Scammed or Dumped in Odessa?

By | December 1, 2009

This tale is indicative of how some men imagine they have been scammed by a “Russian Dating Scammer” – but in fact they have merely been dumped and/or were hoping to date hopelessly out of their league. Here is Richey’s tale………

I just got back from Odessa where I was to meet a woman i have been talking to for over a year. The last night she told me she wanted me to come back and we would keep in touch over emails. I have been home over a month now and still havent heard from her.

I have to admit…im pretty broken up over this…….

I went looking through Anastasia’s website and I came a cross a few girls and started talking to them. Then out of nowhere, I see a woman that I couldnt get my eyes off of.  So I sent her a mail and we started talking and talked for 4 months……I lost my job and had to move so money was tight and I didnt talk to her again for about 3 months but when I could i sent her a mail and she said she was still single.

So we talked for another 4 months and i made plans to go see her. We talked over the phone through the Anastasia’s phone service and I got her interpreters phone number. I went to Odessa to meet this woman and we did meet…we had a really good time.

At the end of our last night she told me she wanted to wait until her schooling was over and that she wanted me to wait another year for her to finish…I agreed. So she said she wanted to see me again and gave me her email…its been over a month and i still haven’t heard from her yet.

Now, I did pay for everything; which I knew I would. Like dinners and such. I asked her if she wanted me to buy her things like a new jacket and/or a new pillow and she always said she didnt want it.

Now. Its been over a MONTH. I paid the translator $20 US Dollars a hour. I have heard that they should only charge about $10 an hour. Now I feel that they split the $20 an hour money and they each made $10 an hour. At this point I have no idea what to think…but i do know she has her own laptop but no internet at her house.

I am just so lost.

This guy thought he was “scammed” somehow. In fact, he was just dumped.

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