Eastern Bloc” women. Perhaps women who are not strictly FSU, but women from countries under the former Soviet sphere of influence. If you are involved (or hoping to be involved) with a woman from Czech, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, etc., we have a room for that specific topic! If you are Polish, Romanian, Czech or a citizen of this part of Eastern Europe, then come on by, we welcome your expertise and look forward to chatting with you.

Any Problems?

Should you encounter any log in problems or have some other problem with the site, you can e-mail us at help@[our domain name] and we will take a look and fix it for you immediately. And finally, please remember: RUA does not market, rent, share or sell your e-mail data (like some other forums and sites). You will get no spam, fake surveys or other internet marketing rubbish laden with affiliate links or requests to buy dubious e-books from us.

We look forward to seeing you again soon at the #1 Russian & Ukrainian women information forum:

The Team.