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Poroshenko Is Wondering When He WIll Be Deposed by Coup.

They say that what goes around comes around.

It seems a while ago now that President Yanukovych of Ukraine was ousted in an illegal US and EU led coup d’etat and the softly-spoken Poroshenko installed in his place as American puppet.

Readers can be forgiven for not understanding that what happened in Ukraine as a coup d’etat, as it is hard to get to the facts sometimes above the constant – yet incorrect – western media propaganda drone of Russian Aggression we hear daily.

The United States and the ever-pliant EU have been earnestly telling us that Mr Yanukovych’s removal was alright really as he was a not nice bloke who was more concerned in filling his pockets than helping Ukraine prosper.… Click here to continue reading this article

A trip to Kiev to see a Ukrainian girl and fun at Frankfurt and Borispol airports

Day 1: Goddamned Germans stole my booze.

The majority of my flight was unremarkable, until I got to Frankfurt. There things took a turn for the worse.

I bought a bottle of Patron silver at the duty-free shop in DC, thinking to bring a bit of Hispanic culture to Kiev. Naturally, I didn’t have a chance t pack it in my checked luggage, so I brought it as a carry-on. When I arrived at Frankfurt, I had about an hour to get to the far end of the airport and make my flight.… Click here to continue reading this article

Trip to Berdyansk, Ukraine and K-1 Interview in Kiev

I am visiting a city that I have not found any trip reports on, Berdyansk, Ukraine. It is located on the sea of Azov in between Melitopol and Mariopol. I am going down to join my fiancée for a few days and then we will go to Kiev for her K-1 interview and spend some more time in Kiev.

I have not been able to find a lot of information on Berdyansk. Not a great tourist destination for Westerners.  But having talked about the city with N through 2 summers now, I know its beaches are a destination for many Ukrainians and Russians during the summer.… Click here to continue reading this article