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The Reality About Estonia

I have been visiting Estonia for many years. Since the late 90’s.

I have a house there and (now) a Russian-speaking wife.

I think I have a unique perspective that locals  don’t have.

A bloke recently asked me:

What did you like/prefer then? (in pre-EU Estonia) Apart from being one of few foreigners in the country at the time.

Here is my reply:

There were always more foreigners around than you might think, but still relatively few.

I first went in 98 in pre-EU days, and went quite often with bits of business and later with dating.… Click here to continue reading this article

A Realistic Look at the ‘Russian Threat’ to the Baltic States.

We hear daily burbling in the western media about ‘Russian Aggression’.

Western hacks make themselves busy each day diligently reworking US State Department propaganda about threats to the Baltic states.

As with many things, many people take these things at face value, without actually trying to ascertain if a threat actually exists or was ever made.

Many in the west misunderstand the Ukrainian situation, and use what the western media regurgitates, to extrapolate from it that Russia is some aggressive, acquisitive behemoth that must be stopped before they gobble up the Baltic states.… Click here to continue reading this article

Road Trip From the UK to Estonia and Back.

I recently had some business to do in Estonia. Flying there wasn’t really an option as I had some bulky stuff to transport. Additionally, I wanted to buy something there that is commonplace there but overpriced in the UK: A sauna.

So, I decided to drive there from Manchester to Tallinn.

I have done this drive many times since 1998, and much has changed in this time. On this journey, I decided to take my eight year old lad with me and plan to grab a few pics along the way.… Click here to continue reading this article

The Best Honey in the World: Russian Honey

I was recently waxing lyrical about honey from Russia and Estonia. A guy said to me:

Odd.  Please explain why.  Apis mellifera is an Apis mellifera in the UK or Russia.  Honey depends primarily on the flowering plant from which the nectar is gathered.  Usually the local vegetation is so diverse that honey is honey.  In the South we have periods when certain blooms predominate yielding small quantities with a special flavor in high demand (sourwood honey, tupelo honey).

I dunno about the US, but in Europe, honey is markedly different from place to place.… Click here to continue reading this article

A Drive from UK to Estonia via Poland, Lithuania & Latvia

I am driving to our pad in Estonia with a spare car to leave there and a van full of furniture leaving Friday 13th. 

I will have a pal of mine in tow who likes the idea of Eastern European women, who wants to see some in their natural habitat en route. 

After our side of Europe, this little sojourn will be taking us through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and the whole length of Estonia. (Going around Kaliningrad as you cant go through there without a transit visa)

So here is the route……..… Click here to continue reading this article