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Book Review: James Whale. Almost a Celebrity. A Lifetime of Night-Time.

Anyone interested enough to consider buying James Whale’s book will often also have their own story about him to tell.

Anyone who doesn’t have a personal story, will remember his radio and TV shows up and down the country over many years, and will be a fan of the talk radio format.

Back in the late 80’s, when I was a spotty teenager, James was doing the night-time talk show at Radio Aire in Leeds. Over here in Manchester, we could just about get it.

I was an avid listener. So much so, I wrote a letter to the show (because that is what you did in those pre email days) asking if I could sit in on one to see how it all worked and meet the chap.… Click here to continue reading this article

Just Released Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual Shows DIY Enthusiasts How To Fix Their Dyson Vacuum Cleaner at Home

Aberdeen, Scotland December 06, 2011

The specialist Dyson vacuum cleaner engineer Angus Black has used his own experience – spanning almost thirty years – to create a fully illustrated workshop and service manual for the Dyson DC07 available to all DIY Dyson enthusiasts, while shattering the myths that suggested Dysons were too complicated for the practically-inclined layman to work on.

The tongue-in-cheek cover, which features a sexy blonde in a tight white t-shirt, hard hat and torn jeans, standing amongst several Dyson DC07’s, has already caused some controversy among feminist groups and made the book’s sales jump, thanks to the unsought publicity.… Click here to continue reading this article