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How Dyson Tries to Control the After-Market – The Future of Refurbished Dysons

This is from a Dyson trader in a member-only forum in the Dyson after-market business, and re-posted here with permission for comment:

I think the window of opportunity for large scale refurbing of machines is coming to an end. I’ll explain why I think that and we’ll maybe discuss.

When James Dyson had the reigns of the company instead of Max Conze and the bean counters as we have now, they made good products that lasted. Great for consumers and folks like us who refurb stuff, but bad for the long term growth of Dyson.… Click here to continue reading this article

Dyson 4 four prong pole terminal on off power switch DC04

Looking for a four prong (pole/terminal) Dyson on/off switch?

Dyson do not sell them any more.

In fact almost nobody sells them any more. They were from early models of Dyson vacuum cleaners and were superseded by the two prong switch.

If you fit a two prong switch to a machine wired for four prong, you have to alter the wiring somewhat.

Why have that hassle? Why not just buy an original Dyson 4 pole switch from Manchester’s leading Dyson parts specialists?

Here is the link: Dyson DC04 4 prong switch

How easy was that?… Click here to continue reading this article