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By | July 1, 2011

The Russian Bride Guide: A beautiful, slim, good-hearted woman as a wife is just a dream for most men. How hard is it to marry one from your country? An educated one? One with good traditional family values? One who doesn’t think she is god’s gift? One a few years younger than you? Very difficult.

Russian, Ukrainian and FSU girls fill the gap that Western wannabe “sex and the city” women created. The FSU has a surplus of good, decent, beautiful, slim women just seeking a good, sober and secure husband.

If you want to win the heart of one of these beauties, you need the full ABC from people who know Russian society and the motivation of the women you can meet there. It can be a minefield out there.

My name is Stuart Smith. I am an English guy married to a Russian woman for the last half decade. We have a young daughter together. We live between England and the former Soviet Union. My wife and I are the authors of The Russian Bride Guide.

I first went to the former Soviet Union back in 1998 as a tourist. After checking out the amazing women there, I was back there exactly one week later sniffing around. That was the start of a long, steep learning curve for me. That learning curve culminated in my marriage to Olga, my lovely Russian wife, in 2006, some eight years later (by then, I knew what I was doing).

My personal journey and experiences is what prompted me – with my wife – to write our book. This is not an e-book; this is a paper book. There is no e-book. The Russian Bride Guide is currently the best-selling book on Amazon in this genre. It has been since 2008.

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My wife Olga is a multi-lingual Russian woman with two degrees in psychology and personal experience running a small introduction agency herself. Before marrying, she was a psychology lecturer at a University in Samara, Russia. She has extensive experience both helping women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus seeking foreign men, and working with men from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe seeking an FSU wife.

From time to time, the media seek out an “expert” on the whole Russian “mail order bride” phenomenon. Often times, they end up finding me. As a consequence of that, our book was selected as a required text book for the 2010 spring term Sociology course at the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts. We were also involved in a Cambridge University anthropology study on Russian women marrying Western men headed by Dr Ssorin-Chaikov. The Russian Bride Guide, together with author interviews (in English and Russian languages) and some material from our websites, was used in an exhibition in Moscow. Additionally, I have been invited on to many radio shows. Here are a few stations I have featured on:

  • KCEO 1000AM San Diego, USA.
  • KOA 850 Denver, USA.
  • 94.5 FM “The Bull” Toronto, Canada.
  • WOCM FM 98.1 Maryland, USA.
  • WWPR 1490, Florida, USA.
  • KSDP 830 AM, Alaska, USA.
  • WXBR 1460, Boston, MA, USA.
  • Radio Colorado 1060 AM, Denver, USA.
  • WJBC 1230 AM, Illinois USA.
  • WNJC 1360 AM, Philadelphia, USA.
  • KSEN 1150 AM, Montana, USA.
  • C Fax & Kool FM 107.3, Victoria, BC, Canada.
  • Recently featured on “Your Time with Kim Iverson,” an Entercom Communications’ syndicated night show based out of Austin, TX. Broadcasting to eight cities: Portland (KRSK), Denver (KALC), Austin (KAMX), Wichita (KFBZ), Memphis (WMC), Indianapolis (WZPL), Buffalo (WTSS), and Norfolk (WPTE).
  • WZTK 101.1FM, syndicated to various cities from North Carolina, USA.
  • KOMP 92.3FM, Las Vegas, USA.
  • KYSM Country 103.5FM, Minnesota, USA.
  • KXRA 1490AM, Minneapolis, USA.
  • KKSM 130AM, San Juan, California, USA.
  • Twister 93.3 FM, Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
  • WNOR 99 FM, Norfolk, Virginia, USA.
  • WWWI 95.9 FM, Brainerd, Minnesota, USA.
  • “Sebastion in the morning” on WCCC 106.9 FM, Hartford, CT.
  • “The Mancow Muller Show” broadcast from Chicago and syndicated all over the US.

I want to share with you some opinions of readers of our book from RUA, the busiest Russian women information forum on the planet (recent newsletter >here<).

Any way, I have just finished reading the very informative Russian Bride Guide.

The last one I read was The Russian Bride Guide. It is what brought me to this website. I liked it a great deal. Several parts were contrary to other books I had read, so I felt it to be the most accurate picture. It feels very real and honest. By the time I read it, some sections were not interesting to me (age differences, visa requirements, etc) because I had already read so stinking much on those things, but if a guy was to pick only 1 book, this is the one.

It’s just that in my observation and estimation the book pretty much encapsulates the situation and is chock full of good advice etc.

I have just finished reading the Russian Bride Guide and thought I’d join this website which is owned by the Author.

There’s some useful tips in the book if anyone’s thinking of reading it. I’m going out to SPB on the 22-07-09 to meet a young lady so wish me luck.

I have read the book Russian Bride Guide twice. This was very informative. I am now beginning my search.

I, thank God, read the book “The Russian Bride Guide” and that is how I found this site and all of you great guys on it.

and the Russian Bride Guide also has proven to be a good investment. No question that this has pointed me in appropriate directions and steered me away from serious pitfalls.

I even purchased a copy of the “Russian Bride Guide” it is a wonderful book with a lot of great information in it.

I just read “Russian Bride Guide.” This site was listed in the back.
An excellent and informative book.

This book is the best resource I have seen for finding a wife in the FSU. And apparently I’m not the only person to have this opinion. I’ve found a lot of excellent advice in the book, including one piece of advice that my Belarussian fiancee said was very important to her forming a good opinion of me.

After seveal months of reseach on line in forums (like this one) and other resources such as e-books I purchased, I have to strongly recommend this book. It not only confirms a lot of other material, it puts it in one place to read. I did find some things that did not apply to my circumstances but overall it is an excellent resource.

Over 1000 eBayers agree……..

Russian Bride Guide

If you are interested in a Russian or Ukrainian woman, our book is the only place to start!

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