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Forum Moderators Guide – How to be a Good Forum Moderator

The Moderators guide below was originally taken from several large forums with over a million posts between them.

It was further tweaked as a result of the published guidelines of several ‘big boards’ that have each around a million posts.

It was later honed and tweaked by a published author who administrates three large forums. This is the current exact version his forums use.

If you are new to managing forums, you need to outline to your staff what exactly you expect of them. You cannot expect them to guess or know already.… Click here to continue reading this article

Dave Cogito Massachusetts Moderator WritingForums.org

Dave Cogito, Massachusetts – Moderator on WritingForums.org
Todays submission to the “Real Deal”  bitch slap list is this guy. His name is Dave, he is from Massachusetts, USA and he is 55 years old. (Born May 21, 1953)
This guy is a moderator on Writingforums.org which is a forum for authors and aspiring authors. He is also a reviewer on there. Yet he has never wrote a book. Go figure! Hows that for credentials to be an authors’ forum moderator?
Instead of writing a book, or trying to, this guy has racked up almost TEN thousand posts on that small forum!
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