St Petersburg Russian Restaurant, York Street, Liverpool. L1 5BN.

By | December 12, 2008


St Petersburg Russian Restaurant.
7a York Street, Liverpool, L1 5BN,
Tel/Fax: 0151 7096676

I took my wife there in November. It is situated down a back street in a district full of boarded up buildings and drug dealers with Pit Bull Terriers stood on the street corners. Parking is not safe there, suggest a taxi there if you must go.

It was quiet as the grave when we went, the service was adequate, but the bunch of ‘buddies and cronies’ lurking near the door (in the usual Russian pointy shoes and black leather jackets) all mumbling in Russian gave it more of a speakeasy feel rather than a restaurant.

Situated on the 1st floor (2nd to Americans), the decor is a bit naff and the furniture reminiscent of a cafe/diner rather than a restaurant. It probably looked OK a few years ago when fresh, but now is in need of a revamp.

They do have Georgian and other wines otherwise hard to find in the UK, but the price of same reflects the scarcity rather than the quality.

The menu has a bit of everything on it, Georgian, Russian and Ukrainian stuff was identified by my wife. However the food we ate that night was very average, bordering on grim. My wife declared the Borsch to be heated up in the microwave and not so good and the blini she described as “probably made yesterday and not how it should be.” I have forgotten what I had, it was that memorable. Expensive when compared to the overall quality.

Not a place I would choose to visit again. 

They have also just opened one in Manchester:

St. Petersburg Russian Restaurant & Bar
68, Sackville St, Manchester, M1 3NJ
Tel: 0161 236 6333

That address is in the trendy gay district, and being new I doubt it will be as drab as the Liverpool one. The rents are so high in the M1 district, that if they don’t get it right it will be closed in six months. It may be worth a visit just to compare and review.

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