Russian Women Information Forum – RUAdventures Winter 09 Newsletter

By | January 31, 2009

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Winter 2009.

We would like to bring you up-to-date on the happenings at RUA in recent months.

The forum has just passed another milestone. We have just recently passed our 80,000 post and 4000 topics mark. In less than two years – from nothing – RUA has become the most up-to-date Russian women information forum on the internet. Our average monthly post and topic count since creation far outstrips the nearest (would be) competing website. Why? Because RUA is the friendly Russian women information forum. We lack the over-moderation, in-your-face affiliate marketing, random bannings and other underhand practises that other sites employ; we try to make the site a valuable and fun resource for everyone. If our members enjoy the site, they contribute more information and experiences and the site becomes more enjoyable for everyone.

One of our Moderators (Manny), co author of The Russian Bride Guide, has been busy recently promoting the site across the USA and Canada on talk radio. The site and the Russian women subject has been featured on three shows in Denver (CO), together with various shows in California, Toronto, Maryland, Florida, Alaska, Massachusetts, Illinois, Philadelphia, Montana, Victoria (BC), North Carolina, Texas, Oregon, Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee and more. The forum has benefited from many new members recently from these shows.

If you have recently found us from talk radio, we are glad you found us! If you have recently found us from the resources listed in The Russian Bride Guide, then we hope you enjoyed the book and are sure that it will have provided you with some inside information that will help you in your search for a wife in the FSU. If you are in the searching phase and even if you are well down the road to getting married, then we recommend you visit RUA often, to extend your learning experience.

We have recently created some new rooms. On our forums you will find the Russian, Ukrainian and FSU Towns & Cities room, with sub-boards: “Russia”, “Ukraine”, “Belarus” and “Former Republics”.  It is our intention to build up topics on the most popular destinations for bride seekers in this new area. If you have visited a town or city listed, please share your information and photos here. If you have started corresponding with a lady from a given city, you can get a feeling for her home town before you visit her. It should prove to be a valuable resource for our members as it develops.

Why not check out some of our recent popular threads:

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For those of you that enjoy a little alternative conversation, look no further than our FSU Investments / Business Opportunities room:

Macro Trends for 2009 and Beyond…

Banks, Mortgages and Fractional Reserve Banking Discussion.

Don’t forget our free Saturday and Sunday live chatroom – drop in and chat with old and new friends.

The post count of the forum is nearing 100,000. To celebrate this milestone, we are offering a $50 prize to the author of the 100,000th post. See this topic for more information about how you might win fifty bucks, a copy of the Russian Bride Guide and some cash, or £50 ($70) of services at

Our Culture, Language and Recipes section continues to expand, thanks to the hard work of our Moderator Mendeleyev, with input from members. There are many new food recipes and topics, and of course the old favourite topic: Lets learn to read Russian signs together is now on its 29th page and boasts many thousands of views and remains a superb resource to learn Russian for free.

With almost zero downtime on our new super fast servers, we remain the fastest, friendliest and busiest Russian women information and conversation forum on the web. We continue to work behind the scenes in order that the forums are always improving.

Many of you will know our moderator Mendeleyev. Did you ever visit his blog? You can find it here: The Mendeleyev Journal. The mission of The Mendeleyev Journal is to provide readers with a consistent and purposeful look at Russia, Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Europe. While they don’t shy away from hard news, their primary focus is on the development of Russian life, culture and history which makes up the rich heritage of the countries known as the “former Soviet Union.” Mendeleyev is a professional writer and journalist, who lives part time in Moscow and has a Russian wife. His insights into Russian culture and daily life are much respected.

If you haven’t visited RUA for a while, why not take another look and get acquainted with us again? Feel free to invite your friends from the few other remaining Russian women forums to join our friendly on-line community; we welcome new members, especially those who are disillusioned with the management elsewhere. RUA is the friendly forum.

If you are a zero or low post member, then we say, “Come on over; join in a conversation or two”. A forum is only ever as good as the sum total of its member contributions. Without member contributions, a forum is nothing. Why not say thank you to the guys you readers learned something from, or ask a question that you haven’t read about already? Zero/low post members can sometimes be shy to jump into the conversation. Don’t be – we don’t bite! (Well, not often!)

To help make RUA even better, we are always trying to improve our backlinks to the forum to help increase our Google rankings which in turn helps us attract new members. If you have a website or a blog, comment on blogs, newsgroups, Yahoo groups, etc., please consider adding a link to us (>>Click here to learn how<<). Any link anywhere helps us get indexed more often and ultimately helps us gain new members, each of whom have fresh ideas.

If you are a service provider, consider hosting one of our banners in exchange for a signature link on RUA. If you are a service provider who seldom visits the forum, we have limited opportunities available for commercial advertising (subject to approval), which you can read about here.

Should you encounter any log in problems or have some other problem with the site, you can e-mail us at and we will take a look and fix it for you immediately. And finally, please remember: RUA does not market, rent, share or sell your e-mail data (like some other forums and sites). You will get no spam, fake surveys or other internet marketing rubbish laden with affiliate links from us. The RUA newsletter is sent approximately four times a year; if you do not wish to receive it, you can adjust your preferences in your profile settings.

We look forward to seeing you again soon at the #1 Russian & Ukrainian women information forum:

The Team.