Russian Women Adventures Newsletter – Summer 2010.

By | May 19, 2010

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Summer 2010.


I want to take a moment to welcome again our many new members to the conversation forums that we have gained recently. Some have arrived from other now abandoned forums, some from US radio shows, some from Yahoo groups and others from the Russian Bride Guide. It’s good to have so many new members. Please do not be shy about jumping into any conversations on the forum that pique your interest.

So, What’s Happening?

Summer has finally arrived in most of Europe, and it is the time many guys traditionally choose to fly out to meet women or visit existing family. Unfortunately, Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano has been disrupting flights across Europe recently due to its floating ash cloud. Aviation authorities introduced relaxed flight safety rules two days ago to minimize future disruptions caused by the eruptions in Iceland, so those of you with imminent travel plans will hopefully not be inconvenienced.

We are pleased to welcome Brasscasing back into our Moderator group; he took a break from moderating last year but is now back in his comfy chair. We are also pleased to welcome the controversial and well-known scambuster Jim (from and to the forum. Many men use Jim’s Lists and the Agency Scams site as part of their routine due diligence when deciding which agencies to use.

The Busiest Russian Women Information Forum On The Net!

We remain the busiest Russian women information forum on the net by far. We have been breaking our own records recently. We now have over 1750 registered members, 160,000 posts in over 7000 topics. Others try to copy us — but there is only one RUA!

Current Popular Topics

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About The Expatriate Life

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The Russian Embassy (Consulate) in London. How to find it and what to expect.

Photo thread: Russian Girls & Foreign Cars

Male hostility in FSU countries?

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Adventure Stories & Trip Reports: I’m a bit confused……

Victory Report: News from the Eastern Front

What else is going on?

We have a new room on the forum: The Expatriate Life: Living in the former Soviet Union. An idea that came from our member — and Ukrainian resident — dbneeley. Discuss the challenges and rewards of living in the former Soviet Union. If you live in Russia or Ukraine — or want to — you will enjoy this new area of the forum.

Social Media

You can still find us on Twitter: RussianWomenHQ

Anything Else?

If you haven’t looked into RUA for a while, come on back and say hello! If you are one of our low post or read-only members, then we say, “Come on over; join in a conversation or two”. A forum is only ever as good as the sum total of its member contributions. Zero/low post members can sometimes be shy to jump into the conversation. Don’t be – we don’t bite! (Well, not often!) We look forward to seeing you again soon at the #1 Russian & Ukrainian women information forum:

Should you encounter any log in problems or have some other problem with the site, you can e-mail us at and we will take a look and fix it for you immediately. And finally, please remember: RUA does not market, rent, share or sell your e-mail data (like some other forums and sites). You will get no spam, fake surveys or other internet marketing rubbish laden with affiliate links from us. The RUA newsletter is sent approximately four times a year; if you do not wish to receive it, you can adjust your preferences in your profile settings.

Best regards,

The Team