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If he’s not marrying you, he’s just not that into you!

No not the film.

We are discussing men looking abroad for a foreign wife.

We all know that when a man goes abroad to find a beautiful woman, he is not just looking to sleep with her; instead, he is investing his valuable time, money, and resources to meet the woman of his dreams who (ideally) shares his values to bring home to marry. We can all agree on this, yes?

(If you try to refute this claim, I will pull out my Bio background and come back at you with scientific evolutionary evidence regarding pair-bonding and mate acquisition.Click here to continue reading this article

Thinking About a Russian or Ukrainian Woman? Get The Russian Bride Guide.

The Russian Bride Guide: A beautiful, slim, good-hearted woman as a wife is just a dream for most men. How hard is it to marry one from your country? An educated one? One with good traditional family values? One who doesn’t think she is god’s gift? One a few years younger than you? Very difficult.

Russian, Ukrainian and FSU girls fill the gap that Western wannabe “sex and the city” women created. The FSU has a surplus of good, decent, beautiful, slim women just seeking a good, sober and secure husband.… Click here to continue reading this article

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Spring 2009

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Spring 2009.

We would like to bring you up-to-date on the happenings at RUA in recent months.

Almost at 100,000 Posts!

The forum is speeding toward the 100,000 post milestone. We just passed 92,000 posts and January to March were record months for us for traffic, page views and posts. RUA remains the busiest and most up-to-date Russian women information forum on the internet.

To celebrate the forthcoming 100,000th post milestone, we are offering a $50 prize to the author of the 100,000th post. See this topic for more information about how you might win fifty bucks, a copy of the Russian Bride Guide and some cash, or £50 ($70) of services at Ladagirl.comClick here to continue reading this article