Shock News: Western Media Suddenly Decides Russia is the Good Guy.

By | November 28, 2015

When a propaganda channel like Fox News begins to make positive noises about Russia, we must wonder why the narrative has changed so fast and who is pulling the strings.

We all know about Fox News, often referred to as Faux News, the comedic American ‘news’ channel that pedals agenda-driven, Republican-leaning, bite size propaganda chunks to the unthinking, gun-toting masses over the pond.

Quite often, Russia Insider reports on their hysterical output; among which has been “He (Putin) has been repeatedly invading foreign countries…” and “If we don’t interfere in Ukraine he (Putin) will go after Lithuania, Estonia, he is out of control now”.

What a difference a few weeks makes. Only weeks ago I wrote about the Western media’s relentless anti-Putin narrative.

So what are we to make of a sudden change in stance?

A recent feature on Fox accurately declared “Russia and France are pounding the Islamic State’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa” and “America appears to be in a slap fight while others are punching hard, say military experts.” They went on to quote a ‘four star general’ as saying “Moscow have [sic] taken off the gloves following the bombing of a Russian airliner and Friday’s horrific attacks in the French capital”.

General Jack Keane, former vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army was quoted as saying, “Our air campaign in Syria and Iraq has never been what it should be” and “we’re not really going after the right targets”. Fox went on to tell the American public that “Russian planes and missiles, meanwhile, attacked ISIS strongholds”.

Well, isn’t this a turnaround? Not long ago, the apparently nasty Mr Putin (boo!) and Russia – according to Western media – were allegedly seeking to “recreate the USSR”, were poised to “invade Estonia” at any moment, held elections in Crimea at “gunpoint” and had “invaded” Ukraine.

This isn’t a single article on Fox; we are seeing a complete turnaround in narrative:

Russians strike ISIS during the day, US and France strike at night.

U.S. Is ‘Barely a Bystander’ as Russia, France Strike Syria.

This article refers to “Russian military might”. It goes on to tell us, “Also, twelve Russian long-range bombers including supersonic Tu-22M “Backfires” flew from a base in Mozdok, Russia near the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan and launched cruise missiles inside Raqqa, a U.S. official with knowledge of the mission told Fox News” – no mention of Ukraine or scared babushkas in Lithuania hiding from the Russian bear under their dining tables.

On Twitter, political pundits see what is going on here:

These, apparently ‘new’ revelations that Russia is suddenly the good guy is not confined to the land of the free, however.

The British Daily Express is reporting that “Vladimir Putin is preparing to send 150,000 troops to Syria in a bid to wipe out the evil Islamic State once and for all”.

Sky news reported a bit of mutual back scratching as they noted “Vladimir Putin has thanked David Cameron for sharing “intelligence data” on the terror threat in the wake of the bombing of the Russian jet over Egypt.”

The Asia Times noted that “the world runs by different rules than it did just a few weeks ago”, and even went as far as to declare Putin as leader of the free world.

The world has stood and watched in awe as Russia has badly wounded ISIS in a few short weeks. America, over a year and a half, seemed to just be going through the motions and merely herding ISIS in the general direction they wanted them to go in. Without any discernable progress.

Following the atrocity in Paris, the French are now actively fighting ISIS too. Russia is cooperating with them. Italy and the UK are making noises about joining them. Despite refusing the first time asked, the US “might be included” reports the IB Times.

What we are seeing here – following a year and a half of US impotence – is Russia leading the charge against ISIS, and other countries jumping on board to fight a common foe. America, who only wants to play by its own rules, with its own ball, stands petulantly in a corner if it isn’t the leader of the gang.

Now America has a choice: Join Russia and a growing number of EU countries, share intelligence and do something useful for a change. Or stand in the corner with its ball sulking, because the world will no longer play by its rules.

Either way, the world can see that the unipolar world is a thing of the past.


Stuart Smith writing for Russia Insider. You can follow Stuart on Twitter @RussianHQ

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