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Why Has a Seller Blocked Me on eBay?

Why Has a Seller Blocked Me on eBay? The Seller’s Shield Against Troublesome Buyers

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of online marketplaces, eBay stands as a prominent player, connecting buyers and sellers from across the globe. However, while eBay offers a convenient platform for transactions, certain buyers are finding themselves blocked by sellers. The underlying reasons behind this action are multifaceted and often tied to the seller’s concerns about troublesome individuals. While a blocked buyer might feel slighted or unfairly targeted, a closer examination reveals that sellers’ motivations are grounded in pragmatic reasons aimed at safeguarding their time, reputation, and peace of mind.… Click here to continue reading this article

Selling Online to Americans and Canadians: The Pitfalls.

If you are a UK online seller and want to sell into the USA, this article is for you. Selling into the US from the UK is full of pitfalls.

We all love selling online, don’t we? Especially in the UK.

America and Canada are potentially important markets to look at, as there are over 330 million people there. So we want to sell online to Americans, right? (And for simplistic purposes, we include Canada in the term ‘America’ and ‘Americans’ from here on in.)

However, selling from Europe or Australia to Americans can be fraught with problems.… Click here to continue reading this article

How to deal with slow, late and non eBay payers

As an eBay seller, you will have had your fair share of slow, late or non paying eBayers. We get them all the time. This article deals with how to deal with them.

The various forums attached to eBay are full of all kinds of flowery crap about how you should “wait for people” and generally sit around wondering if you are going to be paid. I don’t subscribe to those theories.

You are on ebay to sell stuff. If they “buy” it (win the bid) your next job is to get them to pay in a timely manner.… Click here to continue reading this article

eBay Buyers and Their Use of Capital and Lower Case Letters

Like any eBay seller, you want to mail an item and have it arrive. Nobody wants “item not received” claims. Our Post Office is not perfect though. The days of 1st Class being one day transit time and 2nd class being 2-3 days transit time are long gone. In reality, 1st class tends to be 1-4 days and 2nd class up to a week. That is assuming they are not on strike or delayed by snow or leaves on the line or whatever it is this week that makes it slower still.… Click here to continue reading this article